How Our Brains Are Wired To Make Investment Decision

We often get questions either in person or email asking us on our thought process when making investment decision. I tried to explain on one of my articles back then here on how I generally consolidate my thoughts around what's needed to pass through an investment channel in my wired brain function before I put my money in a particular company. We have plenty of good bloggers in the … [Read more...]

$500K – Second Milestone Target Reached


This is an important milestone for me to journal so I could look back in the few years to come to see where I am today. It's importance means so much to me that I think it deserves an article of its own. The last time I hit my first milestone of $250k (Link Here) was back in April 2014, where coincidentally I had my first son born on the exact same day. So many things have happened since then … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Far East Hospitality Trust

I've been in a rather busy and heavy month transacting a few recent buys and sells. I'll consolidate my purchase and sells in my next portfolio update shortly. Today, I've added 40,000 shares of Far East Hospitality Trust (FEHT) at a price of 59 cents into the portfolio. My original intention was to accumulate more CDLHT shares but on second thought as it is currently already my top … [Read more...]

Recent Action – UOL


This will be a quick update on the portfolio as I added 3,000 shares of UOL at a price of $7.04. I added this company right after the cooling measures was announced a couple of days ago, which I believe has brought the sentiments of the market into a different direction. Hence, this purchase was more of a momentum play than anything else. Whilst the relaxation measures for the seller's stamp … [Read more...]

What Bruce Greenwald Thinks of Current Market Valuation


Bruce Greenwald is one of the renowned professor of finance at the Columbia University and is personally one of my favorite personnel. Back late in Dec 2014, I've read books about him and tried to understand and replicate his financial modeling of the Earnings Power Value (EPV) method in great detail. You can read my past articles here if you are interested in the EPV method for valuation. It … [Read more...]

Kimly Limited IPO – Should You Be Getting This?


There's a new IPO in town and it's not any stranger to most neighborhood folks who have heard of the brand. Kimly Limited is inviting man on the street to become part of the shareholders by opening a total of 173,800,000 new shares which comprises of 170,000,000 placement and 3,800,000 public tranche at an offer of $0.25 for each share. Indicative Timetable About The … [Read more...]

Ascott announced rights issue of ratio of 29 units for every 100 existing shares

Ascott Residence Trust announced that it is undertaking a renounceable rights issue to raise a gross proceeds of $442.7 million to make an acquisition of 3 properties. The rights was issued at 29 units for every 100 existing shares at a price of $0.919, which is a 21.5% discount from the last traded price of $1.17. The theoretical ex-rights price would be $1.11. This came a bit too fast and … [Read more...]

Taking a Concept Out From Everyday’s Life

These days I have been focusing my time on teaching my son things that he needs to learn at this stage. On days when I am working from home or on leave, I would walk him to school as it is only opposite our home. One of the important things I started teaching him was crossing the road and the green man cue he should be looking out for. The idea was simple. If it's a green man, he can cross. And … [Read more...]

Dividend Income Updates – Q1 FY2017


All my companies have finished reporting their earnings which means I can already tabulate my dividend income figure for the quarter. Dividend income has been one of my main objective I wanted to achieve for this year because in the past the strategy I took was rather different than what I had done in recent times. I had my reasons for doing so and know what I'm doing so it's not a moment of … [Read more...]

Ireit Global – FY16 Results & Thoughts


Ireit Global announced their full year results expectedly much better with a 20.8% yoy increase in the DPU to 6.33 cents for FY16. At the current share price of 75 cents, this represents a dividend yield of 8.5%. Do also note that from FY17 onwards the management can exercise their discretion to distribute up to 90%, so they might just reduce the level of distribution. Gross Revenue and Net … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Kingsmen & FY16 Results Review


Kingsmen announced their full year results late yesterday night which was anticipated to be bad. In my Q3 review, I anticipated their nopat to come in at $11 million by putting an assumption of 3.5% net margin based on the order book the company revealed. I was not far from that as the nopat comes in at $11.8 million with a net margin of 3.61%. Here are some of the highlights which came to … [Read more...]

My Personal Cashflow

Kyith wrote a good piece of information this morning (Link Here) regarding segregating the difference between balance sheet and cash flow/cash and connecting the dots between how we look at company the same way we tend to shape our very own lifestyle and finances. After reading the article, I am tempted to look deeper into my own cashflow because I don't track my income and expenses very … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Comfortdelgro


I've been on a rather buying spree this month. I think I needed to review my cash balance all over again to see how much I have left. I added Comfortdelgro this week by buying 11,000 shares at a share price of $2.43 (5,000 shares) and $2.41 (6,000 shares) on two different tranches. This is a company which I had to do my thesis presentation for my MBA corporate finance class about 3 years … [Read more...]

Recent Action – ISO Team


I bought 70,000 shares of ISO Team at a share price of 41 cents for a catalyst play. My previous catalyst play were for Noel Gifts and more recently Spackman and they have done considerably well. I hope this turns out equally good. Still, the risks are always pertinent there.The valuation based on TTM isn't actually cheap but I've always felt that positive earnings expectations will propel the … [Read more...]

FCL – Q1 FY17 Results & Thoughts

I initiated the purchase of this company not too long ago last Oct which I have written here. Since then, the company has dished out a dividend of 6.2 cents and are now sitting at around $1.60. The company announced its first set of results for FY17 yesterday and I will just take the highlight of what I see from the report. 1.) Npat for the quarter jumped up 90.1% year on year This will … [Read more...]

Child Portfolio – "Feb 17 – SG Transactions & Portfolio Update"

I usually try to update this twice a year - one after the Chinese new year and another during their birthday month.   I also try to make this update as consistent as possible every year to discipline myself of the intention I had from the start because I know this could easily be brushed aside once more important things came up and took over. It has obviously less importance at this stage but it … [Read more...]

Sabana Reit Is My Top Performing Investment In 2017


Sabana Reit is probably one of the most deafening and worst performing Reits we have listed in the SGX market. There has been so much recent news surrounding the company that it appears there are many uncertainties on its future. I made my initiation purchase on Sabana (Link Here) just last month and to date it has been my top performing counter ahead of any other companies with current … [Read more...]