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Retirement Income for Life??? (9)

Read? Retirement Income for Life??? (8) Uncle8888 has forgotten it until someone requested for a copy of it. Is $48K p.a. for couple at present value enough for retirees? Uncle8888 still prefer to use the method of tracking historical family expenses; but this method require discipline to maintain records of family expenses over XX years. One easy way of maintaining records is to dedicate one bank account where all expenses are charged and doing inter bank fund transfer. At beginning of each month, we just need to download the bank statement and copy and paste into our Family Expenses...

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STI Market Cycles since 1990

Study it carefully! This may be your opportunity for you to HUAT! Don’t say Uncle8888 never prompt you hor!   Each of us see exactly the same chart and the same table. But, what you did really see in your investing mind? 05 Oct 11 to 14 Mar 12, STI rising to 19.7% in 161 days before reversing. 04 Jun 12 to 05 Oct 12, STI rising to 15.2% in 123 days before reversing. 16 Nov 12 to 20 Feb 12, STI rising to12.3%??? in 96??? days before reversing??? What you did really see in your investing mind...

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Retirement Income for Life??? (8)

Reaching Financial Freedom A piece of common wisdom we often read from financial or investment bloggers that reaching the edge of financial freedom is when our passive income from investment portfolio exceeds our living expenses. Sure or not??? Can a portfolio full of high yield dividend stocks guarantee you a secure and sustainable future cash flow to overcome inflationary impact in your future living expenses? In another word, is passive income from stocks a reliable source of income against future inflation? No. Right? Dividends from stocks are non-inflation proof. It can never be inflation adjusted by itself and that is why...

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Utilities business achieves record net profit of S$374.6 million Highlights from Sembcorp’s FY2012 Financial Results Turnover at S$10.2 billion, up 13% Profit from Operations at S$1,266.2 millionNet Profit at S$753.3 million, down 7%EPS at 42.2 cents ROE at 17.5% Proposing final tax exempt one-tier dividend of 15.0 cents per ordinary share...

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Investor two-by-two matrix

By Howards Mark The Most Important Thing The key to this matrix is the symmetry or asymmetry of the performance. Investors who lack skill simply earn the return of the market and the indicates of their style. Without skill, aggressive investors move a lot in both directions, and defensive investors move little in either direction. These investors contribute nothing beyond their choice of style. Each does well when his or her style is in favour but poorly when it isn’t. On the other hand, performance of investors who add value is asymmetrical.  The percentage of the market’s gain they...

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Retirement Income for Life??? (5)

Read? Retirement Income for Life??? (4) Requirements for Retirement – How Much is Enough? May be we can make reference to Singapore Department of Statistic’s Household Expenditure Survey in 2007/2008 which determined the average monthly household consumption expenditure. In this survey, household consumption expenditure was defined as “the value of consumer goods and services acquired, used or paid for by a household for the satisfaction of the needs and wants of its members” on a monthly basis.   The average monthly expenditure per household by age group as below: It has been assumed that the typical household of those...

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How are you measuring up with your investment return? (6)

invest, me and my money, thesundaytimes , Feb 17, 2013 Doc’s finger on the pulse of investing Doc is the overall winner in the recent StockWhiz share investing contest organised by SGX. Real people, Real Return in Sinagpore!     He got one Zero-bagger. Uncle8888 got two Zero-baggers. This is the truth in investing. One day, you will really lose a big one! Risk control and money management is more important than thinking how much money you can make from the stock market with your acquired Secret Weapons. Benchmarking to the Best Known Fund Managers Return   “What gets measured,...

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How to become rich in stocks??? (15)

Read? How to become rich in stocks??? (14) Read? Investing Made Simple by Uncle8888 (12) Politically correct : Don’t Fall into Dividend Traps Borrow the idea from La Papillion ** “BIAS” is a special feature in my blog where I get to say whatever I want with scant regards for your feelings. I’m not politically correct in this feature, so go ahead, judge me.” BIAS: Don’t Be Yield Pig unless you are already rich! Probably, the only financial and investment blogger in Singapore who has the ball to challenge some of you to do some re-thinking on how to achieve...

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How do we know we are Value Investors? (5)

  Read? How do we know we are Value Investors? (4) The Making of a Value Investor??? By Margin of Safety??? By Dividend Yield??? Yes. The entry price made hell of difference in Return OF Capital. Here is the real life example from Uncle8888. See the difference for yourself!     Is Great Robinson Sales worth waiting for? What is your opportunity cost? How do you actually measure...

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