Author: 30 Year Old Investor

Creative: My (un)biased analysis on Sxfi and Shares

In this review I will mainly analyse 2 things:1. Creative’s new S-XFi tech2. Creative technology’s C76 stock. Creative: The company that survived transitions. Creative is a brand-name that rings a bell for many Singaporeans. Set up in 1981, it has seen its fair share of success in its Sound Blaster cards to its “challenges” in fighting Apple over patents to its Zen Touch vs the Apple Ipod. How has Creative managed to survive it all is no simple feat and as K.C. researched into its history, one cannot help but be inspired by its story. It has now survived long...

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When investments go south: Painful lessons to learn

15 min read Investors lose money all the time. It is not the first time and it won’t ever be the last. Often, retail investors who couldn’t afford to lose their hard-earned money fall victims to their own greed and are also done in by their utter lack of due diligence/incompetency in the investments they put their money in. Many lost money through unregulated investment schemes and frauds hatched to swindle money. But, what about the “supposedly regulated” stocks or securities listed on the SGX, the bond market supposedly governed by regulations in Singapore? This certainly raises eyebrows. Curious case of...

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