Noble Group stock dived again!

Recently, China’s diving queen Guo Jing Jing married amidst a splendid marriage ceremony. I have watched Guo Jing Jing dive before at the Olympics Games. It was a splendid performance as I saw how she (and her partner at times) dives with their bodies synchronized and in full rhythm. When one dives, it is really a movement to the south as the diver heads directly south into the waters. Speaking … [Read more...]

Kreuz stock, Hu An Cable stock &Golden Agriculture stock

Kreuz , Hu An Cable and Golden Agriculture announced their quarterly earnings results yesterday. For Kreuz, the announcement came early at around 6 am yesterday, the news was positive profits for Kreuz, which resulted in the stock price rising by around 5% in the early half of the trading day. Kreuz stock also announced a 11 cents dividends, which resulted in a respectable 2.7% dividend based … [Read more...]

5 Commodities & Offshore Marine stocks I am looking at

Currently, the market talk is on the US “financial cliff” after President Obama is re-elected as US President. Despite the market uncertainty of the impact of this “financial cliff”, I still believe some form of quick and smart trading can be done. I have shortlisted 5 commodities and offshore marine stocks based on technical indicators which are of interest to me right now based on the stocks’ … [Read more...]

Ezion Stock Price

Ezion stock seems to be the jewel of offshore & marine stock here after it announced an excellent earning results today. Ezion stock, however was on a halt following the announcement of the quarterly earnings and a joint venture which won contracts. OSK-DMG has given Ezion stock its endorsement with a “Buy” rating at target price of $2.02 Ezion’s earning announcement runs almost opposite to … [Read more...]


NOBLE GROUP STOCK dived 7.8% today, closing the trading day at $1.175, down 10 cents off yesterday's closing price. NOBLE GROUP stock's intra-day low was $1.165 with a high at $1.215. Noble Group stock was punished by investors as its profits did not meet expectations against a global economy increasingly worried about the US financial cliff. Wilmar has just announced its financial result … [Read more...]

Why SINGAPORE STOCKS went lower today?

Singapore Stocks went lower today, a day after Obama was re-elected as the President of USA. I have expected this performance. Some investors have thought that the stock movement will be north today after the “continuity” that Obama is expected to bring with his election. As I have shared with you in my earlier post, this “continuity” -no doubt can be good for Singapore stocks and global equities- … [Read more...]

Obama re-elected as US President

Obama is re-elected as US President once again after a gruelling, nail-biting Presidential election fight. I would like to congratulate Obama for winning the White House once again though I do not really follow all the news of the campaigning or am particularly excited about the US Election. As PM has rightly pointed out, Obama’s win ensures some form of a “continuity” in American’s current stance … [Read more...]

Track your expenses

If I have a word of money management advice to all readers, I have this to pro-offer: please track your expenses (like me). If possible, categorize and record all your spendings on an Excel spreadsheet and you will really see how much you spend in a month! From my own experience, unless you are a successful entrepreneur, trader or a great salesman, if you are like me, in a full-salaried … [Read more...]

How to grow your money?

As an avid investor, trader and reader, I read financial magazines, financial newspapers and articles both online and offline regularly. Recently, I observed a common theme running across many of the articles which I read and that common theme is none other than the very fundamental but important question of where to put and grow your money in this current time. I believe the aforementioned … [Read more...]