F&N stock: A POTENTIAL STOCK [Part 1]

To say F&N is a business is an understatement; it is actually to me a conglomerate comprising three key business in non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages and books and publishing. There is one more segment which is Food. Each of the four businesses has its own CEO and all the CEOs report to the Board chaired by Mr Chaoren. While F&N was not chosen to continue with the … [Read more...]


Once in a while, we will read that some companies retrench their staff. For the retrenched staff, I feel for them and hope they will be able to get other jobs soon. Against the current macro climate, the government is encouraging all workers to broaden, deepen and diversify their skill sets. This is the right strategy as new industries will emerge and these necessitate new skills. The government … [Read more...]


Ezra is facing some scrutiny over some financial issues and with that, investors’ perception of the banking stocks like DBS, OCBC and UOB for their exposure to non-performing loans would be shaped accordingly. As a whole, we should examine oil-related stocks in general with the macro-trend and only invest into energy and offshore energy stocks with good fundamentals.A video I have watched and … [Read more...]

What a Flash Thunderstorm taught me about Investing?

Dear readers, I am always a student of life; a voracious reader who like to read up on a variety of genres and I am a firm believer in that daily life moments, small as they may be, will teach us so much more about life itself. (as an example, don’t miss this post how spring cleaning made me a better investor). That is why even as technology advances at an astonishing speed, there is a subject … [Read more...]


Today, the Singapore Stocks benchmark indicator closed 0.68% higher, taking the year-to-date performance of the Singapore stocks markets to 6.41%. Singapore stocks have done generally well for January 2017 as some blue-chip stocks managed to stage a good rally. Stocks which will benefit from a higher interest rate from the US Federal Reserves like DBS stock had a good run.Other than the above … [Read more...]


Asian Pay Television Trust is currently trading at an undemanding Price-to-Earnings ratio of 9.8. At a Price-to-Book ratio of 0.481, Asian Pay Television Trust is undervalued. From a 52-week high of $0.64, the stock price of Asian Pay Television Trust has headed south, so much so that its dividend yield has become 17.59% with another website giving the dividend figure at 16.3%. Fundamental-wise, … [Read more...]

A look at SG stocks markets NOW

The Singapore stocks markets benchmark indicator went south a little at 0.59% today on the first trading day of the Chinese Rooster Year. While the performance of the Singapore stocks markets today could have been in line with the US stocks markets’ performance overnight or there could be other reasons; I have anticipated the lacklustre performance of Singapore stocks markets today in view of the … [Read more...]

This stock has advanced over 10% since mid January 2017

On 10 Jan 2017, this stock closed at $0.70 before starting its another rally to reach $0.78 on 27 Jan 2017, the trading day on Chinese New Year eve, in the process effecting a good 11.42% rally. I used the word “another” as this stock has been rallying all along from $0.315 in November 2015 to the current price. This stock has its stock price multiplied by almost 250%, earning its well-deserved … [Read more...]

Chairman of AngBao Limited

Dear nephew/niece, This is Uncle Tom, Chairman of (one of) your Angbaos speaking. It is my pleasure to present you with your AngBao packet for Chinese New Year 2017. I believe you that you will not open your Angbao as soon as I have given you. It is not your interest to track which of your relative gives Angbao and how much. I know you are okay with any amount of Angbao monies given to you. … [Read more...]


Dear readers, A very Happy Chinese New Year to All of You! May the Year of the Rooster be filled with abundance for You and Families! May You and Families be filled with Happiness, Health and Prosperity! To the retail investor of You, may You be like the Rooster who is alert first thing in the morning and discover in advance great investing opportunities! May Your investments hatch Golden … [Read more...]

How Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning made me a Better Investor

In the earlier post, I shared about spring cleaning. Today, I would like to share the top eight practical lessons which I have learnt from spring cleaning which I believe to be applicable in investing. Plan: First of all we need a plan when it comes to spring cleaning. Where to start our renovation first? Which areas to cover per day of your spring cleaning schedule? It is like investing where … [Read more...]


There are more and more investing websites, platforms, forums, blogs and apps on the internet dedicated to the discussion of Singapore stocks. This is a good thing since more discussions will lead to more sharing of knowledge, opinion and insights about different Singapore stocks. This is important as it is risky for a retail investor to buy into a Singapore stock without too much knowledge or … [Read more...]


The corporate rat race is unrelentless and the cycle keeps going: spending too much time at work and worst of all, I wonder how many of us find pleasure in our work? And we come back home late at night, only to spend that little time left with our families and on our pursuits. And for some, despite giving the best of their time, energy and youth at work, they are laid off when the company is not … [Read more...]

66.3% increase, what is it?

Ever since I start working, beside focusing whether my stocks portfolio goes up or down, I am also focused on how a sedentary lifestyle behind a computer means to my health. For health is wealth. And if spending close to ten hours a day sitting behind a workstation is not enough, consider this: I also have to indulge in some good food on some workdays to escape from the stress and politics of … [Read more...]

How has this investment of mine perform?

In January last year, I deposited a good amount of monies in a one-year fixed deposit of a bank offering interest rate of close to 2%. That was at a time when banks were dangling carrots of higher interest rates to retail savers. A year now, from what I have been reading, the fixed-term interests have not been as appealing as those a year ago. Overall, though the interest earned from my fixed … [Read more...]

Donald Trump becomes President Today, what should investors DO NOW?

US President-Elect Donald Trump will be inaugurated officially as the President of the United States later today United States time. The position of the US President is always thought to be the position of the most powerful person on earth. Inevitably so. And we have read and heard of President Trump’s views on China, TPP, Climate change and NATO. Some of Trump’s views seem strong. The question is … [Read more...]


Customary for every Chinese New Year, Singapore Stocks Investing will discuss the Singapore stocks which investors can consider for the Chinese New Year. Unlike the stock picks where it comes to a brand new year which are driven by analysts, the stock picks for the Chinese New Year are mostly based on forecasts by Fengshui experts. For this post, let me discuss MY very own take of stocks to … [Read more...]

Should Investors STILL BUY these NINE stocks NOW?

The Singapore stocks markets is performing well into Year 2017, continuing its rally since the election of President Trump and amidst talks that the US Federal Reserves will scale up its frequency of interest rates hikes. The Singapore stocks benchmark STI along with a number of Singapore stocks have been performing well so much so that some of these stocks are overbought, measured by their RSI … [Read more...]

The STI is at 3,025; what should investors DO NOW?

The Singapore Stocks markets benchmark indicator is on a good high of 3,025. Some analysts said that going forward, the STI should still advance. One bullish analyst even predicted that the STI might go into the 4,000 mark. All the analysts said are based on their own “crystal ball” and we should only know how accurate their predictions are at the end of the year. But one thing is clear, the … [Read more...]


We are into the first two weeks of Year 2017. How is your working life so far? I asked as I believe most of us are employees and hence we spend a lot of time at work. I asked as most of us have one main source of income for which we spend most of our working hours at. I always believe since we deploy so much of our time to earn our salaries, we have to perform our best. It is not simply about … [Read more...]