Mr. Lee Kuan Yew said China could become pushy.

"I don't want to sound apocalyptic but I don't see Taiwan as being able to resist the pull of the mainland. There will come a time when the 7th fleet cannot intervene." Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. A long time ago in ancient China, there was a big village that sat on both banks of a river. One day, there was a big fight in the village and villagers living on the left bank said they wanted to have nothing … [Read more...]

AK showing off his CPF-OA and MA (2017).

I thought that only my CPF-SA numbers garnered a following but it seems that my CPF-OA numbers have a following too. So, I agreed to share more of my CPF numbers here. Latest CPF numbers, OA, SA and MA: If we add all the three accounts together, the total amount of savings I have in the CPF is: S$723,088.16 At the ripe old age of 45 too. I know this is impressive to many people and … [Read more...]

AK showing off his CPF-SA numbers again?

(4 things you need to know about your new CPF statement.) I hope my blog has not caused too much trouble for the authorities. Just like my passive income numbers, my CPF-SA numbers seem to have garnered a following as readers reminded me on Facebook that it is time. Even Facebook reminded me that it is time. I guess sharing my CPF-SA numbers is inspiring to many readers and it helps them to … [Read more...]

Another undervalued investment of mine is no more?

(How much is a company worth if it ceased operation today?) Today, a reader sent this to me: Hi AK, is this related to AAReit har?[BT_Newsletter_1]-20170102-[Property+fund+of+AIMS+under+attack+from+wind-up+attempt]&xts=538380 AK says: This is not about AIMS AMP … [Read more...]

Power to become financially stronger is within us.

Although there were not many comments in my blog when I asked if I should continue talking to myself in 2017, I received many emails and also messages in FB. They are all positive (so far). I am particularly touched by a couple of emails. First, this email from a reader of modest means: Hi AK, As the new start of the year, first thing I want to do is to write this thank you note to … [Read more...]


A reader made a droll statement on FB and I decided to share some quotations from my favourite Science Fiction movie on the first day of 2017: Related post #1. There are many who do not believe in delayed gratification and the power it has to improve our financial health: I find your lack of faith disturbing. Related post #2. For those of us who believe that saving more and investing in … [Read more...]

Simple investment wisdom keeps us afloat.

What AK thinks of the LRIS: "Since I treat my CPF savings as a risk free and volatility free component (i.e. AAA rated sovereign bond) of my investment portfolio, I am unlikely to take part in the proposed Lifetime Retirement Investment Scheme (LRIS). Of course, money in the CPF-OA doubles up as a war chest which could be deployed in the event of a stock market crash for possibly better returns … [Read more...]

2016 full year passive income from non-REITs (Part 2).

As promised, this is Part 2 of a very long blog post. If you have not done so, read Part 1: HERE. Let us start this blog post with some gossip. Wah! Is Religare Health Trust going to be delisted? You say, I say, they say. Hmm. ;p Anyway, three big things happened in the non-REIT space for me. 1. A big thing was receiving a much larger than usual distribution from Religare Health Trust … [Read more...]

2016 full year passive income from non-REITs (Part 1).

During an "Evening with AK and friends", someone asked if I was going to sell my stocks as market guru Hu Li Yang was expecting a stock market crash. I said we should stay invested as the market was still awashed in liquidity and money will go to where it is treated best. See:Evening with AK and friends. So, what did I do in 2H 2016 in the non-REITs space? I made various purchases but, mostly, I … [Read more...]

$500,000 stuck in a bad commercial space investment!

READER: Hello AK, I have a question regarding real estate that I would like to ask you. I am a responsible investor and does my own homework before making any investment, so I will not make you responsible for any decisions I make. I have it down here in writing so you can have a peace of mind when you reply to my email. I am a stock investor which means I am not familiar with real … [Read more...]

Wife becomes "tai tai" because husband has high income.

Tai tai (太太) is a Chinese colloquial term for a wealthy married woman who does not work. (Source: Wikipedia.) I don't know if it is surprising to you but I have seen so many such cases over the years. There are childless couples who decide to stay childless because they want to concentrate on their careers and have double income. DINK. Double income no kids. The ones I am blogging about now … [Read more...]

2016 full year passive income from S-REITs.

In this final blog on S-REITs in 2016, I want to record a heart felt good bye toSaizen REIT as we knew it. The REIT was one of my largest investments in the S-REITs universe for many years. It was an asset play and an income stock that amply rewarded my strategy of being paid while I waited. Now, this brings us nicely to the importance of investing in income producing assets. For many of us, … [Read more...]

Buy 99 years leasehold or freehold property in Singapore?

For home buyers in Singapore, most would qualify for a BTO HDB flat. It gives the best value for money. Even a resale HDB flat is a good deal compared to the sky high asking prices of private condominiums. However, regular readers know that I would caution against buying very old HDB flats. "It's OK lah. I like the location and there is 60 years left to the lease." And how long are you … [Read more...]

Mentally and financially prepared for retrenchment.

This is part of an email a reader wrote to me after reading an updated blog post. (They invested in multiple properties and are now retrenched.) Reader: "Their experience is getting more common. I am in my late 50s and I see many friends and relatives in my age group being asked to go. I am sure it will be my turn soon as the company has not been doing well.  "I have been reading your … [Read more...]

They chose financial independence over home ownership.

This is somewhat extreme but watch how this Canadian couple chose financial independence over home ownership. They are in their 30s and, well, they are retired. If we qualified for a BTO HDB 5 room flat which costs, maybe, $500,000 today, why do we need to buy a condominium which costs $1.5 million, for example? If we didn't need so much living space, would a BTO HDB 3 room flat in Choa Chu … [Read more...]

Don’t do silly things and we can retire smart too.

A "special feature" (what I would call an advertorial or sponsored blog postif it were to appear in my blog which it won't) by a fund manager in The EDGE: "Your CPF may prove inadequate upon retirement because of several factors." The fund manager suggests "that both young and middle aged workers can invest in multi asset funds for diversification benefits." Do this and retire … [Read more...]

Thinking of topping up CPF-SA with $130K.

Hi Marcus, Firstly, you are still young! You still have 20 years before you hit 55. Time is still on your side and your own calculation proves it. ;) What you are thinking of doing (i.e. $130K lump sum contribution to you CPF-SA) is called a Minimum Sum Top Up (MSTU). This is meant to help us meet our retirement adequacy. My understanding is that it (together with interest earned) cannot be … [Read more...]

My girlfriend is more than US$100K in debt!

Human beings are rarely solitary. Although in modern societies with very high cost of living like ours, fewer people are thinking of getting married unless they want children (but, in Singapore, people who don't want to have children will still get married just to get a BTO HDB flat) and fewer who are married are staying married, many still need companionship in life. Realistically, once we … [Read more...]

Not giving in can only make us richer.

Although we like to say we have saved money when we buy something at a sale, the truth is if we spent money at a sale, we did not save money, we just spent less money. Happily, this reader didn't spend less money, he saved some money. Hi AK, Thanks to you ! I have just cancelled my 3 orders brought from Amazon's Black Friday. (around 350 USD) Upon re-reading one of your blogs again, I … [Read more...]