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Is Saving an important aspect in your life???

Why do some people feel it is important to save money and why do some people feel otherwise? Have you known anyone who might fell into these two categories? According to a yahoo article today, 2 out of 3 Singaporean admitted to saving less than 20% of their monthly income. While there are many who have contributed to household costs and living, I am sure there are many as well who splurge their money on things like upgrading cars, branded clothing and most commonly….Vacation. For most people, they enjoy first and suffer later. They bought things and gadgets that...

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5 Signs you may be trapped in a dead-end job

First of all, I would like to tribute this article to Kevin, a blogger from Canada whom I admired very much. In this blog entry however, I would like to make it my own, the Singaporean style. Here are five signs you may be caught in a dead-end job: 1.) You take full advantage of the “8” hours you are working. You come 30 mins late to work – “Ughh, its just 30 minutes, everyone does it”You then went for an early lunch – “Ughh, we have to be early!! otherwise, the seats would be taken up”You then came...

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Dividend Shares – in the form of a "Birthday Present"

Have you wondered at times having cracked your brains out for several nights and hours on what gift to buy for your family (i.e parents/siblings) birthday present? While it might seem quite noticeably that we spent our everyday lives together, at times it gets quite tricky when choosing a birthday present. For example, I remembered giving my mum a make-up set for her birthday 3-4 years ago or giving my sister a branded pouch for her birthday gift in the past. While I do understand that they appreciate my thoughts and they claim that they “like” the product, sometimes...

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Change of Hands – Money

During dinner today, my sister posed a question to me regarding the flow of money and the change of hands between money. Let’s assuming in this world we have $X amount of money printed and available. When money changes hands (for e.g Supplier sells meat to Supermarket which in turn sells it to restaurant which in turn sells the same to consumers), does this mean that the amount of money in this world remains as $X? In this simple scenario, money changes hands and nothing is lost (i.e the amount of money in this world remains $X). The question...

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Getting out of the "Rat Race" – Does it apply for everyone?

Getting out of the “Rat race” – can be defined as pulling out of a race where everyone competes for the one ultimate position. Truely enough, no one says that getting IN into the “Rat race” is a bad thing. In fact, most of us have been through in the rat race and rightly so it builds up our knowledge, determination, stamina and the ability to find an ultimate solution to end the race. I came across an ex-classmate of mine a couple of days ago. I remembered him as a smart person who receives good grades in his...

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Property vs Equity Investment

If you only have money for one investment and enough for either, would you choose to venture into property or equity investment? This is one interesting question as property is deemed to be a rich man’s investing game while most people could invest in equity for a small amount of money. I currently owned a property in Indonesia (see picture below). Unlike property in Singapore where you may receive a net passive income every month after paying off the loans and interest from the bank, the interest in banks in Indonesia is very high (as much as 7.5% in...

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An interesting and dilemma question

I was talking to my family the other day when we went to Keppel Marina. The view was fantastic and the atmosphere was relaxing. How i wish I could be there everyday looking at the sea while enjoying the brisk. Then I began to ask them an interesting question, which left some or many in dilemma at times: “Assuming a 10 year horizon at least and if you have to choose one, would you rather choose a job which you don’t like but pays you $5000/month or a job that you like but pays you $1000/month”. I received different...

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2012 A New Year = A New Resolution

As we come into the first week of the new 2012 year, we usually goes in fast pace at least until March (for some reason the days from Jan to March seems to go past very quickly). As I begin my journey into the 3Fs, I hope to create the same motivation and discpline as the other shifus who I have much admired. For a new 2012 resolution, I hope to be able to complete the following by end of December 2012: 1.) To continue saving 85-90% of my working income as I approaches the S$5,000 level mark increment....

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