Sign Up Credit Cards, Get Free Money

I think y'all know me and y'all know my style. If it's not a REAL lobang, I don't anyhow say. Last time got free house I really jio y'all. I don't think anyone took up that offer though. I don't see any of my web traffic coming from Italy. Earlier this month I also let y'all in on the free credit report by CBS through SingSaver. I already had done it myself earlier this year and I am very … [Read more...]

GMGH’s DBS / POSB Cashback Bonus Review


After reading this post by Budget Babe, I decided to check out the DBS/POSB Cashback Bonus Programme. Honestly, it looked promising at first, until I read the finer details and used the calculator to find out my estimated cashback. I was not impressed. First off - eligibility. The requirement of jumping through 3 out of 5 hoops is actually not as easy as one would like. Although … [Read more...]

Schoolber: School Kids’ Uber?


Is this the best arguments against young parents who insist that THEY MUST HAVE A CAR? This Today article is really quite informative about the services offered by Schoolber. (link to their website, not much info though) In all honesty, the price and the value is very attractive. Let me just list the pros and cons that I can think off from the top of my head: Pros Don't need to own a … [Read more...]

Some Bank Metrics


Was just thinking of comparing the local banks, but this time round it was just a quick one as opposed to a slightly more detailed one that I did 2 years ago. DBS has the best CET 1 ratio, Basel III requires 7% by 2019, so no problem, all is good here. However, compared to some other banks that I happened to stumble upon, their CET 1 levels is nothing extraordinary. Leverage Ratio (LERA) is … [Read more...]

Hyflux: The Morning After


You drank too much and got into bed with a pretty looking lady. Now you have a hangover, your butt hurts and she kinds of looks like a he. What the hell happened? Back in May, the Hyflux 6% retail perp news came in hot and heavy. Retail investors immediately got wet hearing such a high coupon. What's better than a 6% coupon bond? A 6% coupon PERPETUAL bond! Yay! Buy all the bonds! So … [Read more...]

Another Reason to be wary of the REIT ETF

Honestly, I really like REITs as an asset class, so for me to not get behind the new REIT ETF really ought to say something about why I am hesitant. One thing to note is the heavy geographic concentration of Australian assets which makes up more than 50% of the ETF index construction. Exposure to the Australian property sector and the AUD will be significant to say the least. I really don't … [Read more...]

GMGH Insurance Review 2016


This post is partly inspired by the latest post by AK about a jobless guy stuck with $30k of annual insurance premiums, as a follow up to my first post in 2015 that was inspired by Derek, and also something related to what reader SH has emailed me about. In September 2015, my spreadsheet was sort of organized, but in a kind of haphazard sort of way. The information is there, but I thought I … [Read more...]

Thoughts on the New REIT ETF

In case you haven't heard the news, Phillip is going to list a dual currency REIT ETF on the SGX. Quick points to note: dual listed in USD and SGD total expense ratio: 0.65% pa dividends paids semi annually dividend forecasted at 5.2% P/B Ratio at 1.17 currently made up of 30 REITs from 3 countries 70% representation of the APAC ex Japan REITs by market cap The idea of a … [Read more...]

Time For a UK Holiday Soon?


I know it might sound ridiculous to some people, but I have planned my holidays based on currency exchange rates before. I went to Japan when the SGD/JPY was at 85, and now it is a 75. It doesn't seem like much, but that's actually translates to me to about a 12% discount for my whole holiday on everything that I spend! It was a good holiday, but if things continue the way that they are going … [Read more...]

Getting Ready To Back Up The Truck for 2016….


In a week, Silver has plunged about 10%, the biggest drop in the past 42 weeks. Hubba hubba. If you buying things that have plunged recently turns you on, then this might just do the trick. I did say on 29 Sep that I am looking for another plunge of Silver to $17, but actually to elaborate, I was expecting it to be $17.XX, or just below the $18 mark. However, we're making good way toward the … [Read more...]

Eatigo: Model Business Idea For the Future


Have you heard of eatigo? If you haven't, I really think that you should check it out. It's idea is simple, but ingenious. Some restaurants are empty at certain time of the days. Or some restaurants are emptier than usual because of some situational event. With fixed overheads like rental, staff costs, utilities and also inventory of food to clear, an empty table represents revenue being … [Read more...]

Free Credit Report!!!


I've a good lobang for all of y'all out there... FREE CREDIT REPORT! Until 31st Dec 2016, you can go to SingSaver and access your credit report for free, which is the legit credit report generated by Credit Bureau Singapore. They had this free credit report back in June, and I took advantage of it to check out my credit report. I had actually almost bought the credit report because I wanted … [Read more...]

Be Like Trump, Don’t Pay Taxes


(Source: WSJ) Hello, paying taxes and lots of it is not something to be proud of. I agree with presidential nominee Donald Trump when he retorted to Hilary's point that he doesn't pay taxes with "Well, that makes me smart". Not paying taxes IS NOT tax evasion, so please don't jump to conclusions. There are plenty of legal ways to reduce your tax burden. I repeat, LEGAL WAYS. If you're … [Read more...]

How Much "Money" Is There?

The short answer? A staggering and mind blowing amount.  It's coming to the end of the year and I actually haven't gotten about to do my annual purchase of 2016 coins. Technically, the premium of older "vintages" of coins should increase over time, but unfortunately the Singapore coin market is not so mature yet, so most bullion is just treated at weight value, with little value placed … [Read more...]

The Future of Singapore Transport 2016


I just read this piece of news from Today. Amazing. $5 to get to anywhere! That's what SWAT has proposed. So, what's the catch? Advance booking (30mins in advance, or by 10pm the night before) Share ride with others Designated pick up locations (within 300m) The additional limitations because it is in it's initial phase are that location and timings are limited, but of course, as … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bond: Aug, Sep 2016 Review, Nov 2016 Preview


All right, I missed the previous month because it was just a horrible issue and I don't think people bothered to apply for it, but I'm updating for this month because I've just enough time to squeeze in this post. First up is the update of the subscription of the previous issues. As previously mentioned, the SSB will probably have $300 million available to be issued every month of 2016. While … [Read more...]

Interesting News: The Failure of Obamacare


Don't look at me, look at Bloomberg. The ACA is one of the worst government policies in the history of government policies. No one can say that they didn't see this coming. It was already doomed to fail from the very beginning. Truly affordable and quality healthcare in Singapore is really one of the things that I really enjoy about living in Singapore. In a few days time, my new … [Read more...]

Bill Fleckenstein and Horseman Capital Speaks

One of the big fish that I really like is Bill Fleckenstein. Not only does he have a very unique and cool name, but I can follow his logic well and he has the (rare) ability to think outside of calendar year / quarterly / monthly performances. Because his main aim is to make money and not to lose money in the long run and he doesn't care about benchmark performances, he keeps things real and he … [Read more...]

Rate Hike Predictions for the next N meetings


This is how Yellen decides if its time to raise rates or not. Just kidding, she looks at the S&P500. Wow, no rate hike. Total shocker. Not. What I wrote last year in April 2015 is STILL relevant today. Seriously, the Fed ain't every going to hike rates. And this cartoon just sums it up the best. Honestly, if anyone really really thought that they were going to raise raise, I would … [Read more...]

Unconventional Side Income: Professional Pokemon Go Player


> A lot of people are actually not taking Pokemon Go seriously. Which is funny considering how unique and different this immensely popular game is compared to previous contenders, like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. The game mechanics are entirely different, but yet people like to talk about it as if it is just another game. When the game first came out, I was actually in the works with a … [Read more...]