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Sasseur Reit – DPU For FY18 Exceeds IPO Forecast By 12.6%

Sasseur Reit reports their Q4 and FY18 results this evening which impresses. To recap, Sasseur is using a concessionary business model where retailers pay a fixed sum or percentage of revenue to the operator and it outsources the running of the retail malls operations such as the merchandising, cashiering, store management back to all the operator. What this means is in a retraction period where sales are low, they will then pay a lower overhead cost subsequently to the operator and when sales turnover are good, as we have seen in their Q4 results, they will pay a higher...

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Manulife Reit – Blogger’s Meet & Greet Session

Following the announcement of their full year results earlier this week, which I blogged over here, the management invited a few of us down for a meet & greet session over a informal setting working lunch. I like that they are conducting frequent Q&A session with the analysts and also engaging the minority shareholders to address some of the queries. It shows genuine interests in protecting our rights as minority shareholders and they are serious about addressing investor’s concerns. The management team is also open to taking feedbacks regarding what can be improved (e.g some of the slides in the...

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Feb 19 – Portfolio & Networth Update

No.  Counters No. of Shares Market Price (SGD) Total Value (SGD) based on market price Allocation % 1. Starhill Reit 377,000 0.68 256,360.00 29.0% 2. Vicom   31,300 6.29 196,877.00 22.0% 3. Frasers Logistic Trust 163,000 1.11 180,930.00 21.0% 4. Far East Hospitality Trust 230,000 0.64 147,200.00 17.0% 5. Manulife Reit   81,000 US$0.865   94,587.00 11.0% 6. Warchest     1,000     1,000.00   1.0% Total 876,954.00 100%   The market has rebounded well in 2019 and almost everyone in the local finance community I know are making a good profits so far in these 2 months. KPO has done wonderful in his portfolio which...

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Far East Hospitality Trust – Q4 FY18 Operational Performance Improves Again!

Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) reported their Q4 FY18 results this morning which shows Gross Revenue coming in 12.4% higher year on year and income for distribution 4.9% higher.  As a result, DPU for the 4th Quarter was up 3.1% year on year from 0.97 cents to 1 cents.  If we annualized the Q4 DPU, we will get 4 cents for the full year, which translates into 6.2% dividend yield. Operational PerformanceI was more interested in their operational performance, which is really key to the underlying distribution growth at the end of the day.  They have registered strong operational...

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Manulife Reit – Strong Performance To End The Year

Manulife Reit published their Q4 FY18 results this morning which saw them registered an impressive 55.4% increase year on year on the Net Property Income (NPI) due to their 2018 recent acquisitions of the two buildings – Penn in Washington DC and Phipps in Atlanta). In terms of bottomline DPU performance, it grows by 3.6% year on year to end the financial year at 6.05 US cents. At the current share price of 85 US cents, this represents a decent 7.1% yield for exposure to a freehold Top Grade A quality of US commercial property. Do note that even...

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Cash Flow Suffering? Roll Your Sleeves Up!

Cashflow is one of the most powerful success criteria for a company to survive and we have seen so many instances when a company struggles to stay afloat just because it couldn’t manage its’ working capital adequately.  Cashflow is the one mighty factor why many of us are seeking so desperately for financial independence.  Without cashflow coming in, you are basically starved off food and water and maybe more great ideas to make things work.  You can thread your way lightly to manage your working capital adequately through your recurring monthly paycheck or with the multiple credit cards you...

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Asia Wealth Virtual Summit 2019 – 23 February 2019

Information is often key to investors who are looking to gain the upper momentum to do well in their investment.  You look for people who has skin in the game because they are likely to walk the talk and their credibility is often put on the line on whatever action they take.  This year, Stansberry Pacific Research is organizing the first ever virtual summit where financial managers and speakers gather together in a full day event to talk about the stakes of the Asia market in the global economy.  The Asia Wealth Virtual Summit will highlight ideas and insight...

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Jamaica Equities Market Up Almost 300% Over Past 5 Years

I was reading the January edition of the Bloomberg Businessweek when I came across an article on Jamaica’s equities market which I thought was interesting to share. Jamaica’s stock market is one of the best performing emerging markets in the past 5 years with gains closing in at almost 300%. This surpasses the more developed market such as S&P500, FTSE100, Shanghai Composite and Nikkei 225. In 2018, the nation’s main index rose 29% in US Dollar terms. So far, the stock market has only 37 company tickers so far that are listed, while it’s total value is less than...

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