Author: A Singaporean Stockmarket Investor (ASSI)

STI: Up or down?

Looking into crystal balls can be hazardous to health because they give you signs of what might be and not what will be. Usually cryptic and sometimes perverse, it’s best to avoid these magical objects. However, being human, I have the failings of our kind, the type of failings which got us kicked out of Paradise in the first instance. In a post dated 12 Jan, I wondered if a correction was at hand and on 13 Jan, it looked as if a correction was underway. For a recap, please seeConfirming the signs. However, on 14 Jan, things did...

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Healthway Medical: A seven months journey

One of the best performers in my portfolio in recent times has to be Healthway Medical. I started accumulating shares in the company in June 2009 at 10c and I was actively contributing in various forums on why Healthway was a value buy and how its intrinsic value should have been higher. I walked the talk and was actively buying up more shares in Healthway Medical over time and my last purchase was in December 2009. I had to constantly explain to people why I was so convinced that Healthway Medical was a value buy. Most were more attracted...

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Genting SP

This is another counter which I found visitors searching for in my blog. Personally, I’m not vested. Here is a TA for those who are interested. On 31 Dec 09, price action formed a wickless white candle, closing at $1.30 for 2009, a record high at the time. On the first trading day of 2010, price action formed a long legged doji with price closing 1c lower. MACD had a sell signal that day and the price has been declining since then. Today, the price closed unchanged but the relieve this grants to shareholders might be just an illusion...

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Healthway Medical – Rising too quickly?

Healthway Medical opened nicely enough as it gapped up at 16.5. The buy up at 17c which we identified as an intermediate target was fierce but 17c proved ultimately too strong to be taken out today even as trading volume increased. Closing at 16c is a sign of near term weakness. Any decline in price will find support at 14.5c, the top of the previous cup formation which was resistance and now turned support. Any further decline in price will find support at 13c where three rising MAs are converging. This might just have been a case of rising...

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