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Average Cost Price (SGD) % of Portfolio STI ETF 2.78 24.79% DBS 15.00 19.21% SGX 6.99 12.57% Jumbo 0.54 11.67% Far East Orchard 1.52 8.37% Cash – 23.38% After much consideration, I’ve decided to reveal the current holdings in my portfolio. My portfolio is a low five-figure sum, which I have accumulated from my savings, National Service allowance and working part-time jobs. I started investing in mid-2015, while I was in National Service. Looking back, mid-2015 was probably the worst time to start, as the markets began to decline due to the sharp fall in oil prices and fears...

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I have been monitoring Jumbo’s stock for the past few months. After a spectacular run up since its IPO, Jumbo’s share price hit an all time high of $0.79 earlier this year. At that point, Jumbo stock was trading at a P/E ratio of 30, which reflected the market’s strong optimistic sentiment, along with expectations that Jumbo would continue to report strong growth in its earnings. After two quarters of reporting flat earnings, Jumbo’s share price has tumbled to a 52-week low of $0.53. This shows us how emotion driven the market can be in the short term –...

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1) Divested NetLink Trust¬†at $0.805, because I expected the cessation of the stabilising purchases to have an adverse impact on the share price, similar to HRnetGroup two months ago. However, on hindsight, this was a speculative decision and probably shouldn’t have been a strong reason to exit, given that the fundamentals haven’t changed and NetLink’s dominant position in the fibre broadband market. Since my divestment, NetLink’s share price has risen by around 4-5%. The strong performance recently can probably¬†be attributed to expectations that the pace of rate hikes will be slowed, which benefits high dividend yielding stocks, as well...

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