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April 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.27%


The effective interest rate for April 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds is 2.27%. Seems that interest rate is declining but it still beats the traditional fixed deposits. Banks are also slashing its interest rates. A good example will be OCBC 360. (Read more here: OCBC 360 Account Makes Earning Additional Interest More and So Complicated) While browsing the Singapore Savings Bond website, I came … [Read more...]

ARA Asset Management and $1.78 a share.

After my ARA "fixed deposit" has been redeemed, what remains is my original investment which I paid $1.00 to $1.32 a share for. Although the offer of $1.78 would mean a 35% to 78% capital gain, I would be losing a very consistent and meaningful source of passive income. A yearly 5c dividend per share (DPS) gives me a yield on cost of 3.78% to 5% and from a growing business with a very strong … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Feb 2017)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for February 2017 Trying to finish the remainder of my watchlist, leaving mostly REITs (I'm only 72% of the way T_T). Sell ARA at Buy M1 at 1.76 Reasons Figured it is very close to delisting price (due to a recent spike upon announcement), as well as the announcement that no special dividends will be paid, maybe I cash out now.  Looking at a … [Read more...]

Unattractive Lunar New Year bank promo

Till end Feb... The only low-hanging fruit promo that I could find is the DBS $28 Hong Bao giveaway for opening a new deposit account or SAYE account online. T&C applies. So I have gotten myself a Multiplier Account. POSB is offering 1.45% for 4 months if you open a higher interest account with fresh fund deposit. Last year was 8 months. Standard Chartered is offering a miserly 1.15% for 11 … [Read more...]

How hoarding money in the bank can destroy your retirement

Despite plenty of better options, many Singaporeans are still stuck with fixed deposits. Some of us are plagued with a “winning by not losing” mentality, where we think hoarding the money is safest. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, those who hoard rather than invest are the ones living on the edge. What’s wrong with just cramming money in accounts? The simple answer is inflation. … [Read more...]

CIMB Fixed Deposit at >1.2% p.a


Just applied for the CIMB FD at 1.2% for 6 months with $20k. I have been thinking if I should apply for this or park my money into shares. Guess I'm not that stocks-savvy to take the plunge. Regardless, this FD will earn me an interest of around $120. With my BOC Smartsaver max out at $60k, this 1.2% interest is slightly better than me leaving the remaining money in my Fastsaver. Will … [Read more...]

My ARA Asset Management fixed deposit adventure.

When I shared my full year results end of last year, I mentioned ARA Asset Management's offer of $1.78 a share and how it translates to 35% to 78%capital gains for me if the offer is to be accepted. At the time, I had a fixed deposit maturing and ARA Asset Management's share price was at$1.71. So, I decided to plonk the money from the fixed deposit into their stock. It looked like it would … [Read more...]

Investing is not Saving – Know the difference! (Part 1 of 2)

I am back to mess with your head. There are times when I am anal when it comes to precision in our choice of words - we mean what we say; we say what we mean. (Of course it helps if we have a wider grasp of vocabulary) However, there are times we should not let the trickery of words fool us. Nor get trapped by words by insisting to split hairs when it comes to semantics... Today, I shall … [Read more...]

UOB ONE Card cash rebate and the things we do.

I was chatting with a friend and ASSI guest blogger this evening about credit cards. He told me he had to spend $1,000 each month on a credit card recently in order to get a $100 rebate at the end of the quarter. OK, I think most of you would have guessed which credit card this is. Yes, it is the UOB ONE card. Anyway, I have the same card but I make sure I spend only a bit more than $500 a … [Read more...]

How has this investment of mine perform?

In January last year, I deposited a good amount of monies in a one-year fixed deposit of a bank offering interest rate of close to 2%. That was at a time when banks were dangling carrots of higher interest rates to retail savers. A year now, from what I have been reading, the fixed-term interests have not been as appealing as those a year ago. Overall, though the interest earned from my fixed … [Read more...]

