Warchest is Ready – Taking Aim at SGX (S68)


With my warchest ready, I've been taking a look at Singapore Exchange [SGX] (S68) after talking with a friend from college (his name is Kean, and there is a link to his own blog in my links section). This counter is relatively ignored among my peers, but I figure increased trading volume from the recent bull-run could benefit SGX, especially if good sentiment persists throughout 2017. FY2016 … [Read more...]

ST Engineering – A Look at the Future


ST Engineering (S63) has been a part of my dividend portfolio for a while, ever since I picked it up early last year. I have a tendency to re-evaluate my dividend stocks/REITs every year or so - I want to see if I should take profit and park my money somewhere else, or if I should continue having them in my portfolio. ST Engineering closed at 3.67 on Tuesday, and dividends are upcoming in … [Read more...]

Keppel REIT – Lower DPU, but Lower Potential?


A visitor to this blog asked about Keppel REIT (K71U) in the comments section of my Keppel DC REIT post. I'd been focusing on Keppel DC at the time, but I told him that I thought it would be a good time to enter Keppel REIT if the price dropped under $1.00. Following that, I began taking a serious look at Keppel REIT. Keppel REIT has ownership of commercial properties in Singapore and … [Read more...]

Is SembCorp Marine a potential gold-mine or ticking time-bomb?


Which way, oh which way, will the oil price go? SembCorp Marine's (S51) stock price languished in 2016 along with KeppelCorp's, as oil prices were driven down at the beginning of the year by severe global overproduction. SembCorp traded above $3.00 per share at the start of 2015. In early 2016, prices fell as low as $1.32 per share (demonstrating a 56% drop in a year), as oil prices plummeted. … [Read more...]

Looking Into DBS – When Will the Dream End?


Not any time soon, I reckon. After witnessing the impressive rally that took place over the course of the past few weeks, I bought into DBS (D05) late at 17.80 with the intention of doing a bit of short-term trading. The stock has surged roughly 20% since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, and it should continue to head upwards as we approach the New Year. The Italian … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Keppel DC Reit


And there goes my war chest. Apologies for the late post, but December has begun, and Winter has come at work. So I've been looking at Keppel DC Reit (AJBU) for a while. I was busy with work and missed the opportunity to pick it up when the price dipped after the preferential offering - but I didn't see the need to wait any longer. The price recovered very quickly from the mid 1.10s to 1.20+ … [Read more...]

Taking a Risk on Election Day – Taking a Look at the Future

2016 has been a year of change. Brexit shook the world in the middle of the year, sending markets into flux. Yesterday, it was the US Election. I had to head into the office early to prep, and even that early in the morning, Forex prices on my screen were already going nuts. All of us were on Bloomberg, watching the US slowly turn red. I still tried my best to keep an eye on the stock market - … [Read more...]

Trump Vs Clinton – Time to Watch & Wait?


With the upcoming US Election looming near, uncertainties abound. Whatever the outcome will be, world markets will most certainly be affected, much like Brexit. Hillary seems the more stable choice, but even then, whomever gets put into office will throw the SGX into a bit of turmoil. Whoever wins, be careful you don't wind up a loser. I will be taking great care to watch my positions … [Read more...]

Health Management International Ltd – Riding the Wave?


Recently, a healthcare stock has been on the rise - Health Management International Ltd. (588.SI), more commonly known as HMI on the local stock exchange, closed at 0.64. Their current price is a far cry from the 0.48 at the start of September. The stock has been picking up speed recently, hitting a high of 0.65 today. I've been looking to get into some trading after liquidating Sino Grandness … [Read more...]

Portfolio Update – Time to Cut Losses (T4B)


I've been holding onto this stuff for way too long. I could've sold everything off when prices hit upwards of 0.70, but I didn't. Could've, would've, should've - it's all water under the bridge. I took a gamble on the Garden Fresh IPO from Sino Grandness (T4B), and it's about time I liquidated my holdings. I would most definitely make a loss, but I am thankful that my other trades (thank you, … [Read more...]

