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How Much of My Monthly Income Should Go To My Expenses, Savings and Investments?

I received an email from a reader who has just started working about a year in his corporate career and he wrote to me asking the optimal allocation he should be allocating his monthly income to his Expenses, Savings and Investments. This is hard to answer because first I do not know him well enough to give a detailed answer and second his circumstances and priorities may differ from one person to another. So I’ll try to give my best answer as much as possible and will have to assume a few things from him. I assume he is...

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Starhill Reit – New Master Tenancy Agreements & Asset Enhancement Initiatives For Starhill Gallery

Starhill Reit announces two news today which I have earlier anticipated after management hinted at the need for an AEI on their Malaysia properties. The first is the renewal of the Master Tenancy Agreements for both the Malaysian properties – Starhill Gallery and Lot 10 Property. The 2 properties were acquired in 2010 and were leased for 9 years to master tenant, Katagreen Development Sdn Bhd, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of YTL Corporation Berhad, which is the sponsor for Starhill Reit. The tenancy agreement expire is in 2019 this year. The new master tenancy agreement includes a long tenures...

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Mini-Retirement [Series 2]: How My Friends / Colleagues / Families React To My Decision To Take A Break

Apologies for some of the late replies for those who messaged me last week as I just got back from our family holiday trip at Hoi An late hours last night and I am still recovering today from the late night flight. After my decision to take a temporary break away from a corporate work rat race which includes my submission for a resignation last week, I received mixed overwhelming responses from friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Most of the responses were congratulatory messages, which resembles how rewarding this journey has turned into and a good respiratory break is well deserved after...

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Mini-Retirement [Series 1]: Taking The First Leap On Sabbatical

I took a deep breath, straightened my chest, walked up to my boss and asked if he could spare me a few minutes.  “I promise it won’t take long” I said to him as he nodded agreeing to my request.  We couldn’t find an empty meeting rooms as we walked past a few of them and finally we had to settle down at one open empty area.  We sat down and braced ourselves for the discussion.  I started off by thanking him for giving me the opportunity to work in a company as one of the best bank in...

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I Had To Change My Domain Name to

Just a quick update on my new domain website, which I had to forcefully update after 10 years of using blogspot. The new link is now: It all started when I was recently constantly attacked by a group of spammers for my existing blogspot domain that would disallow me to post content on several social media sites such as facebook. Blogging at blogspot has never failed to give me major problems in the past. It was only until recently when I started receiving quite a lot of bots spams on my comment pages daily which prompts social media...

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How I Was Sold On The Idea of Financial Independence

Since I am coming up close to a decade of investing since I started my financial independence journey in 2009, I thought I’ll do a trilogy of articles on the “rewinding back to history” to remind myself how far the journey has been, and hopefully this can also inspire others who are keen to take on this journey.  For the longest time I can remember, the sequence of a life’s journey is designated to be like this. First, you attend school, study hard for your exams, get into the top 3 rank in your class, listen to your teachers,...

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Recent Action – Frasers Logistic Trust (FLT)

I wanted to take this time to quickly update on my latest position.  After the recent run-up to most of the S-Reits which I believe is near valuation peak over the past 10 years (apart from 2015), I have decided to lock in my gains and divested Frasers Logistic Trust (FLT) yesterday at a price of $1.14.  This divestment gave me a very decent return in terms of both dividend and capital appreciation for the past couple of years I had them. Other than the dividends I have been getting over these years, I have also participated in their...

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Dividend Investing Is Actually Growth Investing In Disguise

Even though I spend a lot of time writing and circulating about my dividend focused strategies, I am not entirely opposed to anyone who focuses on profit growth strategies that meet the needs of their own portfolios. Both dividend investing and growth investing have their own merits. I mean, if we look at the classic example of folks who invested in Berkshire for the past 30 years, without having received a single dividend paid to them, who am I to critic the success of growth investing, which can be very successful in its own rights. There are 2 basic...

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7 Key Highlights From Ho Bee’s Q4 & FY18 Results

Ho Bee Land Limited is a property developer and investing company which has developments in various parts of Australia, China and United Kingdom, on top of their home base in Singapore.  The company recently announced their Q4 FY18 results which continues to be promising.  In this article, I will expand my thoughts on their results and also share some of the communications I have with their Investor Relations Executive Director, Desmond Woon.  P.S: The reason why I have only done up from 2013 is because their current business model started evolving from 2013 onwards upon the purchase of The...

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Shopback Is My Main Source For Savings Rebates Mechanism

Many people distinguish their spending power and savings ability and treat them as two totally different functions. This is especially evident for the middle income group who thinks they must be separated because they serve for different purpose.  However, the key to a rich mentality is always about having the two important equation balanced out well.  While it is important that that we strive to improve our savings rate, there are also ways that we can be smart about our day to day spending as well.  Gone are the days where you scroll newspapers to look for coupon clips...

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