Croesus Retail Trust 1H FY2017 Hong Bao.

This was from a recent conversation: Reader: "Croesus Retail Trust reported good results but an investor I know sold all his shares already." AK; "We have our reasons for buying or selling. If our facts are right and if our reasoning is sound, we should do OK. We could consider facts and reasons offered by other investors in reviewing our investment thesis but don't be influenced by their … [Read more...]

$500K in gold and waiting for stock market crash.

Gold is not a productive asset. Hi boss! Like to ask you on a topic (precious metals) rarely mentioned on your blog. I love precious metals (gold and silver) and anything in gold I can wear. I liquidated all my shares in 2013 in anticipation of a market crash that didn't happen till date. If I were to liquidate all my gold today, I will get back 500k.  I like to ask should I continue … [Read more...]

More income from Ascendas Hospitality Trust expected.

Quite a few readers asked me about investing in hospitality trusts and they usually ask me about FEHT or CDL HT. This is not surprising because they have a stronger presence in Singapore. I don't have a stake in either and with the oversupply of hotel rooms in Singapore, it is probably the case that hospitality trusts with a bigger exposure in Singapore will continue to struggle. Beyond this, I … [Read more...]

Sizing my investment in SPH.

A journey through time with SPH. When I tell people I am a blogger, some assume that I am IT savvy. People who say that are probably not very IT savvy. We only need to know how to use a word processor to blog. My generation and those who are older would remember that in between typewriters and PCs, we had word processors. Their time on Earth was pretty short, however. I am really a … [Read more...]

My ARA Asset Management fixed deposit adventure.

When I shared my full year results end of last year, I mentioned ARA Asset Management's offer of $1.78 a share and how it translates to 35% to 78%capital gains for me if the offer is to be accepted. At the time, I had a fixed deposit maturing and ARA Asset Management's share price was at$1.71. So, I decided to plonk the money from the fixed deposit into their stock. It looked like it would … [Read more...]

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT and free money for AK (3Q FY2017).

Many years ago when I decided to reduce my investment in industrial S-REITs, I was faced with the choice of reducing my stake in either Sabana REIT or AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT as both were the largest investments in my S-REITs portfolio. Yes, they were both about the same size.   I decided that AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT was better run. So, Sabana REIT was given the … [Read more...]

UOB ONE Card cash rebate and the things we do.

I was chatting with a friend and ASSI guest blogger this evening about credit cards. He told me he had to spend $1,000 each month on a credit card recently in order to get a $100 rebate at the end of the quarter. OK, I think most of you would have guessed which credit card this is. Yes, it is the UOB ONE card. Anyway, I have the same card but I make sure I spend only a bit more than $500 a … [Read more...]

Kingsmen Creatives Ltd added to my portfolio.

With the share prices of many of my investments (including those I recently blogged about) having risen by quite a bit, I decided to nibble at Kingsmen Creatives Ltd, paying 59.5c a share, as its share price remained in the doldrums. The weakness in Kingsmen's share price today reflects Mr. Market's pessimism. Despite being a leader in the industry, Kingsmen was not insulated from a marked … [Read more...]


This blog is in reply to Jerry Low's comment: Source: HERE. Hi Jerry, Saizen REIT was not a shitty counter. It was just misunderstood and it was thanks to the misunderstanding that I was able to accumulate a sizable position relatively cheaply so many years ago. In fact, I thought Saizen REIT had a very competent manager who ate their own pudding.  Of course, the REIT … [Read more...]

Take home loan from bank and buy unit trusts!

Hi AK, I'm new to your site, saw quite a few interesting post from you.. Wonder if I can get some advise and directions to investment... Have $50k spare cash, now searching for what to invest... I have a $500k HDB housing loan. Some financial advisors asked me to switch to bank loan. Instead of using my spare cash to clear my housing loan, look for an investment product which is stable … [Read more...]

Frasers L&I Trust and CapitaLand Retail China Trust added in January 2017.