When couples have different views on finance

Sarah has a husband who is uninterested in all things financial. He doesn't care about insurance, investing, financial planning, etc. What he earns every month goes into his savings account with POSB and only leaves when he spends it. Sarah, however, is financially savvy, and asks that she be allowed to manage their money - she plans to put their combined earnings to work for them. She also gives … [Read more...]

A bit of trading while I wait…


Hey guys, just a quick update on what I've been doing - seeing as how blue chips are pretty expensive right now, I've been pouring my warchest into doing a bit of trading while I wait for prices to come down, In my last post, I liquidated all my Silverlake Axis (5CP.SI) shares after getting a small profit. My intentions were to use the cash I had following the sale to build my blue-chip … [Read more...]

Silverlake Axis: A Brief Interlude


I'd originally planned to get this post up a lot sooner than I did (especially since I have a preference for posting as soon as possible after a trade), but work, Pokemon Go, and Overwatch have been keeping me well occupied. It's been a while since I parked some cash in Silverlake Axis (5CP) at 0.575, with short-term trading in mind while other opportunities presented themselves. A couple of … [Read more...]

Re-Visiting OCBC – When opportunity knocks twice

Weeks ago, Brexit left stock prices volatile - bank stocks were no exception. I did a short write-up on OCBC Bank in the last week of June, explaining that there was a short window of opportunity to pick up shares at $8.20+. The price rallied in the following weeks, barely crossing $9.00 in late July, so congratulations to those who've made a bit of coin trading OCBC stock. Now, another event … [Read more...]

Speculating on Silverlake Axis


Recently, I mentioned that I'd sold off a few of my holdings with the idea of picking them up on the cheap later on, when the market weakened. So, since I had some spare cash lying about, I thought I'd do some short-term trading with Silverlake Axis (5CP).  The banking software provider's stock price closed at 0.585 on Friday (15th Jul), a far cry from its days above $1.00 before a … [Read more...]

To do list – Singtel, SPH, Peaky Blinders & Pokemon GO


There are a few things I'd like to get done during the week. This is typically what I do with certain blue-chip stocks - I try to get them cheap, wait for one dividend payout, then hope the price rises enough for me to get some capital gain. I sell them off, and since my stocks usually pay dividends bi-annually, there's a decent amount of time for me to wait before picking them back up … [Read more...]

Time to pick up some OCBC shares?


Just a short write-up - I've maintained that a portfolio should be diversified to reduce risk. The old adage of eggs and only one basket holds true for me - I've been wanting to add some Bank shares to my portfolio for a while, but I always thought they were too expensive. The time to finally do so might be here. Brexit has left a swathe of market volatility in its wake - stocks on our own SGX … [Read more...]

What’s It Gonna Be – Brexit or Bremain?


Just wanted to pen some thoughts down over breakfast (and make the obligatory EU referendum post) - I don't see Brexit occurring, honestly. As of 20 minutes ago, preliminary results point to Bremain having a slight lead, albeit not a remarkably decisive one. Other incidents, including the murder of Jo Cox, should sway the vote in favour of Bremain, leading to Britain remaining in the … [Read more...]

On Fear and Greed

Target price. Stop-loss. Sell down. Flushing. Pump and dump. Familiar with any of these terms? Warren Buffett's famous lesson on fear and greed was "Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." It makes sense, if you think about it. Thing is, when you're in the moment, and either emotion hits you like a tidal wave, it can be hard to stick to your guns. You, in a … [Read more...]

Me, My Portfolio, And…A Portfolio Update (End May)


Okay, so I think it's high time I did a portfolio update. I just thought I'd use the time to explain the different facets of my portfolio as well. I know I haven't been very active on here lately, but I have a really good reason - if you guys haven't caught Black Sails yet, you guys need to start watching. An R-rated Pirates of the Carribean-meets-Game of Thrones prequel to Treasure Island. … [Read more...]