When I left my previous job in December 2019, little did I realise I’ll be staring down the quickest move into recession territory in history, over the next few months. At the time, markets were doing well, Tesla was on its incredible run up to $900 per share, and equities were riding a high. The trade war seemed to be resolving itself, everything seemed set up for a kawaii Olympics in Japan. And then Covid-19 happened.

The first reported case in Singapore happened on 23 Jan 2020. We were the first few countries to be hit after Hong Kong and South Korea, and we started clamping down and isolating people via rigorous contact tracing efforts. I think we did a fantastic job of it. Unfortunately, given how connected the world was, and how infectious the virus was, it was always going to go global.

The western world didn’t seem to care in the early days, and we’re now just seeing how badly mismanaged and how that can really spiral quickly into very dangerous situations, both toward the citizens and the healthcare professionals at the frontlines.

As the situation evolved, I’d been through a number of interviews where I’d gotten to or close to the final round. But each time it seemed like an offer was on the cards, the situation took a turn for the worse, and the roles were all put on hold.

This happened 4 times across 4 different roles, 2 of the on hold notices coming in the same day. It was extremely discouraging to say the least, although I can understand that these are really tough times, and priority is always with existing employees.

I’m trying my hardest to stay positive, but I have to admit it’s taking a toll. The uncertainty surrounding the recession, how deep and how long will it go on for, when will a vaccine be found, developed and produced will really be key to how quickly the world can bounce back from this challenge.

The US, Canada and Singapore have announced extreme measures to introduce liquidity and extend financial aid to companies and displaced workers, but what will the eventual impact be? The Fed has essentially announced unlimited Quantitative Easing. What downstream impact will that have on the US dollar, or even on Fiat currencies in general?

Bitcoin hodlers have been waiting for an event like this one to prove out the narrative for a store of value, and that ultimately, Fiat goes to zero. Seems like that scenario could be in the early stages of unfolding.

There are so many unknown variables at play here that it’s really scary.

Earth takes a breather

Now I’m a huge believer in Climate Change. The only silver lining I see here, is that Planet Earth is benefiting from this abrupt peace and quiet. No planes flying overhead, no cars jamming the roads. She can take a breather while we stay home and flatten the curve. The environmental impact on this year’s Earth Day will no doubt be the best. Maybe this is for the best, cos until Elon brings us to Mars, we don’t have a Planet B.

All I can do is to try and stay with a positive mindset. Take the time to learn some new skills. I’m currently exploring what I can build with #nocode skills and learning more about them.

Also, I had an idea for a novel years ago. Maybe now’s a good time to revisit that story. Will keep you good folks updated.

Are You Hiring?

And if anyone of you reading this is currently still hiring, or know of anyone hiring, I’m a digital performance marketer, specialising in Display and Paid Social, but with experience in SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Testing and Optimisation Strategy, Digital Acquisition and Attribution Analysis.

Remember, stay home, stay healthy, wash those hands.