What Am I Supposed To Gain From Trading The Financial Markets?

Many traders would like to make money from the market. That’s the main objective isn’t it? Are there other things that one can gain from trading the markets? Personally I would say “Yes”. To me, the trading of the financial markets means more than just making money off the market.  There are many areas that have provided invaluable lessons and sparks in my life that make life stronger and more … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow – Most People Are Not Able To Retire Before 50

Today, I am not going to tell you a secret. I am going to tell you a fact. A fact that people wanted but not able to achieve. The Fact is “Most people are not able to retire before 50”. Probably you have already made preparations. However many people around you have planned but they will still not able to retire before 50. Why is that so? The intent of this article is not to tell you in … [Read more...]

How I Turn My Life Around in 3 Years With My Life Strategy

Everyone faces problems daily. The problems faced may be small or big. For small problems, people may just be able to push it aside and get on with lives without much impact to their lives. When it comes to bigger problems, many people may try their best to solve them as these problems will have impact to their lives.  Before they can solve their problems, due to tiredness, their energy may be … [Read more...]

Water Heater, Me and Water Flow

Recently, my water heater in my toilet has gone haywire and stopped working.  It no longer provides me with warm water flow any more. I have no idea why it has stopped working. Probably it has a limited lifespan – I have used it for 6 years. Or probably the wires inside must have short-circuited. No matter what may the reason be, it has stopped providing me with warm water flow. Luckily, I have … [Read more...]

Wrong Property Investment Can Trap You From Early Retirement

Is Property Investment a TRAP for the Middle Class? If Early Retirement is what we want, why do we want more debt to pay off? (of course you can say that it is paid off by the tenant) In Any Case, Are We Delaying our Own Retirement? Will we end up with a Late but Wealthy Retirement? (Is the word “Wealthy” used correctly?) The promise of investing in a property to finance your retirement is … [Read more...]

Financial Freedom vs Time Freedom

Most people have no problem learning and seeking Financial Freedom. Time Freedom is what I look for while Financial Freedom is on-going Financial Freedom Most people buy into properties in the hope of getting into financial freedom.  They have gone into seminars and learn various skills in search for the best property with the most undervalued price that they can buy into. What is seen here … [Read more...]

[SG-BANKS] Why $16.00 is crucial for DBS?

We have seen the good days for DBS since 2009 and 2014 where DBS rallies up to a good high and made many traders good $$$. The $16.00 level has been a very important level to take note. It can act as a support and rebound from there (2006, 2007, 2013, 2014) or it can also act as a resistance (2010, 2011). Once the $16.00 level breaks down, it can plunge $8.00 within a month (2008). What is the … [Read more...]

Create Property Investment Opportunities in Good And Bad Economy

Its time to take count of what you have in your WarChest!! I have heard of many success stories of buying good properties and selling them at good prices. Similarly, I have heard stories of people suffering due to the purchase of properties too. ——————————————- MUST READ!! Make $500,000 in 2 Market Cycles using Singapore Market Get The ebook “Wealth BluePrint” @ … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Why I Do Not Buy Into Singapore Market (STI) Now

My reasons of not buying into the current Singapore Stock Market  are really simple. (Also for those who are not profitable in their trades now) A peak which I personally call it. 2. Little Gains vs Lots of Risk Yes, the market may go up by another 10% (maybe) and maybe you have the ability to choose some good stocks and make some money. For me, its definitely hands-off.  I am never in … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: No Real Cause, No Real Solution


“If You Do Not Know The Real Cause To Your Problem, You Shall Not Get The Real Solution To Your Problem.” Many times in our lives, we have encountered problems after problems, obstacles after obstacles. Some of us gave up. Some of us find the cause to them. And Very Few managed to reflect on themselves to find the Real Cause. What exactly is the Real Cause? There are people who are not … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashflow: I Will Need Good Rationale To Enter A Trade


As extracted from www.SeeHowItrade.com Before any trade, I will state down the following items - Rationale - Entry Price - Target - Stop Loss I look for potential trades every day after market close and execute the trade when the market opens. If the Rationale is good, I enter the trade. If the Rationale is strong, I go heavier. If the Rationale is weak, I do not enter. A 50% … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Ups and Downs in Life

A Wealth Man once said this to a group of people who are facing lots of obstacles in life and getting tired as the day passes by: “I was once poor. I live in a rented place, struggles month to month to pay utilities. At times, I have barely enough to eat. Many people looked down on me. They do not see any hope in me. Rather than blaming on my situation, I would like to thank them for looking … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Your Mind is Your Best Supporter!!


It is important to dream of what you want. It is important to desire what you want in life. Many people have done the same thing as what you have been doing.  If you need to travel to Australia, go and book a ticket to reach there. If you need $100,000, go and earn it. It can be getting a job or starting a business. If you want respect from others, you have to earn it.  If you want…. There are far … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Use A Blanket When You Are Cold

Fans are used to cool off the warm climate that we have. However, long hours of blowing from fans may cause one to get cold, especially in the night. So imagine that you have gotten cold during the night due to the constant blowing of the fan. You will just use a blanket to cover yourself and also to block the wind. Now, here comes the main topic for the article, “The Blanket”. What blanket … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: The Market Movement Is Putting Money Into My Pocket!!

The opportunities are everywhere. But the bulk of it is within this 1 year. And I am monitoring the market very closely for the opportunities. The downwards move in the market this week is expected. Why is that? The index looks bullish as at end of previous week. But however, there are other markets that do not agree. And thus the market ended up RED last week. Basing your opinion in just … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Your Ultimate Wealth Lies With Your Gratitude

October 6, 2014 · 0 comments In scientific terms, according to Newton’s 3rd Law, “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. For those who complain a lot and have negative thoughts of others, Your life will not be smooth and things will be taken away from you slowly. And Being Grateful to what you have will eventually bring you abundance. Let me tell you. … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: My Personal Trading Journey!!

During my investment and trading journey, I have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours in attending previews, seminars, webinars, read lots of books and have spoken to many trading experts as well as people who have no trading knowledge. People learn many different strategies using various indicators and approaches from many different trainers, from internet or even books. Most people … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: A Good Trader – Trait 1 – Possibilities

September 4, 2014 · 0 comments What makes a Good Trader?  Many people wanted to be able to trade well. But what goes into the mind of a Good Trader. One important trait – To be able to see many possibilities and alternatives before deciding.   Think fast with many possibilities. Imagine that you have an umbrella. What can it be used for?  How many possibilities can you think … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: 3 Steps To Growth

August 31, 2014 · 0 comments I believe that you know these 3 steps already. The difficult portion may lie in the journey that are full of “Obstacles” that somehow stop you in your track. If you view it in a different perspective, the more obstacles that you face and resolved, the nearer you are to your goals. Share this with your friends. SmartPassiveCashFlow Wishes All A “Never … [Read more...]