Multi-Bagger stocks vs Multi-Beggar stocks

With the STI climbing higher and higher, there is generally a sense of optimism among investors here, at least for my friend who is quite sure that the STI will assume a bullish path. With stock sentiment that bullish, I believe many investors will be jumping into the fray to pick up certain stocks; there will also be many who will use this time to identify multi-bagger stocks, hoping to find the … [Read more...]

Why I no longer read investment analysts’ reports

I used to read analysts’ reports and followed quite closely with their recommendations and thinking for some stocks that are covered in their analyst reports. Nowadays, I briefly just took a quick glance at what these investment analysts are saying rather than taking in entirety what they recommend.What the shift in attitude towards analyst reports, you may ask? Well it definitely has to do with … [Read more...]

Breadtalk stock: stellar performance!

As of 1st March 2013, Breadtalk ‘s stock price was $0.77. On the last day of March 2013 (29 March 2013), Breadtalk’s stock closed at $0.945. Within one month, Breadtalk’s stock price has soared almost 23%! Breadtalk is one of the various food play stocks in Singapore with the others being Old Chang Kee and FoodEmpire. Breadtalk’s stock performance in March 2013 has surprised me considering that … [Read more...]

Singapore STI: is it time to buy stocks now?

The STI is currently at 3308.10. This is a respectable level for our Singapore bourse. So the question on the minds of many investors is whether the STI will continue to climb? For this, I opened up my stock charting software and looked at the technical graph of STI ETF. Looking at the chart of STI ETF will give me a sense of how the STI is performing since STI ETF is an exchange-traded fund which … [Read more...]

Singapore Stocks: whats next?

Singapore STI headed south yesterday. This is not surprising as after its strong rally past the 3,300 point, it is time for the STI to take a breather. Of the stocks that are of interest to me at the moment, NOL is one such stock as I have shared with all of you readers recently. NOL seems to be embarking on a strong rebound back, as I have shared until yesterday when the stock closed around 2.5% … [Read more...]

NOL stock

NOL stock has been climbing slowly, steadily and surely in its stock price. Just a week ago or so, I have initiated a coverage on this stock, at that point, the stock price was $1.15 to $1.16, when NOL’s RSI went out of oversold and the blue MACD just crossed the red signal line, indicating a “Golden Cross”. This was hence a favourable point of entry into NOL stock.Today, NOL stock closed at … [Read more...]

The urge to buy oversold stocks

For the previous few weeks, I was actually quite tempted to buy some good stocks which have been oversold as it is quite intuitive that a stock will rebound in stock price after the over-selling. It is like the cycle seen for the stock market in general like a wave. From my experience, buying an oversold stock can give a better probability of a profit than using some other technical indicators to … [Read more...]

Invest in a stock sector favourable to you – Part 2

At last, I got some time to blog the second half (Part 2) of my post “Invest in a Sector favourable to you”. In my earlier segment of this same post (Part 1), I mentioned about how investors and traders in general use fundamental analysis to pick the stocks they would like to invest and use technical analysis to know when to enter and exit the stock or stock market. Today, I will just let on the … [Read more...]

Invest in a sector favourable to you –Part 1

When I first started investing, I read quite a lot of text describing the fundamental approach to picking the right stocks. Techniques like examining a company’s income sheet, balance sheet and cash-flow statement; techniques like working out using some complicated methods the intrinsic value of a stock, etc. However I have stopped doing the above as with the ease of access of analyst reports, … [Read more...]

The rules of Investment

For quite some time, I have been doing some soul searching in my journey of investment. In the quest of my trading activities, I have been heading for profits and profits and liquidating them to realize these profits. Yes, profits to me are not really useful when you do not liquidate them as those profits in your outstanding portfolios may be whittled down to negative profits if you do not … [Read more...]

Midas stock

As we now all know, the China government is currently restructuring its Ministries, one of which is railways. This piece of news got some punters excited about the direction of where Midas stock will head: north or south. Already, a well-known investment personality has recommended a buy on a holding basis for the stock as it is expected that more orders will come for Midas. Similarly, Maybank has … [Read more...]

Oversold Singapore Stocks

Singapore stocks are now trading at a good STI level (close to 3,300), hence investors and traders are really quite optimistic. However, when I took a look at how this STI level translates into the performance of individual stocks, the performance are not that consistent. One obvious trend is that China-related stocks are trading lower due to recent news from China. Property stocks are also … [Read more...]

Golden Agriculture stock, Biosensors International Group stock: Buy Now?

Golden Agriculture stock closed at $0.64 today, this price is one of the highest in weeks. I am quite bullish that Golden Agriculture stock price will go higher as the blue MACD has cut the red signal line from below and the 5 day moving average has also cross the red 5-days moving average has also crossed the 10-days moving average! RSI for Golden Agriculture stock, however heads south slightly. … [Read more...]

Biosensors Group stock, Noble stock & Golden Agriculture Stocks : latest update

Biosensors Group stock which closed at $1.32 yesterday has an “Outperform” call from CIMB with a target price of $1.75. Biosensors Group has a presence in Japan and the CIMB report thinks that the China market other than the Japan market will favour Biosensors Group stock price. The report did not rule out acquisition of Biosensors Group. Prior to the CIMB report, I have been observing Biosensors … [Read more...]

STX OSV stock-buy or sell?

STX OSV stock has lifted its trading halt after Fincantieri reports that wholly owned subsidiary Fincantieri Oil & Gas S.p.A has completed the acquisition of 50.75 percent of STX OSV from STX Europe, at a price of $1.22 per share. A mandatory unconditional cash offer will be offered for the remaining shares at a price of $ 1.22 per share. Today, STX OSV stock closed at $1.285 and whether or … [Read more...]

Insights for Singapore Stocks Trading

My reflections delving into my stock posts made in year 2010 yesterday have been quite welcoming to readers. The sharing has been an insightful experience to me, akin to me reading a small history textbook on stocks and gaining some valuable insights. So let me continue sharing with you readers on my key “take aways” re-reading my posts of year 2011:(a) Capricorn effectDo you still remember the … [Read more...]

Lessons from the Past for Singapore Stocks trading today

These days, rather than taking a “driver” trading approach, I am sitting back, looking at how this whole stock market is trending. I have listed some stocks on my radar and when the conditions are correct, I will enter into buying these stocks. The reason for my more relaxed approach these days is due to the fact that I could not really sense out what Mr Market is doing right now. I always believe … [Read more...]

40% of married couples receive help from their parents to buy flats

It was reported a young couple applied for an executive condominium costing $722,000 through the help of a loan of $144,400 from the gentleman’s father as a 20% down payment as the couple has only $15,000 in their savings and earn $5,300 together. You may ask what has the couple’s purchase of an executive condominium got to do with this blog and being featured in it? Well, the couple’s story tells … [Read more...]

My investment strategies

My recent trades have been positive with an approximately 19% gain in Asiamedic stock and a 5.8% gain in ASL Marine stock. To balance my gains, I have been overly optimistic about two commodity stocks like Golden Agriculture and Noble Group stock, entering into the two stocks at an entry point given by a set of my technical indicators, but looking at the stock prices of these two stocks, I believe … [Read more...]

Yongnam,Midas, SMRT, Hu An cable stock

Yongnam stock price rose with the government announcing yesterday that it will be building two additional lines: the cross country line and the Jurong Region line with the other current train networks to be extended. The projected rail network in Singapore will increase to 360km from the current 178km. Amidst this news, some stock analysts have given a “buy” call on Yongnam stock. Yongnam is the … [Read more...]