Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 7)


You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 6). So far, I have 2 products listed on Amazon. I went through the whole process of lowering sales price, advertising through Pay Per Click  – PPC campaigns (Auto and Manual), doing Facebook Ads, giving out product at heavily discounted prices, going through an email list to promote my products. For Product 1, it received 2 nos. of 4 … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 6)


You can read my previous post on Amazon FBA here (Part 5). So basically all the 3 products are completed by the manufacturers. 1. Product 1 (5 cartons). Well, the goods have reached Cincinnati, Ohio (US) and went beyond that… headed for Texas. I did not choose the 5 days air express option to save cost. So it would probably reach Texas near the end of the first week of Jan 2017. 2. … [Read more...]

The numbers game


It is near the end of the year, and it is time to take stock. Net worth: a) Stock portfolio. The portfolio has been positive so far for the year. 3 stocks have been delisted, and out of the 3, I have realised profits for 2 of them. Frankly speaking, I would have much rather held on to these stocks for the long term especially Nirvana Asia. Nevertheless, not a bad result overall. b) … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 5)


You can read my previous post on recent updates here and Part 4 here. Ok, just a quick update. For Product 1, all the physical products are completed. I have fully paid the manufacturer. I have 5 cartons with the manufacturer now. See below. Currently, I have 5 cartons with the manufacturer now. See below. I consider this one of the key milestones. Each item in the carton has their own … [Read more...]

Recent updates


Well, it is close to the end of the year 2016 and this post will be a short summary of my different endeavors for this year. 1) Stock portfolio I am pretty much hands-off for my portfolio in recent months. The portfolio has been performing ok so far. Excluding those stocks which have been delisted, so far, for the overall value of the portfolio, I have an overall unrealised profit of … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 4)


Ok, I know I haven’t been writing for quite some time. Truth be told – I have been really busy at work and whatever spare time I had was used for researching on the FBA Private Label experiment or amending the listings I done in my Seller Central Account. Yup the Podcasts on Amazon selling is super addictive. Check out Part 3 here. I still can’t ship inventories to USA Amazon Fulfillment … [Read more...]

Recent updates


Well, this will be just a quick update. Property My family went to see a recent property launch. We wanted to get another property which should be bigger than our current HDB flat (or at least similar in size, and equally comfortable). Unfortunately, I think we tend to fall into the ‘anchoring bias’. Typically for new projects, the size of the unit would be smaller as compared to say a … [Read more...]

What a Super day

Today I came across the news that Dutch tea and coffee company Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) has made a S$1.45 billion all-cash offer for Singapore instant beverage maker Super Group Ltd. (read here and here). On 2 Nov 2016, SSI has already hinted on the possibility of privatisation due to the trading halt (read here). Well, I have been holding on to Super Group shares since June 2014. And I … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 3)


Ok, this will be a short post and will be continuation of my previous posts (read here and here). I should be getting two samples this week. Actually one of them have arrived in Singapore. However since I am not at home most of the time (through out the day), I have rescheduled the DHL delivery man to come back on Saturday. So yeah, I don’t have the samples with me. I was shown a photo of a … [Read more...]

Bumpy ride


This year, I tried a couple of new things besides investing in stocks. Well, to side-track, I have not really purchased any REIT stocks at the moment. Felt that having a little bit of exposure to high dividend yield REITs might be good, however I am still undecided given the slowing rental / lease market for the industrial and retail sector. I would like to get into healthcare REITs, but I do … [Read more...]

Short note

I know I should have been investing and cash saved in the bank will just depreciate in value over time. At the same time, I am keenly aware that I sucks at timing the market. However with the S&P 500 near all time high and STI range bound for the year (at least that is how I feel), and world economy slowing – I am just waiting for the ‘storm’ to come before buying shares (which I deem as … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 2)


Ok, this will be a short post and will be continuation of my previous post. So yes I got my new logo and brand name from fiverr. There was a slight hiccup as yesterday morning the designer messaged me and told me that he would like to cancel the order as he had too many orders. However, I declined and he offered to do it if I gave him one more day, which I did. So yes I got may logo / … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) – Status update (Part 1)


Ok, this will be a short post and will be continuation of my previous post. So what is my progress as to the FBA experiment since my post on 25 Sept 2016? See below: Yes, I managed to create a Seller Account with Amazon. I think I would like to try a Private Label route (read here on how one does wonder with by selling via Private Label), instead of Retail arbitrage method which is buying … [Read more...]

Selling via Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?


In my earlier post I mentioned about online selling. There are a couple of ways of doing it. One is by creating an online store (eg. via Tictail or Shopify). The second option will be via the online marketplace such as Amazon or Ebay. I have tried the online store idea sometime back with totally no success. Firstly it is hard to generate traffic to your store, and secondly you need to create … [Read more...]

Experiments with other income streams


Given the fact the US markets were at all time high only recently, I have not been actively investing in stocks in recent times. Still reading and occasionally research on potential stocks. My passive income stream is still intact – mainly coming from Stock dividends and interests from P2P loans & Invoice financing. However, I must say my year to date experiment with P2P loans have been … [Read more...]

Fu Shou Yuan International Group Limited


Before I go into Fu Shou Yuan International Group Limited, let me start off with my thoughts on my stock portfolio. Thoughts on Stock Portfolio I typically don’t change the components of my stock portfolio much. In other words, I don’t trade often and am basically quite ‘lazy’ or ‘hands-off’ when it comes to managing my portfolio. However, in recent times, I had to say goodbye to a number … [Read more...]

P2P Loan & Invoice Financing Portfolio Update


Thought I should just upload a post on the status of my P2P loan and Invoice financing portfolio. It wasn’t all plain sailing as you can see. There are a number of loans in arrears. However, for some of these loans in arrears, the platforms have sent emails clarifying the reasons for the delay in payment. Item 12 in Funding Societies portfolio (P2P loan / Unsecure loan): Clarification … [Read more...]

Straco Corporation Ltd


In my search for value (stocks), one stock / company has been consistently popping up – Straco Corp Ltd. Why Straco caught my attention 1) The stock price has been hovering near the 52 week low (now not exactly near the lowest though). 2) The company management has been repurchasing their company shares in recent times: a) On 29 Aug 2016, Company has repurchased 119,800 shares at SGD … [Read more...]

Portfolio proportions


Did a quick chart to tabulate what is the proportion of the various assets (excluding the property I am staying in). Still predominantly in shares. Well, no bargains in sight for me yet. I shall keep increasing my cash value (war-chest). The proportion of P2P loans and Invoice financing has been decreasing steadily month after month. Yes, the quest for dividend paying stocks is never … [Read more...]

Tracking my portfolio


There is a reason why I track my stock portfolio performance. Occasionally I would look at the percentage profit and loss of each stock. Currently it looks like this (see below). I was reminded of the carnage in the Singapore stock market recently which saw the index fell from almost 3500 (April 2015) to almost 2600 (Jan 2016) – an almost 25% drop from the top. And I was holding all my … [Read more...]