Recent Action – Comfortdelgro


Just wanted to do a quick update on Comfort recent quarter results and also some activities regarding Comfortdelgro in my portfolio. I bought Comfortdelgro back in Feb at an average price of $2.42 and managed to divest the shares on the 9th May at $2.73 for a profits of 13% (inclusive of dividend). I bought back the same shares back on the 15th May after they announced their results at $2.55, … [Read more...]

Dividend Income Updates – Q2 FY2017


It's the time of the year again where I try to tabulate all the dividend income received in the quarter and see where I stand in terms of passive income cashflow. I am terming it as passive income because it's the closest to passive as I can get. Naturally it means having the management takes good care of the company and then we reap in the rewards as a shareholders of what's left in the … [Read more...]

Featured – Me & My Money Series & Thoughts

I've been a big fan of reading the investing section of the "Me & My Money Series" for a very long time. Hence, I was grateful and honored to be invited over for the interview feature which you can refer to the link here. I'd also like to use this chance to thank in particular Rachael and Chee Siong for their hard work and professionalism. They've been a very nice personnel to work with … [Read more...]

My Thought Process When Selecting Reits

Previously, I wrote an article on my thought process when selecting stocks in general and how I would deconstruct the required return I need by segregating them into X + Y + Z when putting my thinking cap. If you miss them, you can refer to the article here. Once in a while, I try to dissipate what I have in my mind, especially knowing they are so disorganized up there and I am trying to … [Read more...]

Vicom – Q1 FY17 Results & My Thoughts

I used to update Vicom results on my spreadsheet until I got lazy last year after I divested the shares.That's the problem when you have no vested interest in the company. You started losing track of its progress by simply flipping through the quarterly results but didn't really track at the numbers.So here I am restarting my update to the numbers on my spreadsheet since I have the time to do so … [Read more...]

Passive Income Allows You to Work Smarter, Not Harder


My dad was one of my inspiration that gets me to where I am today.We were taught from young to grow up and become a doctor, lawyer or pilot. I was reading my son's book the other day and saw the same first few profession being taught and ingrained into his mind.I recalled when I was young and my teacher would require me to complete the form and in that field I had to put my dad's occupation. I … [Read more...]

Guest Post – Will QAF Rise Again?


Today, we have the honor of having Calvin from the InvestingNote to analyse for us the business of QAF Limited.QAF is one of the stocks I personally used to own in the past but decided to let it go due to some business difficulties in Australia as far as I can rememberBrief backgroundQAF Limited (SGX: Q01) is a leading multi-industry food company with operations primarily in Singapore, … [Read more...]

8 Signs We Are In A Bullish Environment


Stock market worldwide has been enjoying a good year in 2017 so far and seems like it will trigger investor's happy come Dec later this year.It is quite clear that we are rather in a bullish environment, at least from the sentiments point of view when we see how stock markets perform globally.I'm going to throw randomly 8 signs that I see recently that substantiates why I feel we are in this … [Read more...]

Staycation @ Hotel Jen Tanglin [Hotel Review]


The long weekend is here and our family was raring for some great activities getaway together. Unfortunately, as our baby boy little Oliver was only 3 months old, we could not plan for a hectic overseas trip.Staycation next came to mind, as we spent our time together at the newly refurbished 4 Star Hotel Jen at Tanglin.Hotel Jen Tanglin is conveniently located alongside Orchard Road, to be … [Read more...]

My CPF Nomination Experience


I've been wanting to do nomination for my CPF account for a very long time but has always procrastinate on laziness. Last week, when a group of us are chatting about it in the chatgroup, I quickly made a decision to book for an appointment and I went down to the center during lunch hour. *Do note that an appointment is highly recommended as otherwise the waiting time could be up to 2 … [Read more...]

CDLHT – Q1 FY2017 Results & Thoughts


CDLHT announces its Q1 results this morning which was reasonable well received. NPI and DPU are up 6.4% and 9% respectively as a result of higher contribution from the New Zealand due to higher rental variable component that contributes to the stronger performance. Trading conditions in other parts of the market like Singapore, Japan, UK, Australia and Maldives remain competitive and … [Read more...]

Child Portfolio – "Apr 17 – SG Transactions & Portfolio Update"


We celebrated my elder son 3rd birthday during the weekend and thought I'd do my usual annual update on his portfolio on his birthday. As part of the annual exercise, I'd try to top up his equity position by giving him presents in the form of stock shares, which would help him compound over his years of growing up. Given that Singtel has been dropping recently, I added 300 shares of Singtel … [Read more...]

Micro-Mechanics – DCF Analysis

I bought Micro-Mechanics for 15,000 shares at a share price of 86 cents back in Oct 2016 on the thesis of semi-conductor sector rebound and heading back into the upcycle momentum. The semi-conductor sector is cyclical in nature so it pays off big time if you can predict the bottoming and rebounding of the cycle. The same suffering goes if the prediction is wrong the other way round. The … [Read more...]

Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) AGM & Thoughts


I attended FEHT AGM this evening which was held at Orchard Parade Hotels.   I had quite a bit of hard time finding the hotel and had mistook it earlier for Orchard hotels which was just right opposite the premise. Thankfully I found it right on time, else I'd be late. It was my first AGM for 2017 that I had attended (3 more to come this and next week) so the usual procedure applies. … [Read more...]

Which Market Should I Invest In?


There has been a few times when I saw people asking which markets should they invest their hard earned money in. The questions have drawn mixed responses depending on the circumstances of the economic situation we are facing. The US market has generally drawn many interests because they have companies globally which has plenty of moats, while historically they have proven to trend up and … [Read more...]

I Surrendered My Whole Life Policy And Lose 80% Of My Capital


I thought this will be a good case study to look back on what I did recently at some point in the future. I would not call this a mistake that I did because I think the policy has served its purpose for the past 4 years which I no longer needed it anymore. Still, if there is a mistake to point out, it'll be that I'd be better off taking term back then. Well, time cannot be rewind, so I guess … [Read more...]

Selling The Idea of Passive Income – 2


Exactly a year ago, I wrote an article on the various miscellaneous ways to sell the idea of passive income to the retail public. The link to that article is here. In that article, I articulated the main gist of the conversation that I had with my colleagues regarding the way passive income works. It was a rather fascinating conversation in the dialogue because they were rather fascinated by … [Read more...]

How Our Brains Are Wired To Make Investment Decision

We often get questions either in person or email asking us on our thought process when making investment decision. I tried to explain on one of my articles back then here on how I generally consolidate my thoughts around what's needed to pass through an investment channel in my wired brain function before I put my money in a particular company. We have plenty of good bloggers in the … [Read more...]