As REITs will always be relevant to the income investor, I have been thinking of how best to increase my investment in REITs again in an environment of increasing interest rates and I decided I should choose REITs which have a better plan or chance to improve their income. Hedging interest rate risk is very well and good but this only kicks the can down the road because sooner or later, higher … [Read more...]

A tale of two HDB flats by Darles Chickens.

Chinese New Year is a time of family bonding, catching up with friends and also gossiping. What? Gossiping is not a Chinese New Year tradition? Alamak.  Oh, it is something we do daily? OK lor. Since this is the Year of the Chicken (What? Not Chicken? Is Rooster? Rooster is not a Chicken meh?), I present to you "A tale of two HDB flats" by Darles Chickens. Gossip Tale … [Read more...]

Good entry price for QAF Limited?

Reader: "Hi, I found out abt ur blog thru Remove Sabana Mgr fb grp. Thks for sharing CNY video from Gardenia. I din know abt QAF. What is ur ave price? Do u think this $1.41 is gd to enter?" AK: "What is my average price for QAF Limited? Is $1.41 a good entry price? Alamak! I am not a guru and I just anyhow do valuation. You have been warned. Er, I anyhow talk to myself in my blog … [Read more...]

We don’t have to be smart to be rich!

Recently, I had a blog on three attributes of a wealthy peasant. Prudence. Pragmatism. Patience. We don't have to be smart and we don't have to make a lot of money to become wealthier. However, we should be prudent, pragmatic and patient if we want to become wealthier. (See related post #1 at the end of this blog.) Charlie Munger certainly thinks it is a no-brainer and so do … [Read more...]

$3K salary a month but saving $16K this year!

Hello AK, How are you? One year ago i've start following your blog and chatting with you via FB as well. I got so much things to share and update you. After completed my private degree, i have changed a job and income increased from 2.4k to 3k.  Some of my friends are still earning more than me. i was so stressful to keep up with the market and expenses. But thanks to AK's Blog, everything … [Read more...]

International Healthway Corporation (IHC).

Many readers write to me asking for advice on certain stocks which they hold or are thinking of investing in. They are usually disappointed by my response. Why? I also don't know. Disappointed by my answer? OK, I gave the correct answer. Today, a reader wrote to me about a business which I actually have a stake in but I am sure he was disappointed by my response too. AK says: I don't … [Read more...]

History with Sabana REIT and current thoughts.

The last time I had a substantial blog on Sabana REIT was in October 2015. It was titled "Sabana REIT: What is a fair price and what could they do?" Actually, I thought I would never have another substantial blog on the REIT again but a rights issue happened. Never say never, as the saying goes.  Despite all the bad stuff that we have heard about Sabana REIT and, yes, I contributed to the … [Read more...]

Family is financially healthier after retrenchment.

I won't be wrong to say that many workers live in fear of retrenchment because they are not financially prepared. Many are wage slaves and are utterly dependent on their earned income for daily expenses. The problem is that many are not even aware of this. I have shared stories from readers who have been retrenched before. Retrenchment is a terrible thing if we are not prepared for it and … [Read more...]

Best credit cards for large purchases in Singapore.

How to be ahead of the game? Please don't believe everything bloggers tell you. Sometimes, bloggers can also be minions of wealth destruction. A personal finance blog says if a designer bag you want arrived earlier than expected and you haven't saved enough for it, there are some credit cards with benefits which you can consider using. OMG! It doesn't matter what they say after that … [Read more...]

Buying Croesus Retail Trust and Accordia Golf Trust?

Reader: I am very interested in your views on Japan. I don't have any investment in Japan because everyone tells me the population is shrinking and the economy is dead. However, you seem to be doing well investing in Japan. I regret not investing in Saizen. I feel like investing in Croesus and Accordia now. Any advice? AK: Nope, I don't have advice for you. You could search my blog for my … [Read more...]