Monday Musings

Life! Monday feature I like the Life! feature story that comes out every Monday, typically featuring someone that has achieved a certain measure of success in her life, doused with nuggets of wisdom and reasons behind that success, including her motivations and background. Today's article is about the founder of The Projector, an indie film lifestyle operatorship based out of the top levels … [Read more...]

Captain Fantastic

Was introduced to this show by a close buddy of mine. And it was totally fantastic. It basically revolves around an American family led by a Dad that has a contrarian approach to life and raising his six children. Instead of going through the public education system, Dad has decided that the best way to raise his kids would be to foster education through both experiential and textbook … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Scholarships

Arrived home yesterday to find the annual "Scholarships" edition of tucked between the papers. It's the season of the year again when the GCE A Level results are announced and the scholarship application frenzy officially kicks off. Just thought I'll provide my perspective on taking on scholarships, that might hopefully lend some use to the hopeful 18/19 year old folks out there who are … [Read more...]

Man’s search for meaning

When I first started out in the work force more than 8 years ago, I came across the aforementioned statement but did not really pay much heed to that.   Goals back then were pretty simple and revolved largely around trying to get as far up the learning curve as possible and grab on to those handrails on the gravy train without getting flung off. I shudder at the thought off getting thrown off a … [Read more...]

Review – Singapore Marathon 2016

Cognizant that my last post in relation to taking part in the Singapore Marathon was in end July (c. 16 weeks away from race day), and the goal back then was to focus on the process instead of the end goal. August and September came, went and bam I got swamped with loads of work, literally all the way till early part of October, which meant a stop start training runs, and I didn't manage to get my … [Read more...]

Being comfortable with uncomfortable

Came across this great article online from Pocket recommendations sometime this week and it resonated loads with me. It was on exercising and the gist of it was how exercise could be one of the many keystone habits that help improve one's quality of living. The quote that stood out was how important it is to be "comfortable with uncomfortable". Instead of constantly grasping for aversion of … [Read more...]

Self talk and the transient nature of all things

Been a while since I last posted. Things have been extremely busy  and it's been a challenge sticking to the fitness goals. Feels somewhat like a first year Analyst all over again but with better coping mechanisms (that's the only way to survive - sink or swim). To cast things in a positive light - when things are busy and the industry isn't doing well, you'll double down on experience and … [Read more...]

A Guide to the Good Life – William B Irvine

Just completed a first read of the aforementioned book and thought it might be wise to jot down a few quick observations and notes. As the title suggests, William B Irvine espouses the formation of a personal philosophy of living, that helps guide one through his daily life. His choice of philosophy is that of Stoicism, but he, unlike some of the other 'philosophies of life' isn't dogmatic … [Read more...]

The Best Part about Summer

You know it's the start of the summer holidays when you see a bunch of bright eyed college undergraduates swaddled with clothing that looks a tad too formal for them walking down the hallways of the trading floor, looking a little too enthusiastic for the countless beatings that will come over what may be the longest months ahead of their lives to come.   Yes, the best part of summer isn't the … [Read more...]

Update after the hiatus

Have had a hiatus on this blog as I face a struggle on penning down thoughts that seem pretty much repetitive in context. Have had quite a bit going on in the first 6 months in pretty much all aspects of life. Best buddies getting hitched, the ever changing work environment and also some developments on the personal front took up much effort and prescience over the first six months.   I've … [Read more...]


On stretches of weeks like these, it seems that the only thing I'm living and working for is to F.I.R.E. A lull in motivation requires an increased level of patience with the bullshit that's constantly perpetuating in the workplace (it's like the freaking Kraken - the more you try to kill it, the larger it grows), and an added dose of naivety could certainly help in paving the way … [Read more...]

The Limited Use of Willpower

When I was a teenager, I used to have what seems like a copious amount of willpower - waking up before 0500 to put in a good hour and a half studying and catching up with the school work; losing up to 30 kg in a short 8 months time frame, and generally just coping and adapting well to the demands that school has placed. When I started doing investment banking as an Analyst, well I didn't really … [Read more...]

Beware – The Ego Trap

One of the pitfalls that many people encounter when embarking onto something novel in a bid to for self improvement is this very thing called the ego trap. The more commonly used abbreviation could be something along the lines of "one-upmanship", or constant comparison and thinking that one human being is better than another because of [x]. Here is an simple example: "I ran 10km today while you … [Read more...]


Was digging up old photos for one of my best friend's wedding that's coming up real soon and wow, those memories back in JC and secondary school sure came flooding right back into my life. Close friendships that were formed previously, and of course the sweet budding relationships that couldn't last the test of time and the lack of maturity. Add a strong dose of the Cranberries belting out … [Read more...]

Role Models

This would possibly be one of the most doled out pieces of advice provided to young graduates fresh out of college and thrown into the frying pan  the workforce - that is to find some role models you adopt best practices from and emulate to bring about career success. Most people listen, nod (I know I sure did, looked out for how the best junior bankers went about their daily life, and started … [Read more...]

Thoughts on volatility

Back in 2007 / 2008, I was still in college when the global economy went through a market meltdown. For those who could use a primer in what caused the crisis back then, a useful and entertaining short 3 hour option would be to catch "The Big Short", a movie that does just about enough to encapsulate the origins of the global financial crisis back in the day, while providing a modicum of … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Sumiko Tan’s article today (31 Jan 16)

Not really a big fan of Sumiko Tan's (the Straits Times journalist) writings, but I found her article today (31 Jan 16) regarding salary letters, or the more commonly known bonuses to be a real nice gem. She had some really good thoughts on perspective, which I think could act as a salve in these trying times for folks within the finance industry. And her breakdown on why folks work, i.e. … [Read more...]

2015 – My Year in Review (Part 3)

Moving on to the third and final installment of my 2015 review.... Relationships 2015 saw a large amount of volatility on this front. I finally got out of a long but fruitless relationship in the earlier part of the year, which freed me up to focus on other things. Checked out this app called Tinder which led to some dates that didn't provide much meaning, except for getting to know some new … [Read more...]

2015 – My Year in Review (Part 2)

Moving on to the more important things in life which fall along what I would like to call the personal development spectrum... Physical Fitness / Health This is the 3rd year or so that I've took up a variant of the slow carb diet that was made popular by Tim Ferriss' the Four Hour Body, and that lifestyle is something that has kept me going, given its inherent structure and the timed weekly … [Read more...]

2015 – My Year in Review (Part 1)

The best thing I like about December ain't much about the festivities surrounding X'mas and the New Year. It ain't about the perceived break that one gets when people wind down at year end. In fact, I've been pretty busy over the last couple of weeks, as you can see from the lack of activity on this medium.   The best thing about December is that my favourite DJs such as Armin Van Buuren, … [Read more...]