My thoughts on this tiny stock: Singapore Kitchen Equipment (SKE) Limited


Singapore Kitchen Equipment (SKE) Limited is a tiny stock listed in the Catalist. It was only recently listed on the Catalist on 22 July 2013, and has a market capitalization of only S$24 million. The Business Singapore Kitchen Equipment (SKE) Limited, operating with the trade name Q’son Kitchen Equipment Pte Ltd (Qson), since established in Sept 1996, had gone from strength to strength, … [Read more...]

Review of Quarter Results (Vicom, Riverstone, ISOTeam, Colex, Sarine Technologies & Golden Agri Resources)


Actually, I am quite an impatient person. Perhaps it is because of my job, or me living in fast pace Singapore where everything is about efficiency, or it is just my character…. However, I feel that I might have mellowed down over the years. When it comes to investing, I think I have definitely ‘mellowed down’… I seldom trade, I read more and basically just wait most of the time. Investing in a … [Read more...]

Old Chang Kee


As stated in my earlier post, Old Chang Kee trailing dividend yield was at 3.45% on 12 March 2017. It isn’t a very high yield (esp. as compared to the business trusts and REITs). So you may be scratching your head, wondering why I put this in the ‘dividend’ stock list. However, in an environment of rising increase rates, whereby the normal yield of stocks is hovering around 2% to 3%, a 3.45% … [Read more...]

Loading up on my War Chest

I have previously done a post about ‘spring cleaning’ my stock portfolio on 5 March 2017 (read here). With equity valuations looking a bit rich, I reckon it would be good to raise the percentage of my cash holdings. On 11 Feb 2017, I did a short post on an update to my portfolio. The percentage of my Savings & SRS (cash) then was at 13%. Earlier on 4 Sept 2016, the percentage of Savings … [Read more...]

Random thoughts on RHT Health Trust


I previously wrote a post whereby I included a short list of my so-called ‘dividend stocks’ (see below). I am sure there are many other high yield stocks, and I probably would have missed them out (probably due to my lack of time and resources to do so). However, nevertheless, I do intend to pen down some of my thoughts here as to why I am looking at these stocks.Hope it helps to sort out my … [Read more...]

Short list on ‘dividend’ stocks

I think this desire for dividend income is always there. The idea of passive income is always alluring. And why not? What’s wrong with investing for the sake of having passive income? Why invest in something that doesn’t produce much dividend (with no income – it is not even an asset). My approach to stocks emphasized more on the growth and balance sheet of the companies. Perhaps the idea of … [Read more...]

My recent portfolio spring cleaning


I recently mentioned in my previous post, that I have sold my Fasternal Co stocks. I was on leave on Friday. On that day, while running my errands, I took some time to further sell some of my stocks, namely CapitaLand and SIA. To be frank, I have been wanting to sell the SIA stocks I own for a very long time. I have previous sold Sun Hung Kai many months ago -what is left are the odd lots I … [Read more...]

First trade done in 2017


It has been a while since I sold any stock. Today I have sold the Fastenal Co. stocks I owned. It is still a relatively new stock in my portfolio. I bought these stocks in Aug 2015. After selling the stock, I booked an approx. 42% profit. Frankly, I do not enjoy selling any stocks. However given the run up in the US market, I reckon it would be prudent to trim down my stock holding and … [Read more...]

REITs and this thing called Perpetual Bond


I have been reading posts by fellow financial bloggers and articles online pertaining to investing. Every so often I would come across the term investing in dividend stocks. I don’t consider myself good at evaluating dividend stocks. Nevertheless, I hope to use this post to sort out my thought process. Feel free to correct me on any mistakes you see. How to evaluate dividend stocks My … [Read more...]

Change is the only constant

I haven’t been reading much into individual companies. I just felt that with markets hitting new hits, the is now very little room for errors. Why go against the tide? It is ‘fun’ tabulating up the unrealised profits week after week. However, as any investor would know, unrealised gains are as they are – unrealised. Capital gains are fickle, passive income gains not as much – but if you stick … [Read more...]

Yangzijiang Shipbuilding (Holdings) Ltd US treasury yield curves


I have been reading the blog posts from fellow bloggers and my own older posts. Yeah, the fingers are itching for some actions (buying some stocks)… be it for capital gains or dividend income. Now may not exactly be the right time. Actually, I am not really good at being a ‘hybrid’ investors. I do know some investors who do value investing and stock trading (momentum investing) at the same … [Read more...]

Risks (Love It Or Hate It, We Can’t Live Without It)


You know, recently I came across the important concept of “Taking Risk”. In the video below, Tom Sosnoff talks about his interaction with this golf Caddy Master – Jimmy Rocko (who is around 40 or 50 yrs older than him) when he was 15 or 16 years old. Passive Investing is Broken. Here’s how to fix it | Tom Sosnoff | TEDxUChicago (click here). While he was working as a Caddy, during break time, … [Read more...]

Tracking my portfolio


It has been some time since I tracked my portfolio. My previous posts pertaining to my portfolio was in Aug 2016 and Sept 2016 (read here and here). In my Aug 2016 post, I mentioned that at one time in April 2015, my overall portfolio shows an unrealised profit of almost 9%. This swiftly transformed into -11% in Feb 2016. So overall it was an almost 20% decline. In retrospect, the Singapore … [Read more...]

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.


The Singapore market has been underperforming in relative to other major indices for some time now, and technically stocks in the market here are generally not over-priced (read here). Perhaps this why recently, there is news of listed companies receiving buyout offers from their management teams and their related parties. With the flurry of privatisation of Singapore market listed companies in … [Read more...]

The Search is on…

Time and time again, I am reminded of how furiously the price of a stock can drop. In yesterday alone, the price of Starhub shares dropped by 6.67% ($0.20), which is more than the total dividend issued in 2016. The share price continued dropping today (although at a slower pace). I reckon, for some dividend investors, Starhub is a key dividend stock and occupies a big portion of their … [Read more...]

Thumb Sucking


Well, haven’t been buying stocks for months. With the markets at multi-months / years high, I feel much inertia in analyzing and picking stocks. My cash war chest has grown, despite the amount used for my Amazon FBA experiment (doesn’t come cheap). So for some time now, I have been looking at the war chest and thinking of how to best use it. In summary, these are the significant factors … [Read more...]

Conversations with Taxi drivers


Well, my family has been doing some visiting during this Chinese New Year. While at my relatives’ houses, we would often gather and have a little chat to catch up. The conversations would inevitably involve the topic of our children. Well, this isn’t about my son. However, these conversations led me to think about the conversations I often had with the taxi drivers. However, these conversations … [Read more...]

Different models for e-commerce


Ok, I get a few queries pertaining to the idea of having passive income via e-commerce. Personally, I do doubt one can be really ‘passive’ when it comes to e-commerce. But first, let’s look at the various ‘models’ of e-commerce. It is not just getting a product and selling online. While listening to podcasts, one seasoned seller highlighted that initially, when he started out,  he was into … [Read more...]

Quick thoughts


Well, we are in January, still relatively early in the year. Work has been picking up. I intend to focus more of my attention at work (likely work later these past few days). News of retrenchments from other companies in my industry has been floating around. In the recent company Dinner and Dance (D&D), there isn’t any announcement of future projects (unlike previous years). In terms of … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 7)


You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 6). So far, I have 2 products listed on Amazon. I went through the whole process of lowering sales price, advertising through Pay Per Click  – PPC campaigns (Auto and Manual), doing Facebook Ads, giving out product at heavily discounted prices, going through an email list to promote my products. For Product 1, it received 2 nos. of 4 … [Read more...]