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Something BIG is brewing at Global Logistic Properties

Global Logistic Properties has recently embarked on an aggressive share buyback program beginning 20/05/2016. Share buybacks are not exactly uncommon. Indeed, companies often seek share repurchase mandates during AGMs. While that might be the case, it is fairly uncommon for a firm to actually buy back shares at this aggressively. Here are some numbers to make sense of how big the recent share buyback is: (All information can be found here) In the space of only 4 trading days, GLP has bought back 9,688,000 shares which translates to: 1) 0.20% of all outstanding shares 2) 0.48% of free floated shares...

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Big is not always beautiful – Looking at the world’s biggest IPO

If you are new to investing, chances are that you would have received some form of advice to invest in blue chip stocks with high market capitalization. While there are definitely benefits in investing in big companies, the fact that a company is big does not automatically qualify it as a good investment. In the US, Enron was valued at more than 60 billion USD before it collapsed. In the UK, Barings was not just a huge bank – it was also the 2nd oldest merchant bank, and that did not stop it from running itself to the ground. Closer...

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Investing for non-Finance individuals

‘Those who have the cash to invest but don’t are either lazy or ignorant’ – Yahoo via While blunt, the statement is probably true. Most of us work really hard to earn money and scrimp everywhere to save a portion of it. After doing all these, wouldn’t you agree that it is a complete waste to let our savings simply lose its value to inflation? Furthermore, after doing the hard part of raising this capital, shouldn’t we make the capital do some work too? Lets consider a fictional case of 4 friends: Lazy Tom, Steady Eddie, Investor Joe...

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Q1/16 Earnings Review: Yuuzoo – Strong Earnings, Poor Governance?

(As previously disclosed here, I am vested in Yuuzoo. Since the post was only written 3 weeks ago, I will not discuss much about my views on Yuuzoo’s growth potential. Rather, this particular post seeks to discuss Yuuzoo’s recent earnings and developments) Yuuzoo recently released their earnings for Q1 2016. The main points of their press statements are stated here: Revenues grew 246% year-on-year to SGD 45.5 million, while EBIT grew 190% to SGD 12.8 million. E- commerce jumped 763% to SGD 28.6 million. As a result of the very strong Q1 numbers, YuuZoo is giving a full year forecast...

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Q1/16 Earnings Review: DBS vs UOB vs OCBC

(As previously disclosed here, the author is vested in DBS. Therefore, this post might focus more on DBS relative to the other two Singaporean banks. This post will also make reference towards the previous post in relation to assessing the previous analysis and predictions) All 3 Singaporean banks had released their earnings recently. OCBC and UOB reported poor earnings with a 14% and 4.4% year-on-year fall in net profits respectively. OCBC was particularly disappointing as net profits were below forecasts. In contrast, DBS had easily beaten forecasts with a 6% year-on-year rise in core quarterly profits (net profits was...

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