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The Enchiridion Principles

“The world is governed by divine wisdom, not by blind chance, that we must not give too much importance to Fortune, for she is a fickle lady, taking away with one hand what she has given with the other. We must not become upset when she takes good things away from us; they were never ours to begin with.” “But for your part, do not desire to be a General, or a Senator, or a Consul, but to be free; and the only way to this is a disregard of things which lie not within our own power.” “Anyone...

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Making your first few years out of college count as a [Banker] (Part II)

We had discussed about some methods for dealing with the job in the first part of this series. Let’s now move on to the other aspects of life that I find matter much more than the job. These aspects, if handled well, provide much more possibilities for the future, will enhance your well being and might even help you seek greater meaning in life. Dealing with personal finances So you’ve got a great gig going on and you’re rocking it in the office. What’s next? My advice would be to set yourself up for a life with low expenses...

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Making your first few years out of college count as a [Banker] (Part I)

Over the next few posts, I will be veering a tad off the normal conversations revolving around personal finance, probably a result from reminiscing with a couple of good mates over a few beers recently about our respective first years playing the role of a freshly minted wet behind the ears Analyst working in the investment banking division of a bank. I would say this summary could have several solid takeaways for the general public, but it would perhaps be most relevant to college students who have recently graduated, gotten lucky and find themselves in relatively high paying, and...

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The general principles of freedom (Part II) – Why?

One of the greater takeaways from primary school was the knowledge of the 7 key questions – Why What When Who Where How and How Much? Of these, I believe “Why” would be the most important question, especially when you embark on an endeavor of any sort. “Why” creates the motivation and provides the cornerstone foundations for the pursuit of any goal or dream. If your reasons for doing so are strong enough, naturally motivation wanes and one would almost always fall short of arriving at the finishing line. Thus before one begins any journey or endeavor, I would...

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The general principles of freedom (Part 1)

Recently I’ve been roving the hood on more occasions as a form of exercise. I cannot help but notice a striking persian house cat,  adorned with a spotted coat of brown and a nice leather collar, skulking around. For good times sake in rememberance of a Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro classic, let’s call this persian kitty “Mr Jinx”. At times I’ve witnessed Mr Jinx hunting, moving around with a stealthy and silky smooth demeanour similar to its bigger relatives seen on National Geographic. Other times I’ve seen Mr Jinx occupy the centre of the road, oblivious of...

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The annual Lunar New Year reunion

Well it’s time to round up the Lunar New Year holidays once again. A time for feasting and a time for renewing familial ties, or not? I suppose one thing that strikes me as a gaudy affair during each Lunar New Year is the underlying “status review” that happens whenever you pay your respects to your elders whilst visiting. Pretty sure most of you would have had that experience, of a well meaning Uncle or Aunt who would ask you: “So Ah Boy, what are you doing now? Still working in [ ]?”, or “Ah Ger, married already not,...

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