Investing for income is a journey I do not regret.

Conversation #1 3:09pm Assi AK If you enjoy writing, you will enjoy blogging. It is really that simple. :) People who start blogging because they think they can make money will (mostly) give up after a while... ;p 3:10pm Reader: Money will be the least consideration. 3:11pm Assi AK But it is time consuming... So, you have to think about that especially when you … [Read more...]

Jobless and still paying $30,000 a year for insurance.

Hi AK, I happen to come across your post and decide to email you for some advice. I am 41 and currently jobless as was retrenched. The only jobs available if I am willing to do is probably Security guard, Taxi driver etc. I am jobless for more than a year! Good news is I have about 200k my CPF OA and and 203k in my SA. If based on your compound theory and I leave the money till I reach 65 … [Read more...]

How to make a million dollars by investing for income?

In place of 2 blog posts, one on mypassive income from S-REITs and another one on my passive income from non-REITs for the first 9 months of 2016, I decided to write only one blog post but without all the usual numbers. OK, I know, AK is lazy. Bad AK! Bad AK! Well, I get asked whether it is possible for regular folks like you and me to make a million dollars through investing in the stock … [Read more...]

Grew more daring and lost more than $100,000.

Good afternoon AK. I remembered vividly the first stock I bought in 2009, Golden Agriculture. I bought 20 lots at 41cents and sold them away at 47cents. I made a profit of more than 1k and I was delighted. Subsequently, I bought/sold a lot more other counters which also gave me profit. I did contra trading too. I was basically following my *husband blindly in buying and selling penny … [Read more...]

Reader upset with insurance agent who is always too busy.

Hi AK I like to share my experience with NTUC Income recently. Some years ago I bought a Term Policy from them and it expired last month. I had been unemployed for some time, I decided that I should not take up a new policy to supersede the expire one. However I encountered some difficulty. They sent me repeated demand for payment. The way they put it is payment is due for my policy as if … [Read more...]

Resale flat in Sengkang or BTO flat in Bidadari?

Dear AK,  I have been reading your blog for quite sometime and have since taken a thought about financial prudence before any purchase.   I am in a dilemma to get a BTO or resale flat. Currently i have got a queue number to select for the recent Bidadari Bto however i have to wait for 4 years to get the flat.  My spouse do not have a house here and my parents place do not have enough … [Read more...]

Regret parting with CPF-OA savings 9 years ago.

Hi AK, I've been reading your blog recently and have been very inspired by the way you invest. I need to seek your advice for the Prudential units trust and SRS account I used my CPF-OA account to invest in the Prudential unit trusts 9 years ago whenmy insurance agent said that they will earn me more interest than the 2.5% interest CPF gave me. Fast forward 9 years now, my $80k … [Read more...]

Parents nudging 32 year old to buy private property.

Hi AK I have been reading your blog for a couple of years. Very inspiring. Thank you very much for talking to yourself. I have been talking to myself a lot lately but I couldn’t get to anywhere. Not sure how should i proceed, appreciate you could talk to yourself if you were in my shoes. I am a 32 yr old Singapore PR - currently stationed overseas but will be going back to Singapore for … [Read more...]

Why CPF only cares how much to take from our OA and SA?

The CPF is a tool which we should make good use of in planning retirement funding. How we make use of the tool depends on our circumstances. Just do what we feel comfortable with. As long as we are approximately right, we will do OK. Hey AK,  Thanks for sharing your thoughts although it can be very ambiguous and cryptic most of the time! I know how you are trying to not be made liable … [Read more...]

An incomplete analysis of OUE Limited.

I really enjoyed this email from a reader: Hi AK, I'm a long-time fan of your blog (around 5 years, I think!). I especially liked the back-of-the-envelope calculations you used to do when valuing stocks. I read your post on OUE as an asset play a few years back but only got around to evaluating it myself last week over the long weekend.  In OUE's latest financial report for 2Q 2015, … [Read more...]

Value Investing Mastery Course.

Last year, I blogged about BigFatPurse’s Value Investing Mastery Course (VIMC). This is a one day course and you can read about it: here. The idea is that instead of trying to invest like Warren Buffett, why not emulate Warren Buffett’s one time mentor, Benjamin Graham, instead. Benjamin Graham wrote the book on fundamental analysis called "Security Analysis". BigFatPurse have conducted over … [Read more...]

It is all about building pASSIve income.

"Evening with AK and friends" is mostly a Q&A session. Audience ask questions and AK with his guest panelists answer. Of course, we do not know everything but "don't know" is also an answer, right? I hear some readers now saying, "Heng ah! I never go!" Last night's "Evening with AK and friends" was, however, a lot of AK talking to himself. This was because I decided to find out quickly … [Read more...]

Buy term life insurance till age 65 or 99?

W: Hi AK. I asked my insurance agent about Term Life insurance after seeing the post on 1mil coverage on $41/mth. He suggested to me, "Bro, if u r looking at $1mil, might as well go for till age 99. It's more expensive but at least won't waste the premiums paid and most likely the sum assured will be payable." Can you advise me on whether to cover till 65 or 99? I'm 34 this year, married … [Read more...]

Use POSB Invest Saver as a war chest?

Hi Mr AK, I would like to ask whether do you have any past blog post regarding POSB Invest Savers scheme as I would like to apply for this scheme so I could save up with the allowances I will be receiving during my NS period. However, my concern is throughout the long run, lets say there is a recession and there are many good opportunities/companies to invest in and I would like to redeem … [Read more...]

Which REITs are in AK’s portfolio ?

Dear Ak, I have some question hope to seek your wisdom in the investing world. Hope that you would be patient with me. 1. May i know currently which REITZ are in your portfolio? 2. I am currently invested in Cache Logistic Trust, AimsAMP, SPH and SoilBuild Reitz, May i know which are in line with yours and the rest that are not in your portfolio, what are the downslide to them? 3. … [Read more...]

Get a bigger apartment with a baby on the way.

Hi , Would like to get your view on this plan that my Husband was thinking of. At the moment we are staying in a 1 bedder that belong to me that was bought in 2012. The original plan was to rent out this place but ended up stayed in after our marriage. Both of us SPR. As I am expecting , we have to make plans for the future. My hubby has not own any property in Sg and he was thinking to buy … [Read more...]

Thoughts on preparing for (early) retirement.

Hi AK, We have seen many old retirees becoming aimless in their life and it’s becoming a waiting game. I can understand for many, they have little money after retired and for some, they are rich enough but their life evolve around having dinner with a few friends and family members, travelling around as long as they are healthy enough. Nothing meaningful and to fill their time, some even … [Read more...]

Confused and wondering what to do with $500K yearly.

Reader: I read your blog and have a few queries on houses and all. Might be a long post. Im would like your help to see whether u can talk to yourself? Hhahaah My wife and i are grateful we have a few businesses giving us very decent cashflow. We rent small and manageable house(follow rule of 15) and have abt 200k in stocks and a good allocation for gold and silver. Where im stuck … [Read more...]

PREH is likely to continue trading at a big discount.

My experience with Perennial Real Estate Holdings (PREH) started from its days as Perennial China Retail Trust (PCRT). PREH has a portfolio consisting mostly properties in China in terms of asset value (75%) and the balance being properties in Singapore. Some numbers: NAV/share= $1.68 Gearing= 0.45x EPS=6.88c At 90c a share, we are looking at a PE ratio of about 13x. I believe … [Read more...]