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Would You Invest $250,000 (Or More) Without Doing Homework?

OK – using the word “investing” might not be the most appropriate.With each successive BTO, the papers would go on and on about how certain popular estates are heavily over-subscribed. Heh.Ever wondered what kind of homework did those couples do before deciding on that $250K (or $500K) HDB apartment? I know of some who don’t even bother to physically check out the neighbourhood.I live in Punggol, … [Read more...]

When the lease on my HDB flat ends.

What happens to our CPF money used to buy a HDB flat when the lease ends? Reader: can I assume that whatever has been used to pay for the flat will be forfeited and we still need to pay back the accrued interest? I have friends who are paranoid over the lease issue cuz they keep on reading the anti hdb and anti CPF articles. End up frightening themselves. AK: Tell your friends it is the … [Read more...]

The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story) – 2

Read? The Tale Of Three Old Men In The Same Office Space (True Story) After reading this ---> Exclude this, exclude that... Lets return to the HDB heartlands. Even without a 2nd investment/rental property, those who treat the humble HDB flat as an investment would play the 2 bites of the cherry, upgrade, downgrade game. Look around your relatives, neighbours, colleagues and … [Read more...]

Chiong Housing Loan or Take It Slow?

I was chatting with a friend and congratulating him on getting his BTO a while back. I got a 4 room HDB for 430k while he got a 5 room HDB for 590k (both of ours are on mature estate and what a huge difference!). One of our conversation was on how he plans to take up a 10 years HDB housing loan and repaid it ASAP. I was telling him that he should start investing and let the money compound instead … [Read more...]

Work, Travel Insurance, CPF, business account, HDB.. what else?…

just got back from a long work trip, finally taking some personal down time to just sit back relax, kiao kar and zhuo bo time. But i wasnt being idle, took this chance to sort out personal and family administration. work : O&G exploration activities are picking up, albeit sporadic, mostly in the Middle East region. oil prices still hovering +/- $50 for the longest time ever, which is … [Read more...]

Free money from the government is good.

Reader: I don't know if this is the correct avenue to ask you a question. I'm hoping that you can give your insights if you're faced with this situation. I bought a HDB flat and took a bank loan plus used a bit of my OA to pay for it. I have about $240k of bank loan left and now I 'owe' my OA $85k. Since the market is kinda 'overvalued' now, so nothing to invest in. What would you do if … [Read more...]

To rent or to buy: Rule of 15 revisited.

Reader: My bf and me are both PR. And the topic of housing is always a big question mark to us. Both of us is not eligible to buy BTO, unless one of us convert to SC and this option will take longer time (apply SC, BTO...) We are not married yet, so not eligible to purchase resale HDB flat. My bf and his brother in law invested in a shoebox apartment in Singapore. So, even if we marry, … [Read more...]

Why do I choose to stay in a condo?

This is for readers who do not follow me in Facebook and for those who do not read comments in Facebook. Reader: By the way , there is nothing wrong to stay at condo also what ... ( AK also stays at condo ) , so long you can afford it , why not ? You work so hard , deserve to upgrade and enjoy also . Save tons of money and not using it also can't bring them with you one day . So , we don't … [Read more...]

Can you really afford that condominium in Singapore?


No doubt that living in a condominium feels a whole lot different compared to staying in a HDB flat. There is security, luxury fittings and an array of facilities available at your convenience (swimming pool, gym, etc). All perks of a high-end living. You must take time to carefully consider all the facts before committing to what is likely to be the biggest investment you’ll ever … [Read more...]

More passive income than "richer" friends.

Reader says: "I would like to share a personal experience. "My wife and I have relatively high paying jobs - and we work like dogs for it. But unlike our friends who make about the same amount and stay in condos and semi-d, we are the only couple staying in HDB 5-room. "We find it very comfortable already. Altho I often have to answer younger colleagues (I work in a very big organisation, … [Read more...]

