OMG, Uber and Grab are not Charity Organizations?!?!


Please refer to this STRAITS TIMES article by SENIOR Transport Correspondent, Christopher Tan."Now that they are entrenched, it will be a matter of time before they start doing what they set out to do: Make money."**T-R-I-G-G-E-R-E-D**LOL. ROFL.And also... WTF Straits Times?I hate to swear, but this is borderline retarded. What's up with this senior transport corespondent? I'm serious. He is … [Read more...]

CardUp – A Service Perfect for Renters?


First off, this isn't a sponsored post. I just stumbled upon their services and I thought that it is a pretty good service. All right, so what is this CardUp thing I'm talking about? Blah blah blah. What does it do? Instead of making monthly bank transfer to your landlord, you through them. They will transfer the money to your landlord, take a processing fee, and charge the whole amount … [Read more...]

How much are Airline Miles Worth?


I got into this topic by reading MileLion's latest poke post on the KF UOB account, how bad it actually it and finally reading his post of how he value miles. I think you guys would know this by now, but I find earning miles kind of lame. Flying to me is just transportation. I get into my seat, I fall asleep, I wake up for the food, resume sleep, and I de-plane. I get on the cheapest and … [Read more...]

Financial Cyber Security: #2 The "Safer Than Your Neighbour" Theory

Okay, I know a lot of cyber security experts don't really believe that this is a real thing, but I believe that it is. Example 1 When I was in the Netherlands (the land of bicycles), I was always told that the safest place to park my bicycle is NOT a well-lit, highly trafficked place. It is in fact to park it in between bicycles with smaller locks and thinner chains. If a bicycle theft … [Read more...]

Don’t Fall For This Insurance Agent "Trick"

Don't mind the title, just trying to use the click-bait sort of titles to pull in the views, because this is a trick that most, if not all, of the slimy agents out there will use. The TL;DR is at the bottom, so jump there if you don't want to see my amazing story telling skills. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am … [Read more...]

Financial Cyber Security: #1 The Security-Convenience Continuum


Okay, there is one thing is we need to understand when we get down to looking at Financial Cyber Security, or anything that requires security at all. And that is the good ol' Security-Convenience Continuum. It's very, very complicated, so let me draw a diagram for you: So on one end you have Safety. On the other end you have Convenience. Basically, this is a gave-and-take relationship. If … [Read more...]

Shield Plan with NCD?!

Props to D&S for highlighting this news. I found the ST article about it and read more. In a nutshell, Prudential is gonna roll out a different pricing structure for their Private Hospital tier Shield plan rider. It's a mouthful, but that's what it is. If you are healthy, 10% NCD on the rider. If you sick af, 200% premium increase. Lolz. Personally, I like the idea of implementing … [Read more...]

Nostramoney 2017


It's been a while since I've done one of these. I got Trump right though, 7 months before elections. Maybe it's luck, but I did make a bet with a friend and pocketed some nice money because of the insane odds. US equities head lower within the next 2 quarters (at least a ~10% drop in the indices) Short term rates hit a ceiling Long term rates continues to stay low Oil bounces around … [Read more...]

Thanks SCB for all the Cashback!


In June last year I found that SCB was having a ridiculous promotion of giving $138 cash credit if you signed up for their credit cards. I sat on it for a while and I finally applied in September and I received my card, which I used to pay for my online travel expenses when I went to Korea, helping me qualify to both keep the $138 cash credit and max out my 7% rebate for online spending. The … [Read more...]

OCBC won’t cheat you anymore! LOL


Apparently I heard from my father that there was a 3 page advertisement on this. I don't know because I'm a millennial and I read news online. Anyway, LOL. I have to say though, they were very tricksy in the past. Examples? Their Bonus+ account with up to 2.35% pa! Sneaky? Yes, very much so becauase the T&Cs state you only get 1.18% pa, which was another lie, because there were hoops … [Read more...]



Okay, I think it's good that MND Lawrence Wong has finally clarified AGAIN for all the stupiak people out there that are not so sure what "leasehold" means. Some good quotes from the Straits Times article, but I highlighted my favourite one and it's the more important thing to note: "... for most HDB flats, their leases will eventually run out and the flats returned to HDB, which in turn … [Read more...]

Today I Defeated an Insurance Agent. Can You?

"Excuse Sir, can you help me do a survey? Only 3 questions" Sorry, I'm really urgent, I need to pee. "Oh okay Sir, nevermind then..." *sad, dejected face* When I came out of the toilet, he was still lingering around, so I went up and told him I'll do his 3 question survey. "Ok, thanks! Are you working?" Yes I am working now. Okay 1 question done. 2 questions left. "No no Sir, … [Read more...]

"Easing" is a Good Sign… for Buyers?


One of the people in the local scene that I quite admire is Vina Ip aka Property Soul. Many people might not agree with me and attribute her success to luck and timing, but it takes massive stones to take the calculated risks that she did and walk away from everything a glowing success. Anyway I feel that her book about buying property in Singapore is a true gem - focused specifically to buyers of … [Read more...]

Financial Cyber Security: The Series


Dear all, This topic has actually been something that I feel quite passionately about. I think cyber security is a very serious issue, and unfortunately, the people that are the least able to effectively deal with cyber security are individuals. Why? Individuals are the most likely to lack time, resources (including money) and technical knowledge to effectively deal with cyber security. … [Read more...]

Bye EZ Link, Bye NETS Flash Pay, Hello MasterCard?

A while back ago, there was a news piece that quietly slipped past the radars of most people, but I read it with quite some keen interest. It was an article about how it was going to be possible to pay for public transport directly with your contactless credit card and charged through the credit card network instead of going through a stored value wallet. I recently saw a Facebook campaign by … [Read more...]

SCB’s Unlimited 1.5% Cashback Credit Card


Okay, here's the quick rundown. SCB has just launched a new cashback card: 1.5% cashback NO MINIMUM SPEND NO CASHBACK CAP $30,000 annual income requirement Personally, I think it looks great so far. Let's look at current its REAL competitors: AMEX True Cashback: 1.5%, no minimum spend, no cap, BUT ITS AMEX CIMB Visa Infinite: 1%, no minimum spend, no cap, $120,000 annual … [Read more...]

Integrated Shield Plans… Co-Pay or No-Pay?


having health insurance is like having clothes... do you want to be running around naked? if you have health insurance, you have swag, trust me (okay, maybe not) First thing first, I am considering changing my Shield plan. Why? I just received a letter notifying me of premium increases and I have realized that there are objectively better shield plans out there. I currently have the NTUC … [Read more...]



Oh that's right, Version 3.0 of the OCBC360 (eff 1 Apr 2017) is finally out, and it sucks! Version 2 OCBC 360 2.25% on up to $60,000 Version 1 OCBC 360 3.05% on up to $50,000 Guess what is the "real" interest of version 3 of the OCBC 360 account? Okay, I'll tell you. It's a stinking 1.85% of up to $70,000 1.2% for the salary credit of at least $2,000 0.3% for the GIRO payments of 3 … [Read more...]

Minor SGX Portfolio Adjustments

So, just wanted to announce some small changes that I've made to my portfolio. I've finally cut off a sore spot in my portfolio, and that is Asian Pay TV Trust. It was one of my first few purchases and it was doing well in the beginning, probably right up until the point where I decided to just let it run auto-pilot. One thing to note is that I never believed that it was a growing company. My … [Read more...]

My Keppel and Sembcorp in the Green

I've been so lazy (and also because the markets are sooooooooooooooooooooo boring) that I haven't done an update post to my SGX portfolio since April 2016, haha! On the bright side, I do update the figures and it's all on my sticky page, I just haven't had the time to make a full post on it. Guess what? I'll try to do one for end of Feb 2017, all right? No promises though. I might forget, … [Read more...]