STI Analysis

Last March perhaps I was the few bold enough to state STI is on an uptrend (Has STI Bottom ?) and the subsequent 2 postings (What's Next For STI ? and STI Expanding Triangle ?) I maintained that analysis.  So, after 1 year and 2 months, with STI closed 3,249.97 on 9th May 2017, my bold analysis was indeed correct.  The reward for my bold and certain degree of confident analysis then was the … [Read more...]

Stock Incubator — Nrodic Group, Strategic Objective Achieved

A following up to last month partial divestment of Nordic Group (refer here), with a total capital gain of 207.60%, this indicates that the initial capital I have vested in the stock is back to my pocket again.  As such, the remaining holding is therefore considered mathematically impossible to lose money.  That is risk-free (my definition of risk-free and not those government backed type of bond … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Mar 2017

1. Received FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 18.31%, reducing Strategic cost from $0.0368/share to $0.0355/share 2. Received CapitaR China Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 29.26%, reducing Strategic cost from $0.0355/share to $0.0342/share Stock Holding Price* Market Price Unrealized Profit/Loss Dividend … [Read more...]

Corporate Result — Apr/May 2017

1.  SPH Reit  --  10th Apr 2017 2.  SPH  --  12th Apr 2017 3.  Soilbuild REIT  --  12th Apr 2017 4.  Kep DC Reit  --  17th Apr 2017 5.  Kep Infra Trust  --  17th Apr 2017 6.  M1  --  17th Apr 2017 7.  Kep T&T  --  18th Apr 2017 8.  Kep Reit  --  19th Apr 2017 9.  Kep Corp  --  20th Apr 2017 10.  SGX  --  20th Apr 2017 11.  Mapletree Ind Trust  --  24th Apr 2017 12.  MapletreeCom … [Read more...]

Stock Incubator — Nordic Group

On 17th Mar 2017, I decided to divest 48.39% stake of my Nordic Group share at $0.32 netting me a capital gain of 207.60%, 19.95% of dividend return (excluding the final dividend of 0.731 cents being announced) and a total gain of 227.45%.  Bought into Nordic Group in 2014 under the Stock Incubator portfolio the divestment will translate into an annualized capital gain of 45.43%, annualized … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Feb 2017

1. Entitled CapitaR China Trust scrip or cash dividend of 4.73 cents/share 2. Received SingPost dividend of 0.50 cents/share 3. Received Kep Reit scrip dividend, increasing holding by 19.15%, reducing Strategic cost from $0.0384/share to $0.0368/share Stock Holding Price* Market Price Unrealized Profit/Loss Dividend Return Non-Strategic CapitaMall … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Jan 2017

1. Received CapMallA3.8b220112 semi-annual interest payment 2. Strategically increased CapitaR China Trust holding by 14.43% at $0 cost, reducing Strategic cost from $0.0398 cents/share to $0.0391 cents/share 3. Strategically increased MapletreeCom Trust holding by 6.47% at $0 cost, reducing Strategic cost from $0.0391 cents/share to $0.0384 cents/share 4. CapMallA3.8b220112 was redeemed and … [Read more...]

Recap 2016 & Looking Ahead 2017

Global markets were on a roller coaster ride in 2016 starting in really bad shape with market crash shouting all over the places but ending 2016 with a bang (for most markets in particular US).  FTSE STI however was flat for the year despite all the roller coaster ride and great volatility, ending with a dip of 0.068%. Recap Global markets suffered major sell off in January 2016 due to fear … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 10.1 — CapMallsAsia Bond

As of 12th Jan 2017, CapMallsAsia has finally redeemed all its outstanding bond, CapMallA3.8%b220112 and that signaled the end of my investment in it.  For the 5 years period of investment, capital return is 0%, typical characteristic of bond when redeem at par value and interest return was 20.94%, annualized to be 3.87%. I was not a strong believer of bond investment despite the fact that it … [Read more...]

