Standard Chartered no min commissions NO MORE!!


I have not been writing posts other than my monthly portfolio updates lately owing to busy schedules and change in jobs scopes. I have recently moved on from my oil and gas job to another industry, which meant that my monthly contribution to the employee stock purchase is no more. It is a real pity because it was a pretty good scheme which allows you to DCA my own company shares. Most times we … [Read more...]

Last year in 2015, another 20k saved, good or not?


Well, another year has come and gone. The previous year, which included the early part of 2015, I had managed to hoard $20k in 9 months. For the year of 2015, after adding my sums, I have only managed to eke out $20k over the 12 months. WHAT??? Only $20k? And its over 12 months, a good 3 months longer than the duration I managed to save the same amount last year! While this year … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – September 2015

It's been along time since I wrote a post, owing to the long vacation I took in September to October. I have not updated my portfolio so here's an up to date version. *As of 17 October 2015 Counter No of Shares Average Price Amount Paid Yield on cost(%) Weightage Croesus Retail Trust 10,000 0.9207 9,207.00 7.43 61.93% OCBC … [Read more...]

My STI ETF Strategy


I believe in Singapore's economy and its good governance. I am sure many opposition supporters will flame me for this, but lets face it, Singapore has come a long way from a third world country, and I have faith in the Singapore economy, though stagnating growth is more likely than not. And it seems like the STI ETF is a great proxy to ride on Singapore's market. Well, we can continue to invest … [Read more...]

Blue Black Monday on 24th August


I sure it was all on the news, the 100+ points drop in the STI in a single day, roughly 4% decline, the black Monday of 24th August 2015. For a post GFC investor in the stock market, I have only witnessed that once, and that was after S&P downgraded the US credit rating due to the persistent bickering between republicans and democrats with regards to the debt ceiling. The reaction of the STI was … [Read more...]

Rebalancing of my portfolio


Recently, I did a little of rebalancing of my portfolio. In the worse case bear scenario, the STI will fall to close to the lows seen in the depths of the GFC, possibly around the 1500 levels. In order to prepare for this scenario, which I cannot predict when it will happen again, I need to set aside at least $30k of warchest to purchase STI ETFs as the index falls via the method of dollar cost … [Read more...]