What an unemployed 53 year old can do with $20K?

Dear AK, I am 53 and I have been jobless for more than a year. I have given up on job search. Fortunately, I am a saver and have almost 200k in savings. Jobless 10 years too soon, I need to make my savings last longer. My sister told me about a 5 years endowment plan from _____Life. Minimum required is $20,000. 2.25% p.a. is more than fixed deposits. (Email truncated.) Hi JK, 5 years is … [Read more...]

The Best Singapore Short Term Savings for 2017

I disappoint as a financial blogger sometimes. Managing savings in detail is something I was not very good at. I think its because I always held the idea that it is better for me to focus more on having cash when required versus the return that I get on my cash. Due to that, I didn’t optimize my short term liquid cash well. I think its time to do it a little better. I decide to take a … [Read more...]

Structured Deposit vs Fixed Deposit


While searching for Chinese New Year fixed deposit promotions, I came across the above promotion advertised. The bank is offering structured deposit that offers up to 12.1% returns over 6 years. It sounds very attractive to me given the high interest rate. As I am not familiar with structured deposit, I decided to do some further research on it. What is a structured deposit? A structured … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year 2017 Fixed Deposit Promotion


Banks usually offer higher promotional interest rates during Chinese New Year. Standard Chartered Bank seems to be the first mover that launch its Chinese New Year 2017 Time Fixed Deposit promotion. CIMB did not offer special interest rates for fixed deposits this year. Instead, they are giving away gift sets such as abalone and it is limited to a number of placements. I shall update the … [Read more...]

My Sweet Retirement Top 10 Financial Posts in 2016


The year 2016 is ending and I looked back at the blog posts I have written this year. I am glad some of my personal analysis made it to the top ten posts in terms of viewer traffic. If you are not aware, I purposely title my analysis as “personal analysis” because I am not an expert in stock analysis. I tried to do my own analysis of companies based on what I have learn from courses, books and … [Read more...]

Growth of Singapore’s Coal Mining Stocks


Singapore lists four Coal mining plays - Golden Energy and Resources, Geo Energy Resources, Resources Prima Group and BlackGold Natural Resources. All four stocks mine thermal coal - used to generate electricity, with mining conducted in Indonesia, and all companies report in US Dollars. The YTD returns of the four Coal miners have been mixed, with average returns of 1% in the 2016 year thus … [Read more...]

Closing off a tranche of LP ‘bonds’

I handled my parent's portfolio since end 2013, and I'm still handling them now. Recently, my parents wanted to withdraw out 40k. My parent's portfolio is handled in tranches, according to the timing where they gave a lump sum to me. Since the first tranche of money is 50k, and the portfolio also consisted of Capital mall asia bonds (CapmallA3.8%b220112) that is going to be redeemed back in Jan … [Read more...]

Have you decided yet?


This post is for you.  Yes, you, who sent me that e-mail yesterday asking me whether it would be a good timing to start investing in the stock market right now. I understood from your mail that you have not started to invest anything in the stock market.  All savings are in FD and you are – figuratively spoken – sitting on the fence waiting to deploy your savings into the “risky stock market” … [Read more...]

POSB Offers you 1.38 percent per annum interest but only 4 months


When I alighted at the MRT station to work, I notice there is a long queue and most of them are elderly aunties and uncles. Overhearing the conversation, I realise they are queuing up for the POSB fixed deposit promotion. If you have not heard, POSB is offering 1.38% per annum bonus interest for 4 months. Below is referenced from POSB website. In summary, what you need to do Open a POSB SGD … [Read more...]

Portfolio Transactions Update (Nov 2016)

Updates for my dividend portfolio for November 2016 Still working on repopulating the numbers on my new checklist. Gonna take some time (I'm 56% completed only :(, need to buck up ). Buy ARA Asset Management at 1.700 Reasons Trying to arbitrage for the first time It is to be delisted at 1.78 by first half of next year Kinda like a fixed deposit of about 4%+ The consortium … [Read more...]