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Forced To Close Off My UMS Positions

In the spirit of being transparent, I thought I should give an update on my positions on UMS.  Based on the last portfolio update in Jan earlier this month, I have provided an overview on my portfolio that I am holding a rather large short position in UMS of 325,000 shares.  This was accumulated over time since my earlier position back in Nov 18 when I started to short from 66 cents, all the way down to 59 cents.  My average price on this position was somewhere around 63 cents I think (before the interests).  My plan was to...

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Can SG Retail Scene Catch Up With Their Counterparts in HK?

Imagine yourself as a business owner who is looking out for a retail shop in an upper-scale mall located across either Singapore or Hongkong.  The location could be located at the prestige Orchard Road or the Vivocity of Singapore or on the other sider at the oceanfront Harbour City or Times Square of Hongkong.  Either location you choose are going to get you sales and visibility for your product or services, which based on historical evidence are evident on their traffic footprint. Singapore Retail I blogged earlier this month here on the 6th Jan 2019 on the back of SPH Reit’s...

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How You Can Improve Your Cashflow By Working On Other People’s Time

A few days ago, I wrote an article relating to why most people need to eventually convert your active to passive income at the end of the day. There are a few good arguments here and there that surrounds whether we need passive income in our lives but I think most people are in consensus that they need some sort of passive income, even if it’s just a small part of it. You see, it all started with the fact that time is a finite resource. You can’t be in the East on one side and be present at...

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InstaReM – Your Secured Remittance Platform In Town

Do you have business liaison to attend to overseas?  If yes, you are probably familiar with the remittance and transfer platform that you have been using to transfer your funds overseas either to your business partner or vendor.  While bank transfer appears to be the most frequently used platform because it is directly debited from your account, you have to be mindful of how much transfer fees and the impact of the currency exchange the bank charges to their advantages.  Often, this resulted in spreads that can eat into your margins.  Some banks came up with a promo that...

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Convert Your Active to Passive Income At The End Of The Day

Having worked professionally in the accounting and finance field for more than a decade in 4 different companies throughout my career, you would have thought I have a plethora group of friends and colleagues who likes to convert their active into passive income like myself.  That is not the case.  Within my circle group of friends and colleagues, this number amounts to a minority and you would think it is strange that for someone who is handling other people’s money or accounts on a daily basis, he or she would have taken more charge and responsibilities in their day...

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What We Learnt From Watching Marie Kondo (Minimalism series)

I spent my time during the weekend watching with my wife an ongoing popular series on Netflix called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. We barely watched only the first episode but it has already brought a change impact in us. In the first episode, KonMarie talked about why we should spend time tidying up our home, a precious place in our hearts that we spent many countless hours on every single day. She came to visit a couple who’s living in the California area, and had two young children at home with them which makes it more challenging in the...

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Jan 19 – Portfolio & Networth Update

Hello 2019! Since I stopped updating on my portfolio 4 months ago, I’ve received lots of inquiries from readers asking me to reinstate back this post. After much deliberation, I’ve decided to republish them again in my blog starting this month with the January’s update.  While I don’t exactly know how these updates will benefit readers who are requesting for these updates, I hope they are not using this the wrong way. For myself, I am using the update to justify for accountability to myself which is mainly to articulate my summary thoughts in a more organized manner and...

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Starhill Global Reit – Should See Better Days Ahead

SPH Reit’s recent Q1FY19 results show something promising for the retail rent sector as they managed to negotiate for a 10.1% positive rental reversion for the renewed leases that expire in Q1FY19 for the Paragon properties. The Orchard central area continues to bounce back strongly on the back of strong high occupancy and the low supply pipeline for the next upcoming 5 years. This is the latest I have extracted from the URA website. The office space is doing well from what we see on the price and rental index, but that only takes up 5% of the total...

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City Development – Is There Value In This Company At $8.08?

The revised cooling measures implemented in the middle of 2018 has finally pushed Q418 sales to a dip since Q217. It was only slightly down by 0.1% quarter on quarter and most of the decline was mainly due to landed sales so in all essence the demand for private property is still pretty buoyant. With the introduction of the new cooling measures, which coincides along with the increase in tandem in interest rates, it brings the share price of City Development down from the 52 week high of $13.6 to the last closing price of $8.08. That is a very sharp...

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