Upgrading from 4 room flat to executive condominium.

Reader: Hi AK, I have been scouring your blog and other cpf articles but need your advice. I currently have about 67k in my cpf OA (I refunded my OA with cash for my hdb installments which I previously paid using OA, thus considered cash payment for my hdb) And 63k in my SA (due to yearly top up). I am turning 30 this year. I started using cash to continue paying for my hdb installments … [Read more...]

HDB Lease does Expire – How you can Win with your HDB Flats

A portion of Singaporeans got a jolt these few weeks when National Development Minister Lawrence Wong said that not all the old HDB flats are eligible for Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers). Under SERS, the HDB acquires ageing blocks for redevelopment, compensates residents at market rates for their old flats and lets them buy new units nearby at subsidized rates. What shocked … [Read more...]

Be Aware Of The Lease On Your Dream HDB Resale Flat

Heartland Boy had previously explained that there are various reasons why young couples may choose a HDB resale flat over a HDB Build To Order (‘BTO’) flat. For instance, they may require a bigger space found only in the previous generation of HDB flats. For some young couples, they might place a premium on unique features such as an executive HDB flat or a HDB terraced flat which are both no … [Read more...]

Young Asian adults likely to face cash crunch in retirement

Read? Young Asian adults likely to face cash crunch in retirement Lorna TanInvest Editor/Senior Correspondent Young adults - so-called millennials - in the region are at substantial risk of a cash crunch in their later years, with many expecting to carry mortgage debts into retirement or even run out of money altogether. CW8888: True man! Uncle8888's younger peers at 54. You see that … [Read more...]

Your HDB Flat is a Depreciating Asset (eventually)

Recently, the stark reality about the value of our HDB flats was reiterated by our current MND minister, Mr. Lawrence Wong - where upon expiry of its lease, your flat will be returned at zero value to the State via HDB. The Straits Times too has been unforgiving with its relentless churning of articles on the topic of "Lease Expiry" with its latest article on private estates nearing the end of its … [Read more...]

Go hit CPF MS or FRS by age 40!

Hi AK: I am currently 37 years old. I am working towards the target of hitting my CPF mininum sum by the age of 40. The current balance in my SA is about 80k. My OA account balance is zero as I have transferred all my OA to my SA account. I have already hit the max limit for my MA of 52k. After reading your blog, I top up at the start of the year to receive free $88 ang pow. :) I have … [Read more...]



Okay, I think it's good that MND Lawrence Wong has finally clarified AGAIN for all the stupiak people out there that are not so sure what "leasehold" means. Some good quotes from the Straits Times article, but I highlighted my favourite one and it's the more important thing to note: "... for most HDB flats, their leases will eventually run out and the flats returned to HDB, which in turn … [Read more...]

How Investing In Foreign Property Destroyed My Family Wealth

When Heartland Boy applied for a role at a real estate developer after graduation, the hiring manager asked during the interview, “you graduated with a degree in Business Management, why do you want to work in the property sector?” Heartland Boy replied, “My experience with the real estate sector started when I was only very young, probably at 6 years old. I understand that many households in … [Read more...]

Personal Finance is Really Personal (CPF / Insurance/ Housing /Saving /Investing etc)

Personal finance is an interesting subject which is really“ Personal “ as there are many factors affecting a person or family’s finances – how much to keep as saving vs investing , to buy term or life insurance , to take up HDB loan or from private banks , to buy HBD or Condominium and of course the hottest topic of CPF ( to transfer our OA to SA or do a voluntary cash top up into SA account) … [Read more...]

AK the born again teacher or a mental blogger?

Reader: I chanced upon your blog half a year ago and been following your every entry since then. In my free time, i try to read up your entries to get a grasp of what we can do to improve our wealth and be financially independent. Articles such as contribution to CPF SA holds dearly to my heart as it means the earlier we transfer from OA (of course living a portion for hdb flat payment) to SA … [Read more...]