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Dividend Investing Is Actually Growth Investing In Disguise

Even though I spend a lot of time writing and circulating about my dividend focused strategies, I am not entirely opposed to anyone who focuses on profit growth strategies that meet the needs of their own portfolios. Both dividend investing and growth investing have their own merits. I mean, if we look at the classic example of folks who invested in Berkshire for the past 30 years, without having received a single dividend paid to them, who am I to critic the success of growth investing, which can be very successful in its own rights. There are 2 basic...

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7 Key Highlights From Ho Bee’s Q4 & FY18 Results

Ho Bee Land Limited is a property developer and investing company which has developments in various parts of Australia, China and United Kingdom, on top of their home base in Singapore.  The company recently announced their Q4 FY18 results which continues to be promising.  In this article, I will expand my thoughts on their results and also share some of the communications I have with their Investor Relations Executive Director, Desmond Woon.  P.S: The reason why I have only done up from 2013 is because their current business model started evolving from 2013 onwards upon the purchase of The...

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Shopback Is My Main Source For Savings Rebates Mechanism

Many people distinguish their spending power and savings ability and treat them as two totally different functions. This is especially evident for the middle income group who thinks they must be separated because they serve for different purpose.  However, the key to a rich mentality is always about having the two important equation balanced out well.  While it is important that that we strive to improve our savings rate, there are also ways that we can be smart about our day to day spending as well.  Gone are the days where you scroll newspapers to look for coupon clips...

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Dividend Income Updates – Q1 FY19

With all the earnings announcement done and dusted for the companies I’m vested in, it’s that time of the quarter where I’m ready to tally the amount of dividends that I will be receiving this quarter. For readers who are new to this blog, this is a sequence of exercise that I’ve been doing for the past few years usually after the earnings season ended.  This tracking not only allows me to keep abreast of any development in the payout dates and the quantum amount but also more importantly reminds me of how far I’ve come since I embarked...

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Is Tenant Concentration A Risk To Your Reits Portfolio?

Following my last article which I wrote on Ireit Global, there’s been a good amount of discussion from readers regarding the concern on tenant concentration that surrounds Ireit’s leasing activity over the past couple of years.  I am here to provide my own thoughts based on my working knowledge and a good balance discussion of both the advantages and disadvantages which I see and will use several case studies on it. The tenant concentration concern has been brought up several times during the AGM and the management has also taken steps to abate the concern when they bought the...

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IReit Global – NAV Up By 11.6% For FY18

This is a Reit I used to own in the past because of its strong profile then divested them due to the change in the manager and the possibility of an equity call because of its high gearing. Since then, they have done extremely well to mitigate by lowering their payout from 100% to 90% and use the excess to reduce their gearing over time. Ireit Global announced their Q4 and FY18 results this evening which I thought continued to impress throughout both financially and operationally. While they’ve taken steps to improve their aspects of the portfolio, which clearly...

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5 Tax Concession Changes To Take Note For The Singapore Budget 2019

The much anticipated Singapore Budget of 2019 was conducted yesterday by our Singapore Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat, which was widely followed amongst Singaporeans and Resident Individuals. I noted some of the changes related to some of the tax concessions which I am interested in: 1.) Personal Income Tax Rebate For YA 2019 As part of the Bicentennial Bonus, the government has given a personal income tax rebate of 50% (capped at $200) for all tax resident individuals for the Year of Assessment (YA) 2019 (income year 2018). This means that if you have a tax payable of $300, then you...

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