REITs: The Main Types of REITs You Will Find

Most equity or fixed-income portfolios would usually contain REITs. They are often seen as a good tool to spread your risk and increase the potential returns of your investments. REITs offer the advantage of generating dividend income, as well as capital appreciation. This makes them a nice addition to a portfolio made of bonds, cash and stock. REITs are companies that owns and operates … [Read more...]

We Need Angel Investors In Singapore


I have a mechanical engineering degree but I have never done an engineering job. I have never thought that I would be an entrepreneur but I became one. BigFatPurse is almost 3 years old and I must say it has been a good and lucky ride thus far. Being an entrepreneur has taught me to count my blessings more readily. Just as I thought that I would never touch engineering again, BigFatPurse … [Read more...]

Debunking the “Safe Instruments for Retirement” Myth


MOST statements in life, when repeated often enough, will be taken as the indisputable truth. This is especially the case if our general, everyday observations sort of suggest that the statements are right. Few will stop to question their validity – what are the assumptions embedded in those statements, who made those statements and to what purpose, have robust tests been done to verify claims … [Read more...]

How To Invest At Different Life Stages


Investing is a lifelong process. Over the long run, the earlier you get started, the better you will be. It is best to begin investing and saving as soon as you first start to earn money. With that said, it is never too late to start. Cultivating savings habits is the initial step in having a successful investment strategy. You should be contributing to an investment or savings account on a … [Read more...]

Why Long Term Investing Provides Higher Success Rates


“Invest long term” is the what we usually hear from the successful investors. However, what does it mean to ‘invest long term’? Why is long-term investing better compared to short-term investing? Today, we explore these questions. What is ‘Long Term’? Everyone has a slightly varying definition for the term ‘long term’. For investors, long term could range anywhere from 3 years to a … [Read more...]

Should I invest in Blue Chip stocks?


The term “blue chip” originated amongst gamblers, where it is used to refer to the gambling chip with the highest value. Today, this term is commonly used in the stock markets to describe companies that are, in some way, superior. I will thus be adopting a definition similar to that of the Singapore Exchange (SGX) – a blue chip is a “common stock of a nationally known company, with a long … [Read more...]

Delayed Spending is Not Saving


Do you think that saving is important? (here’s a simple rule to note if you need help) If your answer is yes, read on. Many young professionals proclaim that they save 30 to 40% of their income, but have barely $5,000 in their bank after working for a couple of years. Do you know someone like that? Why is this the case even though most of us know that saving is important? Let’s start by … [Read more...]

Drivers, protect your 50% NCD…without having to top up your premiums


I met with a car accident last month. It was a wet day and I was driving along Braddell Road exiting towards Thomson Road. I noticed a stationary car along the filter lane so I slammed on the brakes. For whatever reasons, the brakes refused to oblige and I could feel my car sliding towards the car ahead. I remembered I swore, but it didn’t help. My life flashed before my … [Read more...]

3 Secrets to Beat the Market


Somewhere in this world, there will always be people looking for the holy grail of investing: beating the market. In case you have no idea what it means, it simply refers to a superior investment methodology that when applied, will make one lots of money and be ahead of everyone else. As cliché as it may sound, such a thing does not appear in reality; and investors often tend to spend too much … [Read more...]

Should You Buy An iPhone 7 Plus Without A Contract


My last iPhone was a 5S and my mobile phone contract was due when iPhone 6s was out in the stores. I refused to renew and buy the 6s because I did not want to be trapped in the ‘s’ year forever. I wanted to tide over the ‘s’ year and buy an iPhone 7 Plus. A new telco, Circles Life, launched a service without any contract that would have tied down the consumer. I jumped at the chance to sign … [Read more...]

The Confession


Two things happened recently to prompt me to write what I am about to write. The $400 question Since 2013, the Federal Reserve Board has conducted a survey to monitor the financial and economic status of American consumers. One of the questions involved asking respondents how they would react to an emergency situation that requires them to come up with $400. 47% of the respondents replied … [Read more...]

So You Want to Be an Investor?


It’s a well-known cliché: for many beginner investors, the stock market is like a capitalist casino, a place where you risk betting your money for a chance at hitting the proverbial jackpot. But in reality, investing isn’t gambling. Not if you know what you’re doing. Unlike gambling, investing isn’t about throwing money into a trade and praying for the best; it’s about using all your technical … [Read more...]

Understanding Asset Allocation


What Is Asset Allocation? Asset allocation is an investment strategy used by many savvy investors. The investor builds his portfolio by investing in a range of asset classes; stocks, mutual funds, real estate investments, private equities, investment partnerships and cash equivalents based on his financial goals, investment duration and risk tolerance. Each asset class is vulnerable to … [Read more...]

Is Automated Investing Right For You?


You hear friends talking about investing. Every week, you see news in the media about savvy young investors and how well they’re doing in life/financially. You want the same for yourself, but have no idea where to start. You’re just sitting on a pile of savings and not making your money work for you. Sad to say, money doesn’t grow by itself. (If it did, we’d all be millionaires by now.) You … [Read more...]

Confessions of an Everyday Investor


Successful investing isn’t just for the Warren Buffets and Peter Lynches of the world. It can also work for everyday people like you and I, says self-taught investor Lum Yin Peng. The key to success: 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Words by Lum Yin Peng It happened more than 15 years ago. Like most people, my first foray into investing was without much preparation. My plan was simple … [Read more...]

Why Stock Prices Are Traps For The New Investor


Given a $1,000 investment capital, would you go with the option of purchasing 100 shares with company A (at $10 per share), or 5 shares with company B (at $125 per share)? The majority of investors would choose the shares at company A due to the fact that the share prices are lower. Many of these investors would also think that the $125 shares of company B are too risky for their liking. If … [Read more...]

Mr Average


Andy is the most average guy you will ever meet. He grew up in a middle class family, in a HDB flat his parents were assigned to following their relocation. Youngest in the family of four, his childhood was typical and uneventful. He was an average student, choosing to pursue a diploma in engineering because that was what average students do. He completed his diploma with average grades and … [Read more...]

Why You Need an Emergency Fund


As healthy young adults, many of us often think we’re invincible. Emergencies? Disasters? Nah, won’t happen to us. Even I am guilty of this. But today I feel the need to inform people the crucial importance of having an emergency fund, even if you don’t think you’ll encounter any “emergencies” anytime soon in the next few years. WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE AN EMERGENCY FUND STARTING NOW 1. YOU MIGHT … [Read more...]

Simple and Effective Automatic Investing with Index ETFs


Investing in the stock market doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. If you’re just dipping your toes into investing, or thinking about starting, chances are you’ve probably tried reading up and doing research. The problem is, the sheer volume of investing advice out there is mind-boggling, and sometimes, even downright contradictory. Hence the reason why many people end up procrastinating … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know about the Singapore Savings Bonds


The Singapore Savings Bonds (SSB) was launched on 1 October 2015 by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). A new Singapore Savings Bond will be issued every month for at least the 5 years after its launch. Just a quick recap of what the Singapore Savings Bonds are: The SSB are a new type of government bonds designed with individual investors in mind, to help Singaporeans save and invest … [Read more...]