Our Beliefs Create Great Cash Flow Journeys

We do have our fun and tough times during our life journey. A cycle of ups and downs in life is inevitable. How smoothly and how fast we overcome obstacles are dictated by our beliefs. Our beliefs also determine how much we are affected by external variables such as comparison of items (achievements, physical outlook, salary, knowledge, wealth, etc). When we have strong beliefs, we are less … [Read more...]

My Passive Cash Flow Milestones

I have 3 milestones for my Passive Cash Flow – namely $10,000, $50,000 and $100,000. Let me tell you that generating my first $250 is the toughest unless you are willing to move that first step into the passive cash flow journey. However, after overcoming $250, I am able to move on to $500, to $1,000, to $2000 and beyond. It is a slow and steady process. A milestone needs to have a value and a … [Read more...]

Passive Cash Flow Results For Quarter 1 Of 2012

All values in USD I have collected a total Contract Fees of $4,723 for this quarter (Jan-Mar 2012).  Not an enormous number but it is a good start for the 1st quarter of 2012. Corn is seen to be the most active passive cash flow component for this quarter. Followed by Bonds and Silver. These 3 components(Corn, Bonds and Silver) would have made up  50% of the total cash flow for the quarter... … [Read more...]

What Will You Do With A Monthly Passive Cash Flow of $50,000 (Your Views Needed)

We have worked hard for most part of our lives say 20 to 30 years. During the working life, we have also encountered and heard of many types of investments that can grow our money. Some of us have also worked very hard in the investment journey.  Some have managed to learn well and invested well. Some have encountered great disappointments and left the investment arena. In one way or another, we … [Read more...]

Part 2 – My Vision Of The Future

Here is my part 2 of the 3-part series. “My Vision of the Future”. If you have not read Part 1 , you can read it here ”My Commitment To Break Through the Rat Race Generation Flow” I have gone through a life pattern. A pattern which consists of Schooling, Working, Paying Debt and Investment. Probably many people have also gone through this similar pattern. Can our lives go on with such a pattern? … [Read more...]

Which type of insurance is best for me

Throughout the years in my career, many people had asked me this question -” Which type of insurance is best for me?” The answer is very simple. Different insurance meets different needs. It depends of your lifestyle, background, dreams and personality to find something that suits you. Insurance policies are very complicated to look at them in details but the good thing is we do not need rocket … [Read more...]

Is It Time to Create a Multi-Million Property Portfolio

CASH FLOW, The key to financial freedom; however, the road to achieving this evades many of us all so often. So, how does one achieve the cash flow required to attain financial freedom for one’s retirement? Cash flow can be achieved through different forms