Olam stock: to buy now?

Sitting on the sideline of the stock market, my muse these days is still about Olam stock. True, some stocks have risen in price while I sit on the sideline, but I am not too perturbed by it as it is not the time for me to buy now based on my trading strategy. Beside Olam stock, another stock which is garnering great interest is SC Global stock after Simon Cheong plans to take the company private. … [Read more...]

Olam Stock: trading buy

Olam stock closed at 5.3% lower at $1.515 today. Olam just announced yesterday that it will offer US$750 million in bonds and as much as US$500 million in warrants and Temasek Holdings, one of Olam’s largest shareholder said that it agrees to buy any rights not taken up by other investors. This should be good news but as we see today, investors are still quite jittery about the mud from Muddy … [Read more...]

Golden Agriculture stock

I sold my Golden Agriculture stock at $0.665 today after holding the stock at a cost price of $0.64. My stock profits are modest and I feel this is already quite okay amidst the stock climate engulfing Singapore and the world. Personally, I think Golden Agriculture stock is more of a stock for trading and not for holding long term in this economic climate. Hence I am still interested in buying … [Read more...]

Great Investment Returns

The general theme that runs through yesterday’s The Sunday Times Invest section was that of Investment Foresight. In many articles carried in the Invest section, there were plenty of examples to demonstrate that good financial rewards go to those investors with great foresight. It was mentioned in the article one of the most classic examples around of how a US$10,000 invested in Apples stock … [Read more...]

3 ways to earn money

Having some free time today, I went to pick up some notes which I have drafted from a financial book some years ago onto my notebook. The financial book was authored by a famous Singapore millionaire investor. As I am a person who embraces self-development, I like to continuously read and improve myself in various aspects of life. Okay, enough of myself. Today, my post is on 3 main take-away … [Read more...]

Singapore Stock Drama

The US has its “US financial cliff”. Europe has its “Europe Debt Crisis”. China has its “China Economical Concerns” and what has Singapore has with regard to the stock market scene here? Trading in Singapore stock market can be a tad boring as our Singapore stock market is a defensive one, there is not much of a roller-coaster swing in stock price as witnessed in other stock markets. Hence, … [Read more...]

SMRT bus drivers & share price

Investors of SMRT might be getting a bit jittery yesterday when 102 SMRT bus drivers, who hailed from China staged a “no-show” by gathering at the void deck of their Woodlands dormitory on Monday 26 Nov 12 and refused to work. Why? The drivers were definitely not waiting for PSY to come to Singapore and dance Gangnam Style with him! The drivers were unhappy with their pays! SMRT management … [Read more...]


MUDDY WATERS has finally released it much-awaited report on Olam International. Muddy Waters has a STRONG SELL call on Olam with a very detailed report for all to download on Muddy Waters website. I have yet to read the full report compiled by Muddy Waters on Olam but I have read the brief introduction of the report. These are the few key points I have garnered from the report and I quoted from … [Read more...]

Life is BIGGER than an Investment

Today, I read of a concept called Social Investment or Social Insurance in a news article. Last week, the article talked about having a career as an investment and this week, it dwelled on having personal networks and contacts as a form of investment or insurance. Well, actually this concept is not new to me as personally, I have really thought that Life is more about making money and when one … [Read more...]

Olam stock and F&N stock

Olam stock price closed a little bit lower today (22 Nov 12) by 0.5%. Olam stock performance today (22 Nov 12) to me is a sign that investors and traders of Olam stock are still jittery over the exchange of Olam and Muddy Waters. Till today, Muddy Water has not produced its report that it has announced that it would. Looking at the news which reported that Muddy Water is prepared to stand by its … [Read more...]

Watching the Stocks on the sideline

For the recent few weeks, I have been watching the Singapore Stocks market … on the sideline a market bystander. I reasoned that being just one of the many retail investors in the market with not much of a portfolio that I could devote to trading and stocks, it is best to stay on the sideline in a global stock market which has the US fiscal cliff, the Europe debt crisis, the China’s economy … [Read more...]

Will there be a QE4?

This afternoon, I read a financial magazine which carries an interesting interview article with an authority who believes that the US Federal Reserve may unveil QE4, or Quantitative Easing phase 4 in time to come. According to the interviewee, “Operation Twist” was a measure by the US Federal Reserve to combat the US financial problems between QE2 and QE3. The interviewee noted that “Operation … [Read more...]

Are you in a “Blue-Chip” career?

The Sunday Times carried an article today (18 Nov 12) which, in a nutshell advocated the importance of investing in one’s career in today’s climate of vagaries of the world’s economy and the global stock market. The article pointed out that for employees, the main source of their income will be one that is derived from employment and hence it is still important for one to treat his career as a … [Read more...]

US Fiscal Cliff on STI and Singapore Stocks

Soon after Obama’s election, the first significant task he is tasked with overseeing is to deal with the US fiscal cliff. I believe by now, you would have known what is meant by the $600 billion US fiscal cliff which consisted of spending cuts and tax hikes, hence this, in my opinion will merit no re-introduction here. US stocks fell by more than 1% overnight (Singapore 15 Nov 12 midnight) on … [Read more...]

Noble Group stock dived again!

Recently, China’s diving queen Guo Jing Jing married amidst a splendid marriage ceremony. I have watched Guo Jing Jing dive before at the Olympics Games. It was a splendid performance as I saw how she (and her partner at times) dives with their bodies synchronized and in full rhythm. When one dives, it is really a movement to the south as the diver heads directly south into the waters. Speaking … [Read more...]

Kreuz stock, Hu An Cable stock &Golden Agriculture stock

Kreuz , Hu An Cable and Golden Agriculture announced their quarterly earnings results yesterday. For Kreuz, the announcement came early at around 6 am yesterday, the news was positive profits for Kreuz, which resulted in the stock price rising by around 5% in the early half of the trading day. Kreuz stock also announced a 11 cents dividends, which resulted in a respectable 2.7% dividend based … [Read more...]

5 Commodities & Offshore Marine stocks I am looking at

Currently, the market talk is on the US “financial cliff” after President Obama is re-elected as US President. Despite the market uncertainty of the impact of this “financial cliff”, I still believe some form of quick and smart trading can be done. I have shortlisted 5 commodities and offshore marine stocks based on technical indicators which are of interest to me right now based on the stocks’ … [Read more...]

Ezion Stock Price

Ezion stock seems to be the jewel of offshore & marine stock here after it announced an excellent earning results today. Ezion stock, however was on a halt following the announcement of the quarterly earnings and a joint venture which won contracts. OSK-DMG has given Ezion stock its endorsement with a “Buy” rating at target price of $2.02 Ezion’s earning announcement runs almost opposite to … [Read more...]


NOBLE GROUP STOCK dived 7.8% today, closing the trading day at $1.175, down 10 cents off yesterday's closing price. NOBLE GROUP stock's intra-day low was $1.165 with a high at $1.215. Noble Group stock was punished by investors as its profits did not meet expectations against a global economy increasingly worried about the US financial cliff. Wilmar has just announced its financial result … [Read more...]

Why SINGAPORE STOCKS went lower today?

Singapore Stocks went lower today, a day after Obama was re-elected as the President of USA. I have expected this performance. Some investors have thought that the stock movement will be north today after the “continuity” that Obama is expected to bring with his election. As I have shared with you in my earlier post, this “continuity” -no doubt can be good for Singapore stocks and global equities- … [Read more...]