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Earnings and Riverstone Holdings Limited

“A lot of money managers today worry about quarterly comparisons in earnings,” he said. “They’re up biting their fingernails until 5 in the morning. My dad never worried about quarterly comparisons. He slept well.” Walter Schloss I do hope I can buy at a point whereby I can sleep well no matter what happens. As years go by, I tend to prefer the peace of mind rather than excitement of profits. Nevertheless, I have look at the recent full year earnings of some of my holdings. Some are expected good news: Vicom, Riverstone, ISOTeam & SMRT.  CapitaLand surprised me.  Super Group seems...

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My report card & Super Group Ltd

I treat studying companies and investment strategy as my hobby. During the recent Lunar New Year break, I managed to have some time alone to surf the internet on these. I get to read all kind of nonsense on the web (on top of watching all kinds of crappy chinese movies on TV yippee!) :P So far, this is the report card for my portfolio (as of 18 Feb 2015). Well, I am only showing the percentage in terms of unrealized loss & profit (excluding dividends). There was a time not too long back (3+ years is not long) when it was all...

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