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Far East Hospitality Trust Balloting Results

Far East Hospitality Trust released its balloting results this evening. The response was pretty good with the public tranche 14.6x oversubscribed and even the over-allotment of 65.9m shares were exercised, which means the stabilizing manager will step in should share price falls below 93c. The balloting table are presented below for your convenience. The probability of getting the shares are pretty good at 40% or better. My balloting results I have another 4 lots from placement tranche, looks like a good IPO year for me? Happy...

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Far East Hospitality Trust

Far East Hospitality Trust (“FEHT”) is a Singapore-Focused Hotel and Service Residence Hospitality Trust. An update from an earlier blog posting, FEHT has priced its offering at the highest end of the range of 93 Singapore cents.The final prospectus is here if you need it. The initial portfolio will consist of 11 properties of seven hotels and 4 service apartments. The Sponsor is part of the Far East Organization. FEHT’s Market share It is interesting to see the diagram on the left where it declares itself as having a leading market share for both service residences and mid tier...

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IPOing 101 – How to apply for IPO shares?

I received enough emails from ‘new comers’ asking how to apply for IPO shares and how to sell them that it may be timely to write a post on this. For seasoned IPO old birds, please bear with this even though it creates new ‘competition’ for the limited public shares. hahaha. This post only covers applying for the “public tranche” of the IPO shares. Step 1: Open a CDP account with SGX.  Without a CDP account, you will not be able to apply for the IPO shares as you need to key in your CDP account number the first time you...

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Far East Hospitality Trust (Preview)

I took a quick glance at the draft IPO prospectus. Just the structure alone, its is much better than the Ascendas Hospitality Trust where all the hotels are parked under the Hotel Reit and not under the business trust. According to the email, the price will range from 86c (6% annualised yield) and 93c (6.5% annualised yield) for FY 12E. The presence of reputable cornerstone investors are also very reassuring and it will be them who will dictate the pricing. CDL H-Trust is trading at 5.7% yield and Ascott Residence Trust is trading at 7.2% yield. In this regard,...

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Heads up – Far East Hospitality Trust

Received this email from my OCBC broker yesterday. Need to do some homework this weekend.  Dear All We are pleased to announce the Initial Public Offering of Far East Hospitality Trust on SGX-ST (the “IPO”).    OCBC Bank is one of the four Joint Bookrunners and Underwriters for the IPO. The other Joint Bookrunners and Underwriters are Goldman Sachs, HSBC and DBS. Do contact me if you are keen in indicating your interest in the IPO of Far East Hospitality Trust on SGX-ST. The order books for Far East Hospitality Trust placement tranche are now open. Indicative book closure...

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IPO Performance Table

Dear readers, I am pretty heartened to receive email queries on why my ‘calculations’ on the performance table seemed to be wrong and asked if i have either received special commission rates or have calculated wrongly. Let me just clarify that: The commission i pay is minimum $40 or 0.4%. The reason why i pay $40 commission is because i prefer to maintain some goodwill with some brokers and route some IPO trades through them.  For other times when i trade online, the commision may be minimum $28 or 0.275% etc.  Rather than tracking the commission separately, my table...

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