ASEAN Economic Community, AEC

The year was 1997, I was in UK doing a postgraduate course and watching TV on the British Parliament having a debate.  The cheers and jeers from the politicians in support and opposing the speaker's view was something lively and entertaining to me as this type of scene cannot be found in Singapore Parliament.  The Singapore Parliamentary is just plain boring and dull with most speaking with that … [Read more...]

Market Analysis — 19th Dec 15

The last market analysis for 2015. Finally, US Fed did the long-awaited and overdue rate hike with a 25 basis point increment bring the US Fed fund rate from 0 - 0.25% to 0.25% - 0.50%.  The came after more than 1 year after US Fed completely withdrew the QE3 and also the first rate hike since 2006.  There should be no disagreement now on US Fed decision to start normalizing its interest rate … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Nov 2015

1. Received SingPost dividend of 1.50 cents/share 2. Received Kep REIT scrip dividend, increasing holding by 30.17% 3. Received Mapletreelog Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 115.79% 4. Received FrasersCom Trust scrip dividend, increasing holding by 20.27% 5. Received SIA dividend of 10 cents/share 6. Reduced capital for Cashless/Strategic section from +1.22% to … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Oct 2015

1. Strategically increased holding of First REIT by 0.4% at $0 cost reducing holding price from $0.621 to $0.6188 2. Received First REIT dividend of 2.08 cents/share 3. Entitled Kep REIT dividend of 1.70 cents/share as scrip 4. Entitled Mapletreelog dividend of 1.86 cents/share as scrip 5. Entitled MapletreeInd dividend of 2.79 cents/share as scrip 6. Entitled MapletreeCom dividend of 2.02 … [Read more...]

Singapore Economy — Looking Ahead

Singapore economic model in layman description is like a football team with speedie wingers, creative playmakers and lethal strikers (export, tourism, manufacturing, GLCs, etc).  Upon weak opponent (good economic condition), can easily bang in dozen of goals to make the scoreline very impressive but when matches up against a tough opponent (bad economic condition), we can't score goals and our … [Read more...]

Portfolio — Sep 2015

1. Strategically reduced SembMar cost from $3.434 to $3.17, thereby reducing realized capital loss from -25.10% to -18.87% Stock Holding Price* Market Price Unrealized Profit/Loss Dividend Return CapitaMall Trust $1.155 $1.90 +62.29% +52.88% First REIT $0.621 $1.29 +107.17% +72.80% Genting … [Read more...]

Post GE 2015 — Shock, Landslide, Dead Cat Bounce

SHOCK ! That the reaction after the result of GE 2015 when the ruling party bounced back from GE 2011 60.1% to 69.9%.  However, the status quo remained the same with opposition party occupying 6 Parliamentary seats (the 7th was due to a by-election after GE 2011).  Now was it really a shock ?  Probably not ! After the breakthrough performance from opposition parties (winning 1 GRC finally) … [Read more...]