Assigning Each Significance To An Event


There is a pretty good article which I read this morning and wanted to share. We can relate this to our daily activities, individual agenda and even personal finance. They become so relevant in our daily lives that we have almost always taken it for granted. The below X and Y axis graph will detailed everything in a nutshell. Suzy Welch adopted the 10 / 10 / 10 rule when making decisions … [Read more...]

Reits Get Trumped!!!


It's just been 4 days since Trump was elected as the new President and he's done what the current term politicians cannot do in 8 years, i.e increase inflation. Trump policies are pro-growth businesses and it is forecast that inflation and interest rates will rise in tandem accordingly. This is probably the main reason why defensive counters like telcos, utilities and reits are getting … [Read more...]

Kingsmen – Q3 FY16 Results Review


Everyone should be glued to the track running of the presidential election in today’s market, which Trump eventually won, hence there are little focus on results elsewhere. Anyway, it’s been a while since I last reviewed my position on Kingsmen, so thought I will do a quick throw on my thoughts. Q3 is generally not their strongest quarter, which is why you can see that the bottomline is … [Read more...]

US Market Record 9 Consecutive Losing Streak

The S&P 500 could be on the way to make a record history by Monday should it record another losses. The longest streak was 9 consecutive losses when it happened in the 1980 when the index dropped by about 9%. We are about to witness another pivotal moment in the history of the US market when they will announce a new President in just a couple more days. From an investor's point of view, the … [Read more...]

Recent Action – CDL Hospitality Trust


I've had a rather busy week so I didn't update much about the transactions which I've made for this week. I made quite a few of them and I will update them in my next portfolio updates. I added 7,000 shares of CDL Hospitality Trust at $1.31 after the company announces its third quarter results on Friday morning. This is something which I've kept in my watchlist for quite some time and failed … [Read more...]

My Thought Process When Selecting Stocks

I've been wanting to write on this for some time but find it incredibly difficult to organize my thoughts and do so. When I saw fellow bloggers write about their thought process on their preference and methodology on selecting stocks, it helps a lot because there are so many ways and path that we can reach to Rome. - Azrael talks about his method of valuing stocks using fundamental … [Read more...]

Why Is Accordia Golf Trust Not Acquiring Assets From Its Sponsors

I shared in the recent session sharing last week that there is beauty for Reits to grow through organic and inorganic means even though they are mandated to pay out most of their earnings to shareholders as dividends. I also spoke about how the role of the management becomes very important because their competency will determine the direction of the Reits. There are good Reits around that is … [Read more...]

Recent Action – FCL


A quick update to the recent movement I have in my portfolio. I managed to get through the queue by buying 10,000 shares of FCL at a share price of $1.48. Selling pressure has been strong in recent weeks, and we can see again that today it closes with a rather huge volume, given the low liquidity this counter have. The Group is gaining momentum with building up a guardian of their industrial … [Read more...]

Am I On Target To Achieve Financial Independence By 35?

The last time I did a review on this was back in 2014 (here) so it's been a while since then. I started writing this blog in Dec 2011 where the objective is to document the journey towards the path to financial independence at the age of 35. I gave myself a stretch 10 years goal where I'd like to be by the time I am 35 years old. You can see them below. Original Projection … [Read more...]

IREIT To Expand Beyond German Properties


Readers would know that Ireit is currently my biggest position in the portfolio so I do look out for their news. Earlier this year in May, there was an announcement for sale of the manager to Tikehau Investment Management which brings quite a bit of question marks as to what is going to happen should the sale go through. Yesterday, there was an updated announcement to conclude the sale for … [Read more...]

Creating Our Own Happiness

Happiness is indispensable to those who seek them. Everyone has their own definition of what constitutes happiness for them. For instance, my 2 year old son creates his own happiness by playing with his toys and casually biting me. It hurts physically for me but it makes him happy. He is also happy when we get together as a family spending quality time. The world is a beautiful place.  In … [Read more...]

6 October 2016 – Building Cash Flow From Stocks


This is a shout-out to readers who wished to know more about how to build a passive stream of cash-flow from stock investing and what are the required details to look out for. On the 6th October 2016 (Thursday), BIGSCRIBE will be organizing a seminar where there will be presentations and open discussions where there will be a couple of financial bloggers on the panelist to share any of the … [Read more...]

Looking Back Is Always Easier Than Prospecting Future Events


The recent news surrounding Swiber default case and Marco Polo potentially operating as a going concern have led many financial bloggers to pen their views on the matter. Many have condemned the act of investing in such companies or asset structure because they seemed "dangerous" or "unsustainable" and the bloggers have come out strong to make their point on the importance of having a sound … [Read more...]

Recent Action – Singtel


The market continues to wobble down today as it hits a level of 2,800 before bouncing back a little. I took a chance to nibble some shares of Singtel which I bought at $3.85 for 3,000 shares. My plan was to stock up some purchases when the index hits a level of 2,800 as part of my nibbling strategy and Singtel quickly came to my attention because of the various decent factors which I met … [Read more...]

The Evolution Of Personal Portfolio Management


Portfolio management is one of the most important success factor when it comes to personal finance. As we move through different stages of life, we tend to do different things, pick up certain knowledge and set various goals. Because of the psychology involved, endless changes and unknown factor of the market dynamics, it becomes a very interesting chapter where there is always something to … [Read more...]

Beware The Dark Side Of Compounding


This is going back to the basics 101. All of us are aware why compounding is one of the wonders of the world. By now, most investors would have known the effect of compounding over time and how they can exponentially grow their wealth to incredible amount, if done correctly. Compounding returns which are positive year after year feels great, especially in an environment where the market … [Read more...]

Dividend Income Updates – Q3 FY2016


This is a compilation of my Q3 quarterly update for this year. The previous 2 quarters can be found here and here. The theme for this post will be outsourcing and we will look into how we can do that to our advantage. There are many companies that are outsourcing their transaction or operational tasks to a cheaper location. The objective is very clear – to achieve an overall costs … [Read more...]