Kreuz stock, Hu An Cable stock &Golden Agriculture stock

Kreuz , Hu An Cable and Golden Agriculture announced their quarterly earnings results yesterday. For Kreuz, the announcement came early at around 6 am yesterday, the news was positive profits for Kreuz, which resulted in the stock price rising by around 5% in the early half of the trading day. Kreuz stock also announced a 11 cents dividends, which resulted in a respectable 2.7% dividend based on its closing price of 40.5 cents yesterday. Kreuz stock has recently hit a lower price of 36 cents, and hence investors who buy at that price are now laughing. MACD for Kreuz...

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5 Commodities & Offshore Marine stocks I am looking at

Currently, the market talk is on the US “financial cliff” after President Obama is re-elected as US President. Despite the market uncertainty of the impact of this “financial cliff”, I still believe some form of quick and smart trading can be done. I have shortlisted 5 commodities and offshore marine stocks based on technical indicators which are of interest to me right now based on the stocks’ closing price as of 9 Nov 12: a)      Ezion stock: this stock has been market darling for many months now, defying my expectation as its stock price keeps going on the ascent....

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Ezion Stock Price

Ezion stock seems to be the jewel of offshore & marine stock here after it announced an excellent earning results today. Ezion stock, however was on a halt following the announcement of the quarterly earnings and a joint venture which won contracts. OSK-DMG has given Ezion stock its endorsement with a “Buy” rating at target price of $2.02 Ezion’s earning announcement runs almost opposite to that of Sembcorp Marine stock move: today, investors, traders, speculators dumped Sembcorp Marine stock today, driving it to a low price in recent months after its earning announcement yesterday disappointed many. As someone who...

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NOBLE GROUP STOCK dived 7.8% today, closing the trading day at $1.175, down 10 cents off yesterday’s closing price. NOBLE GROUP stock’s intra-day low was $1.165 with a high at $1.215. Noble Group stock was punished by investors as its profits did not meet expectations against a global economy increasingly worried about the US financial cliff. Wilmar has just announced its financial result which is quite good and hence Wilmar’s stock price closed 1.6% as a result. Next Monday, we will see how Golden Agriculture perform in its earning, followed by Olam on Wednesday, after which the four commodity...

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Why SINGAPORE STOCKS went lower today?

Singapore Stocks went lower today, a day after Obama was re-elected as the President of USA. I have expected this performance. Some investors have thought that the stock movement will be north today after the “continuity” that Obama is expected to bring with his election. As I have shared with you in my earlier post, this “continuity” -no doubt can be good for Singapore stocks and global equities- is against the back of a coming US financial cliff, lingering woes of Eurozone debt crisis and signs of a China’s slowing economy. Singapore stocks performance today is not really attributed...

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Obama re-elected as US President

Obama is re-elected as US President once again after a gruelling, nail-biting Presidential election fight. I would like to congratulate Obama for winning the White House once again though I do not really follow all the news of the campaigning or am particularly excited about the US Election. As PM has rightly pointed out, Obama’s win ensures some form of a “continuity” in American’s current stance towards Asia. As predicted should Obama win, Singapore stocks rose upon the announcement of Obama’s win. For the previous week, global investors and traders trained their attention on the US Election results, hence...

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Track your expenses

If I have a word of money management advice to all readers, I have this to pro-offer: please track your expenses (like me). If possible, categorize and record all your spendings on an Excel spreadsheet and you will really see how much you spend in a month! From my own experience, unless you are a successful entrepreneur, trader or a great salesman, if you are like me, in a full-salaried employee, earning an average or some will say “lesser-mortal” pay, I think it will really be very difficult to earn a significant sum over and above your monthly income....

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How to grow your money?

As an avid investor, trader and reader, I read financial magazines, financial newspapers and articles both online and offline regularly. Recently, I observed a common theme running across many of the articles which I read and that common theme is none other than the very fundamental but important question of where to put and grow your money in this current time. I believe the aforementioned question is always important but it is all the more most timely now to ask ourselves this question if we want to grow our monies. Currently, bank rates are really paltry and the inflation...

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