Recent Action – Kingsmen & FY16 Results Review


Kingsmen announced their full year results late yesterday night which was anticipated to be bad. In my Q3 review, I anticipated their nopat to come in at $11 million by putting an assumption of 3.5% net margin based on the order book the company revealed. I was not far from that as the nopat comes in at $11.8 million with a net margin of 3.61%. Here are some of the highlights which came to … [Read more...]

My Personal Cashflow

Kyith wrote a good piece of information this morning (Link Here) regarding segregating the difference between balance sheet and cash flow/cash and connecting the dots between how we look at company the same way we tend to shape our very own lifestyle and finances. After reading the article, I am tempted to look deeper into my own cashflow because I don't track my income and expenses very … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Comfortdelgro


I've been on a rather buying spree this month. I think I needed to review my cash balance all over again to see how much I have left. I added Comfortdelgro this week by buying 11,000 shares at a share price of $2.43 (5,000 shares) and $2.41 (6,000 shares) on two different tranches. This is a company which I had to do my thesis presentation for my MBA corporate finance class about 3 years … [Read more...]

Recent Action – ISO Team


I bought 70,000 shares of ISO Team at a share price of 41 cents for a catalyst play. My previous catalyst play were for Noel Gifts and more recently Spackman and they have done considerably well. I hope this turns out equally good. Still, the risks are always pertinent there.The valuation based on TTM isn't actually cheap but I've always felt that positive earnings expectations will propel the … [Read more...]

FCL – Q1 FY17 Results & Thoughts

I initiated the purchase of this company not too long ago last Oct which I have written here. Since then, the company has dished out a dividend of 6.2 cents and are now sitting at around $1.60. The company announced its first set of results for FY17 yesterday and I will just take the highlight of what I see from the report. 1.) Npat for the quarter jumped up 90.1% year on year This will … [Read more...]

Child Portfolio – "Feb 17 – SG Transactions & Portfolio Update"

I usually try to update this twice a year - one after the Chinese new year and another during their birthday month.   I also try to make this update as consistent as possible every year to discipline myself of the intention I had from the start because I know this could easily be brushed aside once more important things came up and took over. It has obviously less importance at this stage but it … [Read more...]

Sabana Reit Is My Top Performing Investment In 2017


Sabana Reit is probably one of the most deafening and worst performing Reits we have listed in the SGX market. There has been so much recent news surrounding the company that it appears there are many uncertainties on its future. I made my initiation purchase on Sabana (Link Here) just last month and to date it has been my top performing counter ahead of any other companies with current … [Read more...]

Hospital Delivery Charges

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posting in recent weeks as I was busy attending to my wife's baby delivery at the hospital for the past few days. I am going to document this post for my future reference and for anyone who wishes to know about the charges involved. This is not meant to be used for comparison or competition purposes so I have to make that as disclaimer stand. For the … [Read more...]

CDLHT – Q4 FY2016 Results & Thoughts

This is one of my biggest holding position so I thought I should write my thoughts on their latest results. If you just browse through their results on a glance, you should see flat results for Q4 thinking that they are doing better. They are actually not and the same issues surrounding the Singapore and Maldives market continue to languish them low. Having said that, I do see some stability in … [Read more...]

Eminence Cufflinks – Dress For Success


I don't usually shop much these days, unlike in the past where I often drew up my wardrobe full of nice shirts and pants and planned onto what to wear for each days of the week. The few things I do still have a weak spot on however is accessories and this covers the likes of belts, watches and cufflinks. A few days ago, the Marketing Director from Eminence Cufflinks … [Read more...]

My Career Story – Past, Now & Future

For the past 6 years I have been blogging, I have not really talked about how I transition my career growth from one to the next. It is not because that I had purposefully avoided them, but rather there is no impending urge to think and reflect about how I had transitioned from each stage to the next. I had mentioned several times in my post about how important human capital is in the … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Sabana Reit


I made my first transaction for 2017 that I've monitored for quite some time. Sabana Reit is probably one of the most hated Reits in the whole universe of S-reits at the moment. And they are rightfully so. Investors who has been with them since the IPO has seen the share price go up to as high as $1.3+ before plunging all the way down to today's post-rights price of around $0.34. I was … [Read more...]

2nd Chance Properties On Issuance of Bonus Warrants


The management of 2nd Chance Properties announced a proposed bonus issue of free warrants on the basis of One bonus Warrant for every One existing ordinary share to the shareholders. The size of the bonus warrants issued is as much as the paid-up share capital of the company, which is currently at 755,396,152. The enlarged capital would immediately be double of that size should all the proposed … [Read more...]

Sniffing Opportunities in 2017


The market has only been trading for about 3 days since we enter 2017 and it has been on a strong run upwards. The STI for instance, has increased by about 70 points for the last 3 days and it looks like it will continue to surge higher upwards. They are still reasonably cheap by historical standards and it does looks like valuation will revert back to the mean even when gdp and earnings … [Read more...]

2016 Review & 2017 New Year Resolution‏


This week is reflection period as we clocked down 2016 to the last day of the year. Personal Objective is always something personal which I look back from time to time to see where the indication of the goal is. They are not exhaustive by any measure but they give a direction to where I wanted to focus during the year. I tried to do this at least once every 6 months to see where the progress … [Read more...]

Recent Action – LMIRT


This will be a quick update on my latest addition to the portfolio as I tried to allocate some capital from the profits made on Spackman sold this week. I added 80,000 shares of LMIRT at a price of $0.37. My rough calculation tells me that's about 9% yield on the dividend. People who know me knows that I used to work as an employee there so I'd probably not talk too much about the specifics … [Read more...]

2016 XIRR Portfolio Return and Key Takeaways

I always do this every year just to quickly see where I stand beside the benchmark, which in this case is the STI ETF. XIRR is not an exhaustive measure for performance because it depends on many various factors, such as whether it includes cash. Mine did not include cash consideration otherwise it would have been a lot lower. A low XIRR in one particular year also does not mean that you are a … [Read more...]