Singapore Stocks self-fulfilling prophecy!

Singapore stocks performed well in the first three weeks of May this year, causing the STI to rise and hover around the 3,400 mark. There was so much optimism then and some investment analysts even predicted that the STI could go all the way to 3,700 this year. But alas, the Chief of US Federal Reserves said something and the market did their own interpretation which caused STI to go down, and … [Read more...]

STI is oversold & my Commodities Picks

STI is oversold , according to RSI. This follows the mass selling of stocks by Singapore investors this week, fuelled by speculation that the US Federal Reserves may be scaling back its quantitative easing following news that the economy of US may be getting better. I find it interesting to decipher that investors’ sentiments now rely on speculation rather than actual concrete economic data coming … [Read more...]

ASIA PAY TV TRUST: why no perform well?

ASIA PAY TV TRUST debuted on the SGX yesterday, closing 5% south. I believe investors who have subscribed to many lots and have gotten many lots of ASIA PAY TV TRUST stocks would definitely not be very happy. For the IPO stocks which have debuted on SGX this year, almost all of the stocks performed very well on their first day of trading on SGX hence it is really a surprise to many that ASIA PAY … [Read more...]


SPH REIT - It is announced yesterday that SPH will be going ahead with a REIT that will include its Paragon mall and Clementi Mall. There will be another addition to the property portfolio of SPH and that is, from what I read in the newspapers some weeks ago: Seletar Mall. I believe the news of such a Reit can only enhance the net worth of SPH. SPH has been managing its print business till its … [Read more...]

My perspectives on IPO stocks and Investments

The IPO stocks market in Singapore is set abuzz once again with the IPOs of a slew of new stocks like SoilBuild Construction, Asia Pay TV Trust and more. I have quite a number of colleagues who subscribe to each of these IPO offerings with the aim to achieve some “coffee money” profits from selling these stocks on the 1st day of listing provided that these stocks debut with a profit. I know from … [Read more...]

Singapore Stocks Outlook

Singapore’s STI headed south by 1.77% last Friday, following the speech by the Chief of Federal Reserves. This 1.77% is really a number compared to the sideways movement of STI that investors have seen in weeks. STI’s performance is in line with what other foreign bourses experiences. But unlike other southward movement of STI, I could see that REITs are affected as well last Friday. Many … [Read more...]


CEDAR STOCK topped the top volume stocks and gainer stocks today. By noon today, CEDAR STOCK price was at $0.012. CEDAR STOCK is a penny stock which made both the top volume stocks and top gainer stocks today following news that Cedar group is going to acquire some properties in China. So with all the frenzy, is it time to head into the stock market and buy Cedar CEDAR STOCK  now? I always believe … [Read more...]


TEE LAND IPO is the latest IPO stock that intends to be listed on SGX. TEE LAND is the real estate unit of Tee International. The property portfolio of TEE LAND IPO comprises 24 projects worth $394.6 million as at Nov 2012. TEE LAND IPO stock may be priced at $0.50. If we read the newspapers, it seems that TEE LAND IPO stock is now open for subscription but if you are to look at the SGX website, … [Read more...]

XMH Stock

XMH stock is now the rage these days as investors chase up the stock after the former CEO of DBS bank, Koh Boon Hwee made a substantial acquisition of XMH stock . XMH stock stock made it to one of the top volume and top gainer stocks on SGX yesterday. With so much frenzy over XMH stock , I went online to read up more about XMH company instead of following the rest of the crowd and buy into XMH … [Read more...]

Sell (stocks) in May and go away?

Amidst all the market actions on the SGX, it is important to keep a level-head at all times and take a step back some time to keep stock of what is happening on the stocks market. I mean, it is quite easy to get excited with the buzz of hot stocks with emotions becoming high. Hence, an attribute that I often think is necessary for investment success is Discipline; I will leave this topic of … [Read more...]


WE HOLDINGS STOCK continued to hog the most-traded stock (by volume) on SGX today with a trading range of $0.11 to $0.114. WE HOLDINGS STOCK , by virtue of the price value of the stock is a penny stock and together with other penny stocks, WE HOLDINGS STOCKhas been making the top volume stocks. Last Friday, WE HOLDINGS announced that it will be selling its electronic business to Serial Systems and … [Read more...]

SOILBUILD IPO seeks to raise $42 million

SOILBUILD IPO will seek to raise $42 million via offering 168 million shares at 25 cents each. SOILBUILD IPO opened yesterday and will close at 12 noon on May 22. Of the 168 million shares, 2 million shares are for public offer and the remaining 166 million shares are for placement. SOILBUILD is not new to me as it was previously listed in SGX in 2005 but was taken in 2010 owing to low trading … [Read more...]

China MinZhong stock

China MinZhong stock is hovering at around $1.04 in stock price. China MinZhong stock, as we can see from the name, is a S-chip stock. When local investors learn of the term “S-chip”, the feeling that may strike into the hearts of some of them is that of fear; this is because some local investors have experienced some S-chip stocks which were simply not good and that have cost their pockets. This … [Read more...]

Asia Pay Television (TV) Trust IPO

Asia Pay Television (TV) Trust will be seeking to raise $$1.4 billion in an upcoming IPO in Singapore. Asia Pay Television (TV) Trust IPO will be Singapore’s 2nd biggest so far this year. Asia Pay Television (TV) Trust IPO will be priced at $0.97 and the IPO subscription commences today 17 May 2013. Asia Pay Television (TV) Trust is an investment vehicle of Taiwan Broadband Communications, … [Read more...]

Hu An Cable Stock

Hu An cable stock has announced its earnings results for the quarter till 31 March 2013. I think not many investors know Hu An cable stock has announced its quarterly earnings report as the media spotlight has always been trained on the earnings announcements of market darlings which are mostly the STI constituent stocks. Hu An cable is a S-chip stock that specialises in a paraphernalia of … [Read more...]

Golden Agriculture Resources stock

Golden Agriculture Resources (GAR) stock net profits Q1’13 headed south by approximately 21% as compared with Q1’12. To me, this figure is actually quite good considering the high stockpile of crude palm oil (CPO) and the low CPO prices that we have. I believe investors also share the same feeling as myself as GAR’s stock price headed 2 cents higher to close at approximately 55 cents today. The … [Read more...]

Property Investments Clubs

There is an increasing number of property investments clubs in Singapore, which offer investors the opportunities to earn returns from property investments. So how do these property investments clubs work? Well, though I have not been to any of these property clubs’ “free previews”, but more or less I know their modus operandi, which in essence is “Strength in numbers” as I shall elaborate … [Read more...]

Golden Agriculture stock & Noble Group stock

Golden Agriculture will release its earnings tomorrow. This will be followed by Noble Group on Tuesday. I find that the earnings report release will determine the direction of the two commodities stock in the interim. The stock prices of these two commodity stocks have been in the doldrums for quite some months already. These two stocks have prices which are really at a discount currently and … [Read more...]

STI: are we on a bull run?

The STI has charged past the 3,400 mark. With this uptrend, the economic outlook in US, the current apparent “stabilization” of the Eurozone debt crisis, it is easy to believe that the Singapore stock market here is on a bull run next. Analysts have forecasted that the STI could even surge to the 3,600 mark. However, from all my analysis, the upsurge in the STI cascades down to only a select … [Read more...]

Stock companies AGMs: a candid account of my experience.

I attended an AGM of a company this week. I own quite a substantial number of shares in that company; hence naturally I am drawn to understanding more about the management and the company’s overall direction. There are a couple of stocks I own; hence this AGM I went is not necessary the one I talked in my previous posts. As I do not want to identify the company in this post, I will not be putting … [Read more...]