What’s Next For STI ?


A follow up to the previous post of "Has STI Bottom ?", it should be confirmed that Elliott Wave 3 already started after STI broke the 2906 level last week. The Wave 2 retracement which was expected to hit between 2,680 to 2,770 didn't materialize as STI only pulled back to a level around the 2,800 level.  That doesn't mean it is invalid in Elliott Wave as the theoretical retracement level is … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Mar 2016

1. Change name of "Cashless/Strategic" to "Strategic" so that investment only has 2 categories - "Non-Strategic" and "Strategic" 2. Added "Unrealized" Gain/Loss for "Non-Strategic" section 3. Added "Unrealized" Gain for "Strategic" section 4. Strategically increased First REIT holding by 0.40% at $0 cost, reducing holding price from $0.6188 to $0.6163 5. Received MapletreeInd Trust scrip … [Read more...]

FinTech & Investing — Been There, Done That, Move On !!!


FinTech, a hot topics for finance sector at the moment.  What's exactly is FinTech ?  According to Wikipedia, FinTech stands for Financial Technology, is an economic industry composed of companies that use technology to make financial services more efficient.  When comes to investing in stock market, the term robo-advisers tells all about FinTech. Well, FinTech is not new to me as back in 2013 … [Read more...]

Has STI Bottom ?


As a follow up to the previous post, How Low Can STI Go ? and with FTSE STI closed at 2,837 on 4th Mar 2016, some interesting event has triggered. Recap of the previous projection based on Elliott Wave, STI was in wave C sub-wave 3 with sub-wave 4 and 5 to go before eventually hitting the bottom.  However, referring to the chart below, there is a violation in the Elliott Wave count. As FTSE … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Feb 2015

1. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeCom Trust by 14.27% at $0 cost 2. Entitled MapletreeCom Trust dividend of 2.08 cents/share or scrip 3. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeInd Trust by 2.20%, reducing holding price from $0.9176 to $0.8979 4. Received SingPost dividend of 1.5 cents/share 5. Added CapitaR China Trust at $0 to the Cashless/Strategic section 6. Entitled … [Read more...]

Nordic Group — A Potential Gem ?

Chanced to come across this stock, Nordic Group, was in 2012 when one of my ex-client, an auntie, asked me for advise about this stock after hearing that the fundamental was good.  A very quiet and thinly traded stock which I have little knowledge about, have no choice but to read through its fundamental as it was my obligation then to provide advice to my ex-clients.  Interestingly, the company … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 17 — CapitaR China Trust

Added CapitaR China Trust to the Cashless/Strategic section in my investment portfolio.  This is to replace Cambridge Industrial Trust that was divested last month. CapitaR China Trust was chosen as it is a retail Reit in China.  Retail Reit to me is termed as defensive (just rank behind health care).  While the like of CapitaMall Trust and Frasers Centrepoint Trust can be considered as a … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Jan 2016

1. Strategically increased holding of MapletreeCom Trust by 39.92% at $0 cost 2. Fully recover the capital loss on SembMar divestment, resulting in a slight gain of 2.06% instead 3. Added new investment Frasers Cpt Trust at $1.80 4. Received CapMallA3.8%b220112 interest payment of 1.90% 5. Sold Cambridge Industrial Trust at $0.5256, proceed used to reduce capital cost for Cashless/Strategic … [Read more...]

How Low Can STI Go ?


I'm not going to pinpoint exactly where STI will bottom for the current crisis but rather narrow down all the possibilities so that it will be easier to strategize. In order to do that will have to rely on Technical Analysis (TA).  Normally, as a long term fundamental investor using TA doesn't make any sense but when it comes to the big trend, TA cannot be totally ignored.  This is so because I … [Read more...]

Wake Up to Nightmare After SG50 ?

