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Losing track of your (financial) purpose

The thing about drafting a blog post is that it isn’t like posting instastories – you don’t get that instant gratification, and if you let your thoughts sit around for a bit, the feelings of jotting it down start dissipating. So that kinda explains my (almost) 2-month long hiatus from this space. I had these fleeting thoughts about life and such (#adulting, y’know. life thoughts errday everyday), but my mentally exhausted self couldn’t find that motivation on weekdays. We all read articles on the routines of billionaires, them waking up in the wee hours of the morning and breaking...

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Career Crossroads at 26?

It’s the end of another work week.  After exclaiming my weekly ‘TGIF lo!!!’, I packed my bags, gleamed at my schedule of no plans, headed home for a hearty home-cooked dinner, and had a comforting bath before getting nicely nestled in bed. While performing my daily millennial ritual of social media scrolling, I came across this meaningful video by SoImJenn, featuring Grab on raising the awareness of inclusivity of the PWD community, through their Grab for Good campaign. Here’s the video: [embedded content] After watching the video, I got all teary. It’s amazing how such videos remind me of...

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Privilege – having the choice to quit your job

Headed out bright and early this morning to meet my friend, and decided to take a shortcut by passing through the mall. It was about 9:30 in the morning, and the mall was still half asleep. The shutters were still up for most of the stores, and it was quite peaceful and quiet, unlike the usual scene we see in malls these days (crowded!).Caught a glimpse of the retail store I used to work for, back in the university days. It looked exactly like how it was 6 years ago, when I did the morning shift. I momentarily recalled...

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Why I value Personal Finance so much

When I was little, I didn’t think of money much. All I knew was there was always food on the table, I would get my weekly pocket money, I would get chunks of money during Chinese New Year which would be stashed away in my POSB account. Money never seemed like an issue, perhaps I was just a kid – the parents would never talk about money in front of us. I had art classes, piano lessons, and almost went into ballet classes – I remembered not liking how the class was, so mama didn’t sign me up. Primary...

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Being alone.

This afternoon, I had to attend some training and after the longest time, I had to settle lunch outside alone. Even though I am a true blue introvert, there is just something about solo meals under the glaring eyes of the public that still slightly intimidates me. I mean, over the past few years, I have definitely grown to be more comfortable with hanging out with just myself. You know those quotes saying ‘Learn how to enjoy spending time with yourself, and you’ll never truly feel alone’? I remember treating that as my mantra for a period of time...

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What are we working hard for?

It’s the end of Sunday. I looked at the clock, and was thinking to myself – damn, we are already 3 days in, out of 4 days of this long weekend. I remember starting the week on Monday, wishing it were already Friday. I kinda felt bad for feeling that. I mean, is that how my life is going to be? Looking forward to weekends? How can I possibly live my days fully if i were to only look forward to weekdays, and always wishing that weekdays would come to an end as quickly as possible? Sometimes i just...

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