Precious Metals for you?

Got Money, Got Honey - 2794

I guess one of the things that people know about me is that I really like precious metals. I have to admit, valuations aside, there are some good fundamental reasons to own gold and silver. While the reasons above are mostly for Gold, much of the same can be said of Silver as well. People might debate which is the better investment now, gold or silver, but I think both investors will tell … [Read more...]

[Book Review] Our Iceberg is Melting by John Kotter


A while ago I did a book review of a booked titled "The Nature of Risk" by David X. Martin. This book follows a very similar style of story telling, weaving in important concepts into a simple story. Essentially this book tackles how to effectively implement changes. I imagine that it would be filed under management and motivation, but I think that the concepts can really be applied to all … [Read more...]

Danger, Danger, High Voltage! Foolish or brave? Foolishly brave?


Here is a ridiculous video to represent the ridiculous situation we are in now. This post is from ZH, which has a very interesting Citigroup report: Why anyone would put their money in the US markets is completely beyond me anymore. I am definitely outright bearish at the US (and even Europe) stock markets right now. But I do understand that the stock market can be irrational for a very long … [Read more...]

Making A Less Than Noble Exit


Special thanks goes out to Felix for highlighting the report released by Iceberg Research. It was very easy to verify their actually pretty obvious findings. 2013 Annual report lists Yancoal's recorded value at US$677,608,000. They only own 13% of the company. Bloomberg lists Yancoal's ENTIRE market cap at AUD$99,420,000. Problem? Big problem. Is it a nonsense report? Maybe. … [Read more...]

Kicking the Addiction, Going Cold Turkey

Today while I was showering, I came to a sudden realization. Earlier this evening I was out having a drink with a friend, talking about his new job and adjusting to the adult working life. He asked what did I do in free time and if I'm bored with my life, now that he doesn't see me that often. Honestly, I never really thought about it in such a concise manner. I am busy meeting and … [Read more...]

My Watchlist, Step 1b

A week ago I mentioned that I am going to reboot my investment process. I found it messy and haphazard. I already took some time to go through a rudimentary screen. I'm surprised I wasn't that lazy and managed to do that quite quick. Today, I combined the results of those 4 lists together to get one exhaustive list of the companies that apparently meet my criteria of: Dividend Yield is … [Read more...]

We all know when to Buy, but when do we Sell?


SMOL had a very interesting post today, and although it was directed at Value investors specifically, I think the scope has to be broader for me to have a more complete thought on this, which is why I decided to write a full post on this. Much of the financial media is focusing on Buying. Buy, buy, buy. Rarely you will hear people outspokenly say to sell. "What stock was that again … [Read more...]

Japan’s Ponzi Scheme Cracking?


Japanese Government Bonds (JGBs) are inching up higher in yield. Problem? This chart shows the bps expansion, or the increase in yield, since the ECB announced QE. As you can see, yields have increase across the board for all durations. Check out the JGB 10-year. The yield has push up about 0.227%. Pfffft, that's nothing, right? Well, maybe not really. The JGB 10-year tagged it's … [Read more...]

Looking for the good stuff


This is just an update from my previous post about restarting my investment process. I have decided to use some screeners to help me do the quick and dirty work of narrowing down my watchlist. My parameters are quite simple: Dividend Yield is positive Net Profit Margin is positive Debt/Equity Ratio is under 200% I don't think that I am asking for anything too extreme, narrow or … [Read more...]

Investment Process Review

One of the first books I read was "Successful Investing is a Process" and come to think about it, I don't think I have a very good process now. I feel that my investment process should be mechanical and unemotional, preventing me from being biased and irrational, and therefore making uncalculated mistakes that can be mitigated with risk management. By making certain tweaks and emphasizing certain … [Read more...]

"It’s like a tax-cut for the world’s freight shippers…"


Sarcasm and wit to a point, ZH nails the crashing BDI again: Baltic Dry Index Hits New Record Low — zerohedge (@zerohedge) February 11, 2015 As I blogged about it earlier, a crashing BDI is a bad sign for the global economy. All that bullshit you hear on TV about lower oil prices equating to extra cash and margins for consumers and companies? Yeah, it's bullshit. … [Read more...]

C’mere Fishy Fishy…


POW, China Fishery got slammed down with the announcement of their Rights issue. They are doing a rights issue to have 4 shares sold at $0.173 for every 5 shares that you own. When I bought China Fishery a few months ago, one of the things that I highlighted was that the management were intending to redeem their senior notes. This rights issue is specifically for that. I am totally not … [Read more...]

Dissecting the SGX Metal Companies


Are you ready for some noobish stock evaluations? Here we go! I stumbled upon this old post by SG Stocks Pick done back in 2012. It seems to be missing Nam Lee, so I'll be adding it in and going through my thought process openly here as an open thought exercise for those curious to see. But sometimes when you look at all the stuff you have to go through, you get so lazy... Time to stop being … [Read more...]

Beautiful or Ugly? Be Careful!


One of the problems that I have an as investor is that I like really ugly, awful, shitty looking stuff. The worse something looks, the more excited I am about it. Clearly, there is something wrong with my wiring. Am I a psychopath? Quite possibly. However, I do understand the failings and short comings of my methods. The problem with looking at horrible looking companies and hoping for a … [Read more...]

Baltic Dry Index, say what?


As ZH has been pointing out for a while, the Baltic Dry Index has been crashing recently and it is almost about to breach it's historical low of 554 set all the way back in 1986. Why is this important? Well, according to Investopedia, the BDI has been a good leading indicator of global economic activity. The BDI crashing does not seem to go well with the narrative that "everything is … [Read more...]

Did You Miss Me?

I was away the whole of last week having a holiday. It worked out pretty well I must say, after the 2nd day, any thoughts of work completely melted from my mind. I had a tough day trying to get back into my work groove! Anyway, now that I'm back, I'll be busy settling back into the daily grind of having regular work. I'll also be heading out to meet up with friends. I think seeing some of my … [Read more...]

Business Owner or Stock Owner?

Many many people confuse stock investing with gambling. "Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down". Many people also tell me that there are only 3 ways to get rich. Be born rich, own a business or work very hard. I have many friends that tell me they wish for the day to become business owners. They are working hard and saving up so that they one day can own and operate their own business … [Read more...]

What to Buy, When to Buy?

I read this interesting article regarding TA that inspired me to write this post. Today, I am sharing my logic when it comes to my investment process. I believe that both Fundamental Analysis (FA) and Technical Analysis (TA) are important. As the title suggest, FA helps me decide what to buy, while TA helps me decide when to buy it. Using FA, I have tried to filter out all the nonsense … [Read more...]

Mancrush on Yanis Varoufakis

Since he has been rocketed into the limelight suddenly, I think I have a very strong liking to the new Greek Finance Minister.   "The problem of insolvency for 5 years has been dealt with as a problem of illiquidity." I think he took on this interview in a fantastic manner, even with the interviewer cutting him off, simplifying and reducing this statements and also addressing him … [Read more...]

[STI Statistics] January 2015

Hi all, this is my monthly post analyzing the STI. As of 31 January 2015 STI Closing Value: 3391.20 P/E Ratio: 13.79 P/B Ratio: 1.36 Monthly Data Series from 2008 Mean P/E: 12.20 P/E Standard Deviation: 3.18 Mean P/B: 1.47 P/B Standard Deviation: 0.21 % of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/E: 69.16% % of time when the STI is cheaper based on P/B: … [Read more...]