Bill Fleckenstein and Horseman Capital Speaks

One of the big fish that I really like is Bill Fleckenstein. Not only does he have a very unique and cool name, but I can follow his logic well and he has the (rare) ability to think outside of calendar year / quarterly / monthly performances. Because his main aim is to make money and not to lose money in the long run and he doesn't care about benchmark performances, he keeps things real and he … [Read more...]

Rate Hike Predictions for the next N meetings


This is how Yellen decides if its time to raise rates or not. Just kidding, she looks at the S&P500. Wow, no rate hike. Total shocker. Not. What I wrote last year in April 2015 is STILL relevant today. Seriously, the Fed ain't every going to hike rates. And this cartoon just sums it up the best. Honestly, if anyone really really thought that they were going to raise raise, I would … [Read more...]

Unconventional Side Income: Professional Pokemon Go Player


> A lot of people are actually not taking Pokemon Go seriously. Which is funny considering how unique and different this immensely popular game is compared to previous contenders, like Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. The game mechanics are entirely different, but yet people like to talk about it as if it is just another game. When the game first came out, I was actually in the works with a … [Read more...]

Online Shopping: Qoo10


Back in the day, Qoo10 was known as G-Market and it was my first brush with online shopping. Someone may correct me if I am wrong, but they started out in Korea and re-branded themselves later on. As a natural born skeptic, I was a bit dubious about online shopping. Like many people, I've heard horror stories of credit card fraud, or even worse, identity theft. I had always been put off by … [Read more...]

Pokemon Go and Gaming as Educational Tools

This article by Aviva is actually the best "Pokemon GO" adaptation to personal finances that I have seen so far! Topics addressed are: - Avoid herding - Taking action - Get help if you can't DIY - Compound interest - Re-evaluation Of the 5 topics covered, my personal favourite is "Avoid herding". However, herding is ingrained in Singaporeans. Long queue? Just join. Anything with a crowd … [Read more...]

Some Ramblings in August

Just some updates since I haven't been posting much.Truth be told, I've actually made a few sloppy drafts about a range of topics, but I decided not to post them.One of it was about the recent Pokemon Go craze and why people really need to stop hating on people playing this game. A lot of people have been coming out on social media shaming and hating on people playing this game. I don't know why … [Read more...]

[SGX Portfolio] May-Jun-Jul 2016 Update


It's been a while, and I've been so busy and lazy, but I've finally updated my SGX portfolio. As mentioned previously, this will be my attempt at having a monthly update of my SGX portfolio. I have also updated that page to include the historical growth of my portfolio. I find it personally encouraging to know I've come so far from where I started. Hopefully other people may be inspired and … [Read more...]

The (pre-warned) Cracks Emerging In Obamacare

#Obamacare premiums, proposed price hikes: — FOX Business (@FoxBusiness) August 4, 2016 Wow, check that out. Obamacare premiums are going to surge 13-54% in 2017 although US inflation rate is... 1%. Fantastic. I just love Obama and Obamacare, don't you? /sarc (No, I hate Obamacare and I think it is one of the biggest dumb policy ever implemented) As big of a … [Read more...]

New CPF Changes

I gotta admit, I only found out about this yesterday after reading Uncle CW8888's blog post about it. I went to search google and I found these articles by the MSM (CNA and ST), but I couldn't find any more in-depth details anywhere else. Then I woke up today and I saw Kyith's post on it, which is just awesome! It is very detailed and I think it is the best resource about this new CPF Life … [Read more...]

Free 5 Year Passion Membership and 20% Cashback!


Thanks for CNA, I was reading an article about POSB and spotted this promotion going on. Basically, you just go onto their website and apply for this debit card and you will get 5 years of Passion membership free! How much is this 5 year membership worth? Usual price is $15, but now it's $12. Of course, through this tie-up, it is free! This is perfect for me because I've actually been … [Read more...]

High on… Nothing


That's the chart of the SPY (ETF of the S&P500) and it looks crazy to me. I've been bearish for the longest time and I've also been wrong for the longest time. However, the good thing about investing / trading is that you only book the profits or losses once you close out your trade. Those unrealized profits aren't real profits until you close your position. Easy come, easy go. … [Read more...]

POSB 1.55% 6-month Fixed Deposit Promotion


Hi all, FYI in case y'all aren't in the know, but POSB is having a 1.55% p.a. interest for 6 months if you deposit fresh funds. (T&C here) The way that this works is slightly different from previous fixed deposit promotions. You have to open up a special fresh funds account. Then you transfer in "fresh funds" into this account. Maintain the fresh funds until 4 Feb 2017. Your … [Read more...]

SAVING Money with Credit Cards

Personally, I sleep on airplanes and I travel budget, which is why I have zero care about miles cards. I'm a rebates guy and it just makes sense for me. If you travel a lot, perhaps a miles card might be better for you. I enjoy getting back cold hard cash rather than accumulating points for a trip which I might never take. To be honest, I know very few people who are struggling with credit card … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong With Japan’s Economy? – Bloomberg


Personally, I think pretty much everything is wrong with Japan's economy, but why don't you let Bloomberg tell you the facts instead of me? Here are my 2 favourite stats from the article: In 3 years, the BOJ have expanded their balance sheet from 34.5% of GDP (which is honestly ridiculous enough to begin with) to a massive 80.6% of their GDP (and it is slowly increasing). This is very … [Read more...]

Singapore Savings Bond: Jul 2016 Review, Sep 2016 Preview

Hey everybody, here's my monthly post on the SSB closing and the forecast for next month. I'm trying to streamline my posts to make them more condensed and info-packed in a regular structure, so it's both easier for readers to quickly digest the article and for me to pump them out on a regular basis. I have made a similar posts in previous months, and I think I will stick with this … [Read more...]

GMGH’s Uber Test

Kudos to BFP for writing about this. I've actually been wanting to write about this for a while since my last post when I talked about using Uber and Grab. Although he correctly points out that a normal low-end sedan car has depreciation of around $10k a year, I am strongly against using that number as a comparison. What about road tax? Insurance? Parking? ERP? Petrol? Maintenance? While car … [Read more...]

Cost of Raising a Child in SG vs MY


Check out this infographic that compares the cost of raising a child in SG vs MY. The source article is here. From the looks of it, the direct costs is cheaper in MY compared to SG. However, the quality of everything such as the healthcare services and education is hard to quantify and place a dollar value on. Finally, SG seems to offset much of the costs through plenty of government subsidies, … [Read more...]

GMGH Top 5 Tips when Living Overseas


Inspired by this Dollars & Sense post, I decided to post some of my own tips for extended overseas living / exchange students. Top Tip #1: Buy the house brand when shopping Think "Giant". House brand goods are usually, if not always, the cheapest choice that you can buy. When it comes to simple things like salt or bread, going with the house brand can save you a pretty penny while barely … [Read more...]

Best Financial Game App So Far


Unfortunately for you Apple and iPhone lovers, this is only available for Android. Not saying that there is a relationship, but I've noticed that the demographics of Apple supporters tends to be a lot more discretionary with their spending compared to their Android counterparts. Anyway, I was feeling bored the other day and I was browsing through the Google Play Store when I stumbled upon this … [Read more...]

How My Pet Rocks Are Doing

I know that actually the majority of the financial community here do not believe in precious metals like Gold or Silver to be an investment. It's just considered completely off-topic discussion that deviates from the usual and anticipated analysis of IPOs and local companies. Really, no one cares about gold or silver. I can hardly blame them, there are things about precious metals that does not … [Read more...]