Make money from Croesus Retail Trust and no worries?

I said before that if an investment is still doing what we want it to do for us, there is no reason to sell unless we have found a another investment that can do a better job, bearing in mind to compare apples with apples. Reader: Hi AK, noticed you mentioned you would prefer not to accept any privatisation of Croesus. Just curious about the reason?  Supposing they pay a 20 percent premium, … [Read more...]

History with Croesus Retail Trust and current thoughts.

When I found out that Croesus Retail Trust could be privatised, I had a feeling of deja vu. It wasn't too long ago that something similar happened to Saizen REIT and, because of that, I lost a significant income generator. Now, it seems that I may lose another significant income generator. As I invest primarily for income, this creates a headache for me, especially when it is a relatively … [Read more...]

How do I protect my assets before marriage?

My last blog post probably didn't sit well with most female readers, if not all, even though it is quite a common view among the guys. I know, sexism is alive and it is very much the case for both guys and girls, if I may add. Then, a reader brought up the issue of prenuptial agreements. What is a prenuptial agreement or prenup? A prenuptial agreement, antenuptial agreement, … [Read more...]

"Women are like the rake in poker."

I was chatting with a reader on FB about saving money and I gave him a link to one of my old blogs: I was scrolling through the comments section and found this: Reader: Hah, while I definitely agree with what you say about the tips on drinking water from coolers, for the large part, it is a very male … [Read more...]

Spend more money to make more money!

Reader: I am from a humble working class family, staying with my grandmother, parents, and younger brother in a 4 room flat. My younger brother is very intelligent but doesn't like school. He ventured into MLM last year and enjoyed some early success. Now, he wants to buy a car and it has to be a Mercedes Benz or BMW. I told him to save the money. He said he must look successful and rich to … [Read more...]

Why join the Supplementary Retirement Scheme?

Hi AK: I just like to share one of my view on SRS account. When I first decided to contribute to SRS, it was mainly to reduce my income tax. However, I realize that a lot of people between 55 to 65 years old have to work because their CPF is not enough for them to stop work before the CPF life pay out at age 65. This is assuming that CPF is their only retirement fund. By contributing … [Read more...]

Centurion Corporation Limited to double in price?

Reader: Hi AK, I invested in Centurion Corp. I am thinking if I should sell or if the price will go higher with the dual listing in HK. Chinese money floods into HK stocks. AK: Dual listing in HK doesn't change anything in terms of business fundamentals. Centurion Corporation could be seeking what, to them, is a fairer valuation of their business. The EDGE wrote that in 2007, Want … [Read more...]

Lending money to family and friends?

Reader: Dear AK, What do you do when people borrow money from you? Everytime a friend called to borrow some money, I will always remind myself that many years ago I also seek help, a friend lend me a few thousands dollars. I worked hard and repay. So whenever friends seek help, I help them. After a while, I found that most are unable to pay back... Actually, one of them even bought a … [Read more...]

$100,000 lesson from Marco Polo Marine.

I always say that I have been mostly lucky as an investor. The operative word is "mostly". Long time readers would remember the narrative for Marco Polo Marine, a business which transformed from a tugs and barges operator, it was doing all the right things to grow stronger, adding value over the years. In fact, Marco Polo Marine weathered the Global Financial Crisis well and remained … [Read more...]

Good time to buy investment property now.

Dear AK, Morgan Stanley thinks that property prices in Singapore will double by 2030. Is a good time to buy investment property now? Source: AsiaOne. AK replies: No one can say what the future holds with total confidence. Of course, people could and some would continue to make predictions for any number of reasons. I do know that there were times in the past and also … [Read more...]

Know how to grow our CPF savings.

I think there are quite a few readers who are confused about the difference between contributing to their CPF account and topping up their CPF account. I understand their confusion. Once upon a time, I was confused too. 1. There is such a thing as the CPF annual contribution limit. Basically, our mandatory contribution (MC) and voluntary contribution (VC), if any, cannot exceed the annual … [Read more...]

Emails on investments and the CPF.

I have been spending more time on a new hobby. Online gaming! No, don't worry. It is not of the casino variety. It is a MMORPG. What is this? Massively multiplayer online role-playing game. For more information: MMORPG. The game is "Neverwinter" by Dungeons & Dragons. I am amazed that something like this is available to play free of charge! I remember "Diablo" by Blizzard was quite … [Read more...]

Go hit CPF MS or FRS by age 40!

Hi AK: I am currently 37 years old. I am working towards the target of hitting my CPF mininum sum by the age of 40. The current balance in my SA is about 80k. My OA account balance is zero as I have transferred all my OA to my SA account. I have already hit the max limit for my MA of 52k. After reading your blog, I top up at the start of the year to receive free $88 ang pow. :) I have … [Read more...]

What do you need as an investor?

This conversation took place when IREIT Global's unit price declined to 71.5c after going XD not too long ago. AK bought more. And this was another conversation with another reader at around the same time, maybe, about 2 days apart: Reader: Hi AK, I'm on of your readers. I'd like to know what you think of IREIT Global, which I understand you have in your portfolio. Recently, the stock … [Read more...]

Huge losses from trading but tempted to restart.

Hi AK, I am always tempted to trade and also I see many courses out there on trading and saying that they have earn so much from trading. I never sign up for any of them but there is always a temptation. should i go and attend trading course and start trading again which I have made huge losses before, or do the AK way, be patient, be pragmatic , be prudent? ie just do income … [Read more...]

Financial freedom and not enough time.

I met three friends for lunch a few days ago. They are all financially free, having sufficient passive income to meet their expenses in life and more. They do not spend time chasing after money now. We talked about a mutual friend of ours who is richer than any of us but seems to be more interested in getting even richer faster, sacrificing what we thought were more important things in life in … [Read more...]

1Q 2017 passive income from non-REITs.

In my last blog, we saw that I made some changes in my S-REITs portfolio in 1Q 2017. Regular readers might recall that the quarter also saw some changes in my non-REITs portfolio. I made the following changes to my non-REITs portfolio: 1. Increased my investment in APTT and then sold it within 2 months. See: Sold APTT at higher price. 2. Increased my investment in QAF … [Read more...]

Invested in Guocoland with Mr. Quek Leng Chan.

I am going to pre-empt a response to this blog and say that although I am known more as an investor for income, I also invest in stocks which are not for the purist income investor. To my regular readers, this would be quite apparent in many instances. So, by revealing that I bought intoGuocoland recently would not surprise them. Guocoland is a developer with businesses in Singapore, … [Read more...]