Most of the REIT investors endure some extreme volatility in this March Madness. Their holdings have quite a good run in 2019.

Coming into 2020, investors believe that the low rate environment is here to stay. Even when the threat of Corvid-19 reaching the United States and Europe, investors rationalize that when the interest rate plunge, this must be a more conducive environment for the REITs.

What comes next is that in a span of 2 weeks, many REITs saw their stock prices plunge 50%.

Manulife US REIT and Prime US REIT both endure the same fate as their peers.

In the past 2 days, both REITs provided some updates to analysts, so as to address the potential uncertainties of investors.

Since then both REITs saw their share price go up 20-25%. Manulife’s share price held up better, probably because they are in the Index and