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Raffles Education: A new low.

What started out as a promising up day for the STI was not to be as the index sank almost 1% at closing. In Singapore, share prices lost early gains to end weaker on Friday following concerns over interest rates. Traders said the market firmed with early gains in regional exchanges as strong US economic data boosted sentiment. But prices pulled back later after China said it would tighten monetary policy next year, suggesting further interest rate hikes to cap inflation. Read article...

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$50k in annual passive income: Year end status.

The last time I wrote about my attempt to achieve an annual passive income of at least $50k was on 5 Sep when I concluded that “With Saizen REIT’s contribution, I would probably exceed the target I have set for myself which is “to create a minimum of $50k in annual passive income from investments in the stock market alone.”  I shared this aim here in my blog on 27 Feb 2010, more than half a year ago. Like with everything, however, this needs confirmation. Let us see what happens in December 2010.” Read blog post here. For quite some...

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Sabana REIT: Fundamental analysis.

Sabana REIT closed at $1.02 and touched a low of 97c at one point today. After the rather strong performance by MIT and GLP on debut not so long ago, the unenthusiastic response to Sabana REIT on its first day of trading by market participants was somewhat surprising. Let us do an analysis of the REIT and whether it is a good investment at the current price. Sabana REIT has an aggregate leverage of 26.5% which is comfortable but bear in mind that a Shariah compliant REIT cannot lever beyond 35% while other REITs are quite comfortable levering to...

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Saizen REIT: More buying interest.

I received an email from a reader today saying: “Seems like u like japan. Saizen see pick up in vol today and yesterday” My reply: “I like Japan a lot. Beautiful country, nice people, good food. Everything works. It is like Singapore but costs more. “Saizen REIT is very undervalued. It is a matter of time that more investors take notice. It also takes time for its troubled past to fade. I have been holding for a year. I can wait a few more months.” Reader’s reply: “About one of your question, if the yield at 6.5% is attractive....

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Suntec REIT is purchasing the one-third interest in Marina Bay Financial Centre (MBFC) held by Choicewide Group Limited, Cavell Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Properties Limited for S$1,495.8 million. This is hot on the heels of the announcement by K-REIT that it would purchase Keppel Land’s one third interest in the same project. See slides here. “The Manager is currently reviewing various financing options for the Acquisition to determine an optimal capital structure for the Acquisition. Details for the financing structure will be set out in the circular to be issued to Unitholders in due course, together with a notice...

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Roads to wealth creation in the stock market.

I have a friend who is very risk averse and views the stock market as being fraught with danger. He basically thinks it is a jungle with snake pits and poisonous gas bogs. I am inclined to agree with him which is why it would be most advantageous if we could find a guide who would walk with us. Having read some personal finance blogs, my friend decided that he wants to try to grow his wealth by investing in the stock market. A commendable change in attitude, if I do say so myself. He wondered if he should...

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REITs: Simply explained?

The diversity of opinions in this world is what makes it colorful and interesting.  Everyone is free to express his opinions on diverse subjects.  We should remember, however, it is not just what is said which is important.  Of equal importance is how it is said. I have been following a series of posts on the subject of REITs by a certain local blogger. Are his posts on REITs objective? I don’t think so but I respect the blogger’s right to express his opinions and I am sure readers will arrive at their own conclusions.  However, I do hope...

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A minimum of $50k in annual passive income.

Anyone who has been reading my blog would know that I seek to build a strong stream of passive income through my investments in the stock market. On 29 May 2010, more than three months ago, I mentioned that “between LMIR and AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT, the annualised income distributions I receive could be as much as 4x my monthly salary”. In aggregate, this has not changed. However, I have made some changes in allocation and shifted funds from LMIR to AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT. This is because I am a little disappointed with the former and...

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