Invested in Guocoland with Mr. Quek Leng Chan.

I am going to pre-empt a response to this blog and say that although I am known more as an investor for income, I also invest in stocks which are not for the purist income investor. To my regular readers, this would be quite apparent in many instances. So, by revealing that I bought intoGuocoland recently would not surprise them. Guocoland is a developer with businesses in Singapore, … [Read more...]

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT is a fine investment for income.

This was a recent chat with a reader: Reader: 30 32 tuas west road and 8 10 tuas ave 20 are so close to the upcoming tuas west road MRT station! AK: Yes! I saw it for myself 🙂 Reader: u took a look during your site visit? AK: During the tour they gave me 🙂 Reader: haha. hard to get the … [Read more...]

Improving retirement funding adequacy for my father.

To have aged parents is our good fortune. However, they could be a drain on our financial resources if they do not have adequate savings to fund their golden years. Add to this the greater possibility of being stricken by illnesses which require hospitalization or even long term medical care, we could have a very stressful situation on hand. In recent years, I have been suggesting that we … [Read more...]

When can gambling make more than investing?

Reader: hello AK, just curious and wanting to understand further your thought process on HLS. Would knowing about the bumper dividend have changed your decision? I assume the announcement wasn't made yet when you sold. AK: Alamak. This is like asking me if I can see the future... Not a meaningful question 😉 Reader: hahahaha clearly I didn't give a good illustration put it another way, … [Read more...]

Take that dream job and take on more risk?

This was my reply to a reader's email: Hi L, If you remember, I have a blog that says unless we are rich, be pragmatic, not romantic. Most of us have to work, exchanging our time and energy for pay. If we are not financially secure, then, we might have to forgo that dream job which does not have a predictable income. Having a predictable income stream provides peace of mind which is … [Read more...]

Get 14% return on investment per annum.

Reader: Hi AK, I am glad to chance upon your blog recently and is currentlu busy reading up on the various blog post which is quite informative. I recently came across a website which was featured in (a popular personal finance blog) which indicates returns of investment up to 14% through P2P lending to SMEs. I am in the process of checking if these are guaranteed returns which i highly doubt … [Read more...]

AA REIT, Soilbuild REIT and VIVA Industrial Trust.

Reader: may I check with you about AIMS AMP. Its DPU for last 2 quarters have been dropping. But you seem very optimistic about it. Do you think things will get better? AK: Management is very important. There is little they can do about headwinds But you have to compare it against other industrial REITs and you will see it shines Rather than acquiring more properties to boost DPU, AA … [Read more...]

DPU plunged at Keppel DC REIT.

Reader: Just wondering if you are familiar with Keppel DC Reit? I bought into it some time ago, lured in by its 'good potential', but as of last dividend payout, it's one of those cases where NPI went up but DPU dropped by 20%. Not an encouraging sign. But the company presentation said that things will get better because income from its new acquisition will 'kick in' by next payout. However … [Read more...]

Online shopping, retail S-REITs and Starhill Global REIT.

Online shopping is gaining strength rapidly and even an IT dinosaur like AK buys stuff online. From my own experience, I would say that online shopping is attractive because of two factors: 1. Convenience. Delivered to my home with either very competitively priced delivery fee or free delivery. 2. Cheaper. For the same item, I have saved as much as 30% buying online than buying in a brick … [Read more...]

Understated gains from Saizen REIT.

For a while, I have suspected that ASSI has stalkers but the following can only happen because this stalker happens to be a friend. If he were just any other reader, I would freak out. Reader: I believe you made in mistake calculating your gains from Saizen.  Just letting you know. You see if you want to amend. "How much space is enough?" AK: I checked the numbers again. You are … [Read more...]

How much did AK make from Saizen REIT?

Dear AK, I just started following your blog this year. So many gems! Thanks for resharing your Saizen REIT blog post from 2015 on Facebook. It just tells me how much more I have to read in your archives! I might regret asking this but how much money did you make from your investment in Saizen REIT? AK: Don't worry, you can ask. I won't bite your head off. Whether I give you the … [Read more...]

Made $14K a month and struggling at 48 years old.

Reader: This one worth a share man. Financial prudence - 14K a mth former banker and struggling at 48yo. Pity him anot? AK: OMG! Reader:  14k per mth I think exclude bonus lah AK: Sigh. Banker somemore. Should know better. Reader: Master in Financial Engineering … [Read more...]

Missed selling APTT at higher price.

Hi Mr. AK, I like when you say all investments are good at the right price. I also follow you to buy APTT when it was 38c. Thank you. I just found out you sold end of last month. The price now 43c. I missed the chance to sell at 49.5c. Do you think I should sell at 43c? I am not blaming you but I only read your blogs on stocks. I missed the sell on APTT at high price because it … [Read more...]

Ascott REIT’s mega discounted rights issue.

Hi AK With the recent rights issue of Ascott reit, i read that the DPU and NAV per unit will most likely drop after this event. Can you share your thoughts about this(the reason for this rights issue)? Declining DPU. Source: HERE. Hi AY, I don't like Ascott Residence Trust. I don't have this. They are always raising funds but I don't see performance improving. If you … [Read more...]

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT levels up.

AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT (AA REIT) is probably one of the better run REITs in Singapore, creating value for unit holders in a sustainable manner and their recent action reaffirms my view. Most REITs are leveraged to some degree. Although leverage could magnify gains, in an environment of lacklustre growth and rising interest rates, too much leverage could spell trouble. I remember … [Read more...]

AK the born again teacher or a mental blogger?

Reader: I chanced upon your blog half a year ago and been following your every entry since then. In my free time, i try to read up your entries to get a grasp of what we can do to improve our wealth and be financially independent. Articles such as contribution to CPF SA holds dearly to my heart as it means the earlier we transfer from OA (of course living a portion for hdb flat payment) to SA … [Read more...]

OUE C-REIT will see DPU declining.

Back in 2014, when OUE C-REIT had its IPO, I warned that its gearing was too high and its distribution yield (which was financially engineered to be higher through income support given by the sponsor) was too low given its IPO price of 80c a unit. The IPO was a good deal for OUE Limited. Cheers!  Investing in REITs, we should be prepared for fund raising because they distribute most of their … [Read more...]

Sabana REIT could see a change for the better.

As we grow older, feelings of deja vu might become a bit more common. It is probably due to accumulated life experience or maybe the mind is just degenerating. Anyway, when I read that e-Shang Redwood Ltd (ESR) became a substantial unitholder in Sabana REIT about a week ago, I got a feeling of deja vu. ESR are the people who bought a majority stake in the manager of Cambridge Industrial … [Read more...]