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Budgeting: Why I refuse to spend >30min per month to track expenses

First of all, wishing all fellow Singaporeans and investors a Happy National Day and long weekend holidays! This long weekend is a welcomed one for me as I am finally able to get some much needed rest and re-calibrate my own investing journey after embarking on a new employment. Now, one of the things I do every month during my payday (or the weekend of that week) is to do a quick budgeting for the next month. A Budgeting Problem: Tracking ExpensesOne question I constantly get from friends and readers is: How do you keep track of expenses? I’m...

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Goal Setting: Why it matters in investing (and everything else)

Goals. What determines those who achieve and those who don’t? Chances are you would have at least seen the S.M.A.R.T goals acronym being thrown around at different places such as work and in school. Why is goal setting such an important exercise during the course of our lives? We will examine more closely how it can apply to different areas of our lives, e.g. investing, healthy living, work/projects etc. Time is a precious resource and unfortunately a limited one. Everyone will be demanding our time but we only have 24 hours a day. But we need more like 40...

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Retrenchment and the 25% pay increase that I did not ask for

I have finally confirmed that I secured new employment and by a fantastic twist of events, I got into a better situation than before. Thank God for opening doors when one was being closed. In short, I received a tidy sum of severance while my annual package increased by 25% (probably because I’m underpaid at current employment, but I won’t complain) It took me 84 days before I secured the offer that I wanted. In total, I sent out a fair bit of applications to which I landed 4 interviews and had 3 offers. I also met a few...

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June 2019 mid-year review: Lessons in my journey so far

I started this investment journey with $1467.37 almost 1 Year, 3 Months and 21 days counting. As they always say, expect the unexpected. Learn to Count Your BlessingsRecently, I have learnt to count my blessings and try to be more thankful despite my circumstances. Readers who have been following my blog would probably know that I recently have been informed of my retrenchment back in April. Initially I was feeling under the weather but as I calmed down in my search for new employment,  I realised that this “disaster” could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. How so?...

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Why we should keep our Resume updated, always.

If you are currently job hunting or even at a stable job, you should think about keeping your Resume/CV ALWAYS updated. This can come in the form of resumes updated on job portals and even our LinkedIn profiles. tl;dr1) We are always prepared if things go south. not wait until the end of the road2) We have a chance to be headhunted, even while we are not actively looking3) It helps us in our preparations emotionally and also for doing homework preparations for interviews As with my last post, my situation at being retrenched set off a scenario I...

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I’m retrenched: 3 things to think about

When it rains, it pours. In life, we always have to be prepared for the unexpected. I was just posting about how one should have a Plan A and a Plan B for his/her career on 31st March and here I am one week later, retrenched at age 31! It took me a while to process this piece of news and let it sink in. (Note: This is not a post to garner sympathy. Don’t.)I have called a “Safety Time Out” on buying counters as my immediate priorities have been changed, albeit unwillingly. I too, once thought it won’t happen to me. At...

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Investing in our Career (Taking care of the goose)

There was once a farmer who owned a prized asset: Le’ Goose!  This was no ordinary Goose. The farmer took care of the Goose, feeding it and tending to its needs daily. Behold, each morning when he checked the Goose pen, inside was a shimmering, shiny Golden Egg! Each afternoon, the farmer went to town and sold the egg. The consistent money received from the sales of the golden eggs soon allowed the farmer to live comfortably. However, the farmer started to get annoyed that the goose only laid ONE EGG per day. “It’s far too slow! I need...

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Creative: My (un)biased analysis on Sxfi and Shares

In this review I will mainly analyse 2 things:1. Creative’s new S-XFi tech2. Creative technology’s C76 stock. Creative: The company that survived transitions. Creative is a brand-name that rings a bell for many Singaporeans. Set up in 1981, it has seen its fair share of success in its Sound Blaster cards to its “challenges” in fighting Apple over patents to its Zen Touch vs the Apple Ipod. How has Creative managed to survive it all is no simple feat and as K.C. researched into its history, one cannot help but be inspired by its story. It has now survived long...

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When investments go south: Painful lessons to learn

15 min read Investors lose money all the time. It is not the first time and it won’t ever be the last. Often, retail investors who couldn’t afford to lose their hard-earned money fall victims to their own greed and are also done in by their utter lack of due diligence/incompetency in the investments they put their money in. Many lost money through unregulated investment schemes and frauds hatched to swindle money. But, what about the “supposedly regulated” stocks or securities listed on the SGX, the bond market supposedly governed by regulations in Singapore? This certainly raises eyebrows. Curious case of...

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