Strategic Investor 2016 Review

FTSE STI ended the year 2016 at 2880.76 compared with 2882.73 a year ago, representing a drop of 1.97 points or 0.068%.  A relative flat market despite being a volatile year.  Below is the review of my investment portfolio for 2016 vs portfolio for 2015. 2016 2015 Variant Unrealized Gain/Loss    +37.84%    +31.97%    +18.36% Realized Gain/Loss    +10.73%   … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Dec 2016

StockHolding Price*Market PriceUnrealized Profit/LossDividend ReturnNon-StrategicCapitaMall Trust$1.155$1.885+61.00%+65.03%First REIT$0.609$1.265+107.21%+89.93%Genting SP$0.5314$0.905+69.72%+13.17%KepCorp$7.4156$5.79-22.28%+37.37%SIA$12.0697$9.67-20.29%+30.28%SingPost$1.0093$1.465+44.55%+42.82%MapletreeInd Trust$0.8537$1.645+91.33%+49.73%CapMallA3.8%b220112$1.00$1.02+1.06%+19.02%Kep DC … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 1.3 — Genting SP

Was quite eventful for Genting SP the past 2 months.  Firstly, on 11th Nov 2016, Genting SP announced the divestment of its stake in the Jeju IR in South Korea (refer here).  Then on 15th Dec 2016, Japan Government finally legalized casino after the idea was first debated in 2013. The divestment of Jeju IR was quite a shocked to me given that next year the IR will commence operation and to … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Nov 2016

1. Received SIA dividend of 9 cents/share 2. Received Genting SP dividend of 1.50 cents/share 3. Received SingPost dividend of 1.00 cents/share 4. Sold partial MapletreeCom Trust share obtained through preferential offering at $1.52 (vs $1.42), the capital channel to Kep DC Reit preferential offering.  MapletreeCom Trust holding decreased by 34.15% and Strategic cost reduced from $0.239/share … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 14.1 — MapletreeCom Trust

Sold 80% of the right issue allotment at $1.52, $0.10 above the right issue price of $1.42.  The reason was pretty much strategic and act accordingly to Sun Tzu Art of War (孙子兵法).  As such, the overall cost of the "Strategic" section of the portfolio went down from $0.239/share to $0.0419/share. Why 80% and not whole of everything ?   Well, the sale proceed of that 80% is just nice enough to … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Oct 2016

1. Entitled Kep Reit scrip dividend or cash dividend of 1.6 cents/share 2. Received First REIT dividend of 2.12 cents/share 3. Entitled FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend or cash dividend of 2.4531 cents/share 4. Received CapitaMall Trust dividend of 2.78 cents/share 5. Received Frasers Cpt Trust dividend of 2.815 cents/share 6. Entitled Mapletreelog Trust dividend of 1.86 cents/share, scrip … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Sep 2016

1. Received scrip dividend for Mapletreelog Trust increasing holding by 22.48% 2. Received scrip dividend for CapitaRChina Trust increasing holding by 38.60% 3. Strategic cost/share reduced from $0.2529 to $0.2390 Stock Holding Price* Market Price Unrealized Profit/Loss Dividend Return Non-Strategic CapitaMall Trust $1.155 $2.17 +85.52% +62.63% First … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement — CPFIS

10 years ago I opened my CPFIS investment account to start my journey in stocks investing with CPF money.  After a decade, the conclusion I get from those experiences is you can only achieve good return (beating that 2.5% pa on OA) if you do it correctly, that is through long-term fundamental or value investing.  There has been talk on CPFIS is not "fit for purpose", time for review, etc lately. … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Aug 2016

1. Entitled CapitaR China Trust scrip dividend or cash dividend of 5.32 cents/share 2. Received SIA dividend of 35 cents/share 3. Received SingPost dividend of 1.5 cents/share 4. Increased MapletreeCom Trust holding by 74.35% through preferential offering at $1.42/unit 5. Received scrip dividend for Kep REIT increasing holding by 27.93% 6. Received FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend increasing … [Read more...]

Stock Incubator

Started in 2010 decided to put aside a portion of money from my trading capital to buy a stock, which I deemed could provide multi-fold return in the future, under observation.  Once certain conditions are met, the stock will be transferred to my long-term investment portfolio.  As such a move is relatively higher risk than the usual investment, only a small portion of capital is … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Jul 2016

1. Received CapMallA3.8%b220112 interest payment of 1.9% 2. Strategically increased First REIT holding by 0.39% at $0 cost, thereby reducing holding price from $0.6114 to $0.609 3. Received First REIT dividend of 2.11 cents/share 4. Received Frasers Cpt Trust dividend of 3.04 cents/share 5. Received SingPost dividend of 2.5 cents/share 6. Received Kep DC Reit dividend of 3.34 cents/share 7. … [Read more...]