SmartPassiveCashFlow: Wrong Property Investment Can Trap You From Early Retirement

Is Property Investment a TRAP for the Middle Class? If Early Retirement is what we want, why do we want more debt to pay off? (of course you can say that it is paid off by the tenant) In Any Case, Are We Delaying our Own Retirement? Will we end up with a Late but Wealthy Retirement? (Is the word “Wealthy” used correctly?) The promise of investing in a property to finance your retirement is … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Another Opportunity In Bonds Is Opening Again!!

July 18, 2014 · 0 comments I am ready to make another round of money in the bonds again!! See How I have spotted it previously!! Wealth Transfer – Bonds Play Opportunity As extracted from If you have not joined us yet, Registration for “Wealth Transfer Trades” Series … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Some Weaknesses are spotted in the Indices

July 12, 2014 · 0 comments Some weaknesses are spotted. Will they turn out to be true? One of the weaknesses is displayed below. As extracted from (only partial information is displayed here) More information and trades to be played out are found in the site If you have not joined us yet,  Join Me Now to Witness The Huge Movement … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Do Not Miss The Opportunity!!

The Story Long long time ago, there is a group of 4 good friends, namely “Jason, Peter, Joy and Tim”. They are tired of being “Average”. They are determined to start looking at ways to make their big pot of money. So they have decided to look for gold. They have engaged the help of a Gold Technologist. The Technologist did his research and found the location where there is abundance gold. He … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: What is Success

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. (W. Churchill) Dedicated for those who have faced hardships and failures and started to lose that belief, and who wanted to give up. Whether you are training to become an National Basket Ball Player; are an aspiring entrepreneur; or are learning a new trading skill — you will face the prospect of failure on a … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Story Of A “Lousy” Trader

This is the story of Jason. He is a man in his 40s and is currently staying with his elderly father (age 75) in a small apartment in the small town of Jamaica. His father has always been worried for his son and has always wanted his son to learn a skill so that he is able to fend for himself in case he loses his job. So his father advised him to take up an investment class to learn the … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Both HardWork And Luck Are Needed For Success?

There is saying that one needs great luck in order to succeed. I would not totally say that it is wrong. But where does such luck come from? This question can spin off many possibilities and answers from many perspectives of life. What I am addressing in this article is that luck is good to have. However hardwork is the fundamental factor for success.   For one to meet luck, one has … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: The Lesson Turns Out Well in 2007

May 6, 2014 · 0 comments In 2007, Tim managed to enter a short position after the identification of a long tailed bar followed by a long red bar. Shortly after, the market turned against him by almost 100 points. What pain!! “Ouch!!”. He remembered the ratio play that his good friend has used in the year 2000.  He remained steadfast. Tim has also entered a second short … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: New Character – Tim

Tim studies accounting during his school days. He found a job as an accountant and has been working in this area for the since graduation.  He is a hardworking and dedicated accountant. Tim is 33 years old and lives with his wife and two children. Tim loves his job and works near a firm near his home. He is fascinated by numbers and has always had a keen interest in watching the stock market … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Focus On Decisions And Not Outcomes

April 26, 2014 · 0 comments Let me tell you a story of Jim. The Undertakings Jim is a technician.  Jim started trading in 2007. Within 2 years of this trading (2007-2008), Jim made great losses. A very depressing period for him. He lost almost all his savings ($60,000 worth of losses) that he has saved up for the last 6 years. He almost wanted to give up and he wanted to look into … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Doubling an Account?

April 23, 2014 · 0 comments Dear Friend, I have met up with several of my trader friends. One recurrent question that I have heard is what is needed to double the trading account in this current market? To me, the answer is simple. I would see the market as high. Whether if it is the top or not? I do not have a crystal ball with me nor will I ever be the one who will be able to pin … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Why I Trade More In The US Market?

Dear Friend, I was going through my trading journal of my past trades, especially those in the previous years. Actually, it was kinda fun to look through them and laugh at some of the trades. There are 2 stock markets that I primarily play. They are the Singapore Market and the US Market. For the Singapore Market, I have done well during the extreme periods which are the highs and lows of … [Read more...]

SmartPassiveCashFlow: Strength Does Not Come From What You Can Do…

March 22, 2014 · 0 comments  There are so many things in life that we have gone through.Some easy, some hard. And there are some that we would not try because we thought we could not.  Give Yourself 2 mins. Ask Yourself“What are the things you could not do”?  Your Life Journey improves once you have gained strength.To gain strength, you will need to overcome the “could not do” mentality. Some … [Read more...]