Never have I expected to write an analysis so fast after my annual analysis (Recap 2015 & Looking Ahead 2016) some less than 2 weeks ago. FTSE STI closed 2,882.73 in 2015 and as of today (20th Jan 2016), STI closed 2,559.77, a drop of 322.96 points or 11.20% for that 13 trading days or at a rate of 24.84 points/day or 0.86%/day.  There is a sense of a 2008 deja vu. From my perspective, … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 3.3 — Cambridge Industrial Trust

A year after the divestment and reinvestment of Cambridge Industrial Trust, I finally decided to divest all of that for good at $0.5256 Since the reinvestment last January under the Cashless/Strategic plan, the quantity accumulated is like 5% of the intended target.  In addition, there was no (or very low) capital involved, the sale proceed will be used to reduce the current 1.21% capital being … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 16 — Frasers Centrepoint Trust

The 16th part of my investment portfolio in which objective is to create wealth to retire. Stock : Frasers Centrepoint Trust Frasers Centrepoint Trust (Frasers Cpt Trust, FCT) is another retail Reits apart from CapitaMall Trust that I all along wanted to invest in.  With the restructuring of my investment portfolio last year (freeing up capital after 2 divestments so that I could dedicate a … [Read more...]

Journey To Retirement Part 8.2 — SembMar

Finally, capital loss for SembMar fully recovered ! Since the divestment at a price of $2.60 last August (refer), 5 months later I have fully recovered the capital loss.  At $2.60, the divestment resulted in :- Capital loss = 25.10% Dividend gain = 34.65% Net gain = 9.55% Annualized gain = 1.84% Now with the recovery and to be exact it registered a slight capital gain during the … [Read more...]

Recap 2015 & Looking Ahead 2016

Global markets were on a mixed and lacklustre performance for 2015 and below were a comparison from their respective 2014 performance. 2015  vs  2014 Dow Jones      -2.23% vs +7.52% S&P500   -0.73% vs +11.39% Nasdaq           +5.73% vs +13.40% Nikkei225        +9.3% vs +7.12% SSE                  +9.4% vs +52.87% HSI                  -7.2% vs +1.28% DAX               … [Read more...]

Strategic Investor 2015 Review

FTSE STI ended the year at 2,882.73, down 14.34% for 2015, capping a one of the worst performer in global market for the year.  Below is the review of my investment portfolio for 2015 vs portfolio for 2014. 2015 2014 Variant Unrealized Gain/Loss    +31.97%    +42.54%    -24.85% Realized Gain/Loss    +10.67%    +9.07%    +17.64% Dividend Return    +41.15%   … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Dec 2015

1. Received MapletreeInd Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 5.29%, reducing holding price to $0.9176 2. Received MapletreeCom Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 33.96% 3. Received Cambridge Industrial Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 41.60% 4. Received CapMallA3.8%b220112 interest payment of 1.90% Stock Holding Price* Market Price Unrealized … [Read more...]

ASEAN Economic Community, AEC

The year was 1997, I was in UK doing a postgraduate course and watching TV on the British Parliament having a debate.  The cheers and jeers from the politicians in support and opposing the speaker's view was something lively and entertaining to me as this type of scene cannot be found in Singapore Parliament.  The Singapore Parliamentary is just plain boring and dull with most speaking with that … [Read more...]

Market Analysis — 19th Dec 15

The last market analysis for 2015. Finally, US Fed did the long-awaited and overdue rate hike with a 25 basis point increment bring the US Fed fund rate from 0 - 0.25% to 0.25% - 0.50%.  The came after more than 1 year after US Fed completely withdrew the QE3 and also the first rate hike since 2006.  There should be no disagreement now on US Fed decision to start normalizing its interest rate … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Nov 2015

1. Received SingPost dividend of 1.50 cents/share 2. Received Kep REIT scrip dividend, increasing holding by 30.17% 3. Received Mapletreelog Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 115.79% 4. Received FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 20.27% 5. Received SIA dividend of 10 cents/share 6. Reduced capital for Cashless/Strategic section from +1.22% to … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Oct 2015

1. Strategically increased holding of First REIT by 0.4% at $0 cost reducing holding price from $0.621 to $0.6188 2. Received First REIT dividend of 2.08 cents/share 3. Entitled Kep REIT dividend of 1.70 cents/share as scrip 4. Entitled Mapletreelog dividend of 1.86 cents/share as scrip 5. Entitled MapletreeInd dividend of 2.79 cents/share as scrip 6. Entitled MapletreeCom dividend of 2.02 … [Read more...]