FSMOne and the our crap Financial Sector

If you don't know what is FSM One, go browse their website yourself. After that, read this great primer by D&S (I got to say it again, I'm absolutely awed by the quality of the content, and also the edginess of the content from D&S!). Honestly, it is a bold move. Singapore has a SHIT financial industry. Why do I think so? While being highly literate with supposedly genius … [Read more...]

#GivingWeek 2016 Update


This is the update from my previous post at the start of the month. Anyway, this is just me showing my accountability that I do what I said I'll do. I found out that the giving.sg offers a much better and smoother user experience compared to when I was using it last year. It's really very easy to donate. Just sign up, add charities to your cart, check out! I was looking back at my update … [Read more...]

POSB 1.38% 4 Months FD


Don't say got lobang I don't share. POSB is having a 1.38% 4 month FD promotion with no minimum amount and a max cap of $100,000. Only thing you have to do is to apply and open up a Fresh Fund account and deposit in the money before end of 15 Dec (next Thursday). Can read more about the promo here. Personally, I think this is a pretty attractive short-term promotion, especially if you … [Read more...]

#GivingWeek 2016: GMGH Annual Charity Donation


It's that time of year again. I'm a bit late to the party, but anyway better late than never. #GivingWeek is a national movement that encourages people to give back. I like how it is at the end of every year and near the festive seasons. It's a good time to take stock of how your life and the year went, count your blessings (and accounts) and see if you have anything spare to give to … [Read more...]



"Hello Sir, I'm from XXX and I'm calling to let you know that you have been pre-approved to take up this special offer that is exclusive only for you! Benefit 1) ... ... ... Benefit 100) How do all these benefits sound Sir?" That sounds fantastic. How about you send me an email with all that information and I can get back to you with my decision? "I'm sorry Sir. This promotion … [Read more...]

Increasing Wealth, Increasing Health

Uncle CW8888 came out with another interest post today: "To save more: Cut Expenses or Increase Earnings? To slim more: Cut diet or Increase exercise?". For me, the answer came very fast and naturally: DO BOTH. Of course, any idiot can tell you that. However, I think that there is a hierarchy of what is the easiest to do with the most impact by useful until a certain point, to what is hard … [Read more...]

Scoop the Poop


Uncle CW8888 asked a very good question: Telcos are no longer defensive stocks with just one add on? Looking at the charts, it looked like an impulsive downside move to me. I nibbled a bit more of M1 (I already had some) and some Starhub but not Singtel (at least, not yet anyway). I also got some hospitality trusts through OUE and Frasers. Why? Because they are sucking balls because … [Read more...]

Lie if your Ricebowl depends on it (Iskandar)

I just read this article on property in Today written by Ku Swee Yong (I know, I'm a bit slow) and I thought that it was an excellent read regarding Iskandar and property investing in Malaysia in general. Here are the main points that I picked up: Completion **TARGET** is 2026 Terminus cities benefit from HSR links Cities along the route declined in GDP and fixed asset investment … [Read more...]

Same Old Shit


We've seen this before. It happens every once in a while, but I think Jeff Snider from Alhambra Investment Partners says it the best: 1. Dollar doesn’t matter, indicates strong economy relative to the world 2. Dollar matters for oil, but lower oil prices mean stronger consumer 3. Manufacturing slump doesn’t matter, only temporary 4. Manufacturing declines are consumer spending, but only a … [Read more...]

Smartly Review (Beta)


With Singapore done holding the world's largest Fintech event ever, I thought it was a good time to re-visit Smartly. I first heard about Smartly back in May this year and I was pretty excited about them. Fast forward a month later, I managed to meet the guys behind Smartly and I wrote my take why Robo-advisors are something that we should want to use. I've finally registered to their … [Read more...]

SK Bullion Experience (Part 2)


Earlier this week I blogged about making a purchase through SK Bullion. Well, the delivery came! So here's the little haul that I bought to add to my treasure chest of gold and silver: 1 X Canadian Gold Maple 1oz 1 X RCM Silver 10oz 20 X American Silver Eagles 1oz The delivery came by courier and well, it's just like any other package delivery. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Gold … [Read more...]

JGB Madness


Japan is losing control of it's huge bond market. They've basically started unlimited bond purchases in the open market to settle yields at policy levels. FYI, this is pretty unprecedented. WSJ and Bloomberg have also reported it. You can't make this shit up. Observers might think this helps, but I think this just exacerbates the problem and opens the door that leads down the path of more … [Read more...]

SK Bullion Experience (Part 1)

I have been a client of BullionStar for the past few years and I've always enjoyed my shopping experience with them. I think the most major plus of BullionStar is the ability to execute orders online. I hadn't seen any dealers with such a good system until I stumbled upon SK Bullion. SK Bullion is a subsidiary of the Soo Kee Group, which is a familiar jewelry shop in Singapore as well as a … [Read more...]

Trump Wins


That's it, I've seen enough to call it. It's a Trump presidency. Back in April, I did a pretty simple prediction post. Trump wins presidency, rate hike gets postponed indefinitely and stock market dumps in Q2. Looks like I was right about Trump and rates, but not about stocks. But hey, maybe it does dump in Q2, but in 2017 and not 2016, haha! In February, I did a post about Trump and … [Read more...]

Nov 2016 Updates

Hey everybody! I know I haven't been posting a lot lately. I've been really busy with life this 2016, but the good news is that most of my big and stressful stuff are finally behind me and I suppose that means more regular blogging by me and more articles for yall to read! I'll just dump whatever is on my mind out here in this post. Most likely I'll be coming back to revisit most of these … [Read more...]

The State of the Market (Nov 2016)


Jesse Felder's most recent article is a punch in the face back to reality. Of the 3 punches he throws, I read and respect both the views of GMO and John Hussman. Hussman points out that valuation is beyond ridiculous right now. GMO predicts future 7 year returns are -3.1%. High valuations = Shitty future returns. You don't need a CFA to work that one out. Yet the INSANE valuations are being … [Read more...]

Early Critical Illness Pondering

Among the level of my grandparents and my parents, aunts and uncles (2 and 1 levels above me in my family tree), 40% of them have got cancer and not all of them are over 65 yet.   Basically, based on my horrible genetics, I think that there is a very high chance that I would likely be afflicted with cancer in the future. Of course, health is wealth and I will definitely try to mitigate this … [Read more...]

Margin Call No More


After 84 days of being in margin call, with the S&P finally crossing back down the 2,100 mark, I no longer have to pick up calls everyday from my CFD broker and listen to them lecture me about funding my account, haha. I am still holding the stubborn view that the US markets are due for a CRASH. Yup, not some little piss 10% correction, but something at least 20% down, if not more. The US … [Read more...]

[SGX Portfolio] Goodbye PEC


Okay guys, don't laugh, it's only 200 shares. I know I'm just a small, small fish. When I bought PEC in July 2015 at $0.41, NAV was $0.83 and EPS for the quarter was negative and for the previous 9m was just $0.004. Essentially this company was trading at 50% off book value and it had zero earnings. What I liked about the company was that debt was only 38%, which is not much different from … [Read more...]

Sign Up Credit Cards, Get Free Money

I think y'all know me and y'all know my style. If it's not a REAL lobang, I don't anyhow say. Last time got free house I really jio y'all. I don't think anyone took up that offer though. I don't see any of my web traffic coming from Italy. Earlier this month I also let y'all in on the free credit report by CBS through SingSaver. I already had done it myself earlier this year and I am very … [Read more...]