Standard Chartered no min commissions NO MORE!!


I have not been writing posts other than my monthly portfolio updates lately owing to busy schedules and change in jobs scopes. I have recently moved on from my oil and gas job to another industry, which meant that my monthly contribution to the employee stock purchase is no more. It is a real pity because it was a pretty good scheme which allows you to DCA my own company shares. Most times we … [Read more...]

Last year in 2015, another 20k saved, good or not?


Well, another year has come and gone. The previous year, which included the early part of 2015, I had managed to hoard $20k in 9 months. For the year of 2015, after adding my sums, I have only managed to eke out $20k over the 12 months. WHAT??? Only $20k? And its over 12 months, a good 3 months longer than the duration I managed to save the same amount last year! While this year … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – September 2015

It's been along time since I wrote a post, owing to the long vacation I took in September to October. I have not updated my portfolio so here's an up to date version. *As of 17 October 2015 Counter No of Shares Average Price Amount Paid Yield on cost(%) Weightage Croesus Retail Trust 10,000 0.9207 9,207.00 7.43 61.93% OCBC … [Read more...]

My STI ETF Strategy


I believe in Singapore's economy and its good governance. I am sure many opposition supporters will flame me for this, but lets face it, Singapore has come a long way from a third world country, and I have faith in the Singapore economy, though stagnating growth is more likely than not. And it seems like the STI ETF is a great proxy to ride on Singapore's market. Well, we can continue to invest … [Read more...]

Blue Black Monday on 24th August


I sure it was all on the news, the 100+ points drop in the STI in a single day, roughly 4% decline, the black Monday of 24th August 2015. For a post GFC investor in the stock market, I have only witnessed that once, and that was after S&P downgraded the US credit rating due to the persistent bickering between republicans and democrats with regards to the debt ceiling. The reaction of the STI was … [Read more...]