Healthway Medical: Second quarter results

Healthway Medical announced that it has entered into agreements with twelve (12) medical and dental centres in Shanghai and Hangzhou. To operate and manage these facilities, an investment of RMB38m (or S$7.6m) is required over a period of three months. They hope to increase the number of facilities under management to more than twenty by end of this year. At the same time, Healthway Medical … [Read more...]

First REIT: Nick’s analysis

I got to know Nick recently while chatting in Bully the Bear's cbox. I was so impressed with his analyses while chatting with him that I invited him to be a guest writer for my blog. I am sharing Nick's recent comments on First REIT in a proper post here: I like to post the following 2 research reports released after the 2Q Briefing. CIMB report is very interesting since there is … [Read more...]

Saizen REIT: Oversold.

Saizen REIT has been stuck at 16c for weeks. Nothing is happening and it is just a waiting game now.  However, it appears that most of the weaker holders have sold. The Bollinger bands have narrowed and the MAs are all flattening with the exception of the long term 200dMA which is still rising.  In fact, the 20d and 50d MAs have merged and flatlined at 16c. 16c could either become a very … [Read more...]

Saizen REIT: An update.

Saizen REIT has seemingly gone into hibernation.  For more than a month, its price has fluctuated between 16c and 16.5c. The daily MAs have all flatlined. Some may wonder if I am still interested in this REIT.  Well, I am still very much interested in this REIT.  It remains one of my top three investments in the stock market.  Regular readers of my blog would know that I believe it to be a … [Read more...]

FSL Trust: The skies are clearing up.

Price stayed above the 20dMA in the last three sessions. The 20dMA, currently at 38.5c, is now resistance turned support. I decided to look at the 20dEMA as well.  The EMA gives greater weightage to recent prices and could sometime explain why price could not move past a certain point in the short term.  The 20dEMA is at 39.5c and seeing the price closed at 40c in the last two sessions is … [Read more...]

CapitaMalls Asia: Weakening technicals

CapitaMalls Asia broke out of its symmetrical triangle on 16 Jun on higher volume. It then went on to break resistance provided by the declining 100dMA which coincided with the trendline resistrance on 21 Jun. It was not able to advance much further and I suggested looking at the 100dEMA which made it clear why it was so. In the last session, support was provided by the rising 20dMA and a … [Read more...]

Charts in brief: 16 Jun 2010.

Golden Agriculture: Price rose and met resistance at 55c as expected. The falling 50dMA and 100dMA both approximate 55c which makes this a strong resistance.  If this could be taken out, we could likely see a target of 57.5c which is where we find the 138.2% Fibo line.  This is also a gap resistance. AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT: The fourth gravestone doji in seven sessions.  21.5c is … [Read more...]

FSL Trust: A crisis or an opportunity?

I still have units of FSL Trust which were bought at an average price of S$1.00 per unit. By any stretch of imagination, I cannot foresee FSL Trust trading at S$1.00 per unit in the next few years, if ever. I have kept these units in a frozen portfolio together with a few other stocks to remind myself of the mistakes I made. As FSL Trust enjoyed a recovery in unit price and was trading at an … [Read more...]

Create more passive income with limited capital

I have blogged about how Warren Buffet is a "know something" investor whereas I started out as a "know nothing" investor to being a "know a bit more" investor and, now, a "know a bit more than a bit" investor. Warren Buffet buys a lot of something which he thinks is a winner whereas for the rest of us it seems that diversification is the way to go. See: Excuse me, are you an … [Read more...]

Do not fear the selldown

It is safe to say that there is a lot of fear in the air. Palpable? Almost. What are we to do? Well, I am sure everyone has his or her own opinion as to the best strategy in such a situation. Maybe, I shouldn't be so sure. So, what do I think? Well, I have been sharing my thoughts in this blog and what I now think is largely the same as before. For a stock which is clearly in a downtrend, sell … [Read more...]

STI at 2,425 points?

What we have is a sea of red.  Sentiments have not been so bearish in a long time as the HSI sank below 20,000 points.  I continue to believe that any rebound that comes along in the near future should be an opportunity to reduce exposure in the stock market. This is more so for stocks which are clearly in a downtrend. Having said that, the STI is holding up rather well under all the selling … [Read more...]

Saizen REIT: 3Q FY2010 Results.

A good set of numbers overall for Saizen REIT. The only thorn in its side remains the CMBS for YK Shintoku which it defaulted on late last year. Key points for me: 1. Saizen REIT's properties are all Freehold and not Leasehold. So, there is no "depreciation" which some investors might be concerned about. 2. Occupancy rates have been consistently above 90% even through the financial … [Read more...]

What are investors to do in a downtrend?

I am a long only investor. I do not short the market. The blogmaster of Time to Huat has taken pains to explain to me that short sellers are necessary in the market. I understand the theory but I am still a long only investor. Using CapitaMalls Asia as a case study, I am reminding myself of what I should be doing and hope that this post is useful to other like minded investors. I stopped … [Read more...]

Looking For Value

After learning TA, I tried applying it and I have made and lost money. I think I am not very good as a trader since I must have lost more than I made. My roots are in FA but it was only during this recent crisis that I beefed it up. I believe that my current style of combining FA and TA is most suitable for me. The thing about FA is that we are looking for value. We want to buy something … [Read more...]

Replies from AK71: REITs and their assets.

On REITs and their assets (in Portfolio strategy: Undervalued high yield counters, 22 Feb 10): "REITs are Real Estate Investment Trusts. Their assets are real estate. Real estate don't depreciate per se. "Real estate's values would go through ups and downs with the forces of supply and demand which could be linked to the business cycle as well. So, the value of a REIT's assets would be … [Read more...]

Avoiding the memory effect

Human beings remember well things which are particularly unpleasant or particularly pleasant.  In short, human beings remember extremes very well.  However, as investors, we really have to stay level headed and be in tune with the present, the current reality, and not let the past shackle us. For example, I have a friend who bought a few hundred lots of Healthway Medical's shares when it … [Read more...]

Charts in brief: 12 April 10.

CapitaMalls Asia: No follow through on what had seemed like a promising up day in the previous session as a wickless black candle was formed today. It is reasonable to assume from today's action that this counter is trapped in a narrow range between $2.33 and $2.28. When everyone finally tires of looking at the charts, this counter might just surprise on the upside. Golden Agriculture: A … [Read more...]

Wealth Buch and Saizen REIT.

There are many blogs about personal finance and investing in cyberspace and I have been lucky to have befriended som e of the blog masters in the last three months.  One blog master whom I have enjoyed chatting with is the blog master of Wealth Buch, JW. JW was initially sceptical about Saizen REIT but after some persuasion from me, he looked at the numbers. With his permission, I am … [Read more...]

CapitaMalls Asia: A late reversal?

I spent a few hours in Ion Orchard today shopping with a friend who just moved into his new home.  Always nice to shop for things for a new home and watching someone else spend money.  It's a very therapeutic experience without any real damage to my own wallet.  What was an eye opener was the crowd at Ion Orchard.  The place was CROWDED! I have a knack for catching bits of conversations of … [Read more...]