Becoming Wealthy Is Really That Simple, But It’s Not Easy

A prevailing belief held by many people is that there is some great secret to becoming wealthy. If you could just discover that secret, or find the “trick” to it, you could become wealthy. Few people realize, though, that the simple “basics” are all you need to build wealth. That said, the reason so many people fail is that simple does not mean easy. Simple Actions that Lead to … [Read more...]

Sunday Times Series – "10 Year Savings Plan Pays Off"

Here is an article by the Sunday Times which I found to be interesting.The owner of Foord Asset Management, Mr Dave Foord, believes in investing for the long term so compound interest can work its magic.'Everybody can gain financial independence within 25 to 35 years,' he said.'It's possible to save and make money. The hardest part is the first 10 years to get enough capital.'With that capital, it … [Read more...]

Introducing Global Stock – TELEFONICA S.A (TEF)

I have been monitoring for these two global stocks with high dividend play yield, France Telecom (FTE) and Telefonica (TEF). Today's post will bring us to Telefonica, the number one Spanish private telecommunicator company. Telefonica, S.A. provides fixed and mobile telephony services primarily in Spain, rest of Europe, and Latin America. Its fixed telecommunication services include PSTN lines; … [Read more...]

Determining market direction with VIX

VIX is a traditional symbol for a volatility index. It is a measured of the level of impled volatility, not a historical volatility, based on the S&P 500 market. This particular indicator is seen as a "investor fear gauge". In general, VIX starts to rise during times of financial distress (e.g we have seen VIX of 80 during the 2008 GFC and VIX of 45 during the recent Eurozone trouble) and … [Read more...]

Sometimes it’s not too bad of a thing to keep your money in a bank

I am sure many of us have encountered a time when we see an opportunity and wanting to buy it yet have insufficient funds readily available. As people becomes more financially educated, the first thing that they learnt is that by putting their money in a savings account in the bank, they are effectively losing its value due to inflation. For the records, inflation in Singapore are currently at … [Read more...]

Are Singapore property still affordable at this price?

A good read news from Channel News Asia :P Singapore property prices is still low and affordable with good rental yields. A 2 room BTO HDB flat only cost $100K and after grants only cost $40K. Even someone earning $1K a month can afford to buy one. After he buys, the resale value can easily rise to $200K after MOP. He is in the money by 5 times the initial cost of $40K. This is Singapore, a … [Read more...]

"I was cheap before frugal" – Classic

I was reading a post recently debating about the differences of being cheap and frugal and it does strikes a resembility between the two. (Let's skip "spendthrift" for a moment because it is a huge gap that we all can easily identify). Assuming you are buying over a pair of shoes which cost one at $100 and another at $40. Being "cheap" means that you will definitely choose the one with the … [Read more...]

"My Portfolio ending February 2012"

There has been a couple of transactions that I made in the month February as I tried to switch a couple of the shares I own and re-balance my portfolio. I sold 2/3 of my Yangzijiang and half of my CapmallAsia stocks and reinvest some of the money into Reits as I look to balance my portfolio with more cashflow. Linking my portfolio to soccer, the 4-5-1 formation is what I am seeking for in … [Read more...]

Which are harder – Selling a losing position or Exiting a winner

Investors need to realise that the way our human brain is wired makes selling a losing position as difficult as exiting a winner. So which do you think is more difficult....or are they both as equally difficult..We as humans are naturally greedy and for everything we want more. "The more the merrier" as many people say. When a stock is rising (especially in a bull run), you feel good about the … [Read more...]

~Added Fraser CenterPoint Trust (FCT) to my Portfolio~

I have sold off 17 out of my 23 lots of YangziJiang shares a couple of days ago, given that it has run up quite a lot these couple of days. The results are due in 1 March 2012 but just feel that I needed to get out of this shares as soon as possible as the market outlook is not very stable and I had majority of my funds locked in this particular share. I also sold off 1 lot of my CapmallTrust … [Read more...]

ST Engineering Results – 23 February 2012

Singapore, 23 February 2012 - Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today reported revenue for financial year ended 2011 (FY2011) of $5.99b, compared with $5.98b a year ago. Profit before tax (PBT) registered a 4% growth to $655.2m, while net profit grew steadily by 7% to $527.5m. In the fourth quarter, Group's revenue of $1.54b was higher than that achieved in 3Q2011 by 11% … [Read more...]

Which stage have you reached at this point in life?

To All dear friends, which stage have you reached at this point in your life? I think it is fair to say that all of us have gone through one kind of stage or another at our point in life. Others may stay in a particular stage for a long period of time while others move on quickly on to the next stage in the ladder. As we move up the ladder, we went through and accumulate experience after … [Read more...]

CapMallAsia & YangZiJiang did us proud today!!!

Today CapitalMallAsia and Yangzijiang did us proud. And I would like to dedicate this post to people who are vested with either of the stocks.Today was the first time CapMallAsia surged through ahead of my average price which makes me overwhelmed and surprised (that they are up 10% at one point near the closing bell). With results coming up this Friday, hope that CMA could continue to surge ahead … [Read more...]

"Why would I trade my asset with a liability" – JP Morgan CEO

A young and pretty lady posted this on a popular forum: I'm going to be honest of what I'm going to say here. I'm 25 this year. I'm very pretty, have style and good taste. I wish to marry a guy with $500k annual salary or above. You might say that I'm greedy, but an annual salary of $1M is considered only as middle class in New York. My requirement is not high. Is there anyone in this forum who … [Read more...]

Added CapitalMall Trust into my Portfolio

2 February 2012 - I added a small 2 lots of CapitalMall Trust into my portfolio. With Iluma renovation, JCube and the development of Jurong WestGate to be completed shortly, looks good to load for future upside potential. Will look to add further should there be any further downside. At 1.705, hopefully it'll be a good entry price :) Updated Portfolio - 2 February 2012 Counters No.of … [Read more...]

The importance of Investment Discipline and Dividend-paying shares

For some reasons, we humans like the adrenaline rush feeling running through our veins when it comes to entertainment, partying or investing. I went to the casino with a friend at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) this afternoon, only to find those people who are at the table emotionless...or rather motionless. There were a mix of youngsters (in their 20s) - including myself and the Ah-peks & Aunties … [Read more...]

Extra Income – How important is it??

In the past, having diverse sources of incomes gives people a backup to fall upon. However, in recent times, people are beginning to realize the importance of extra income as a means to realize your dream and goals earlier. Is it really important? Will it help you to achieve your financial goals earlier? Recently, I have been earning extra income from attending surveys and interviews. While … [Read more...]

Happy CNY STI Bull Run

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Dragon New Year as we heads into a turbulent 2012 cautiously. STI has run up an incredible 10% bull run since the beginning of the year and volume has been going up. With the STI almost touching the 3000 mark soon enough (if bull continues for the next couple of days), experienced vestors must have patient to wait for the right moment to enter … [Read more...]

CapitalMall Trust – 2011 Results

Good bluechip REITS to monitor. CapitaMall Trust Management Limited (CMTML), the manager of CapitaMall Trust (CMT), is pleased to announce that CMT has achieved net property income (NPI) of S$418.2 million for the period 1 January to 31 December 2011 (FY2011). This is 4.8% higher than the NPI for Full Year 2010 (FY2010). Distribution per unit (DPU) for FY2011 was 9.371 cents, compared to FY2010 … [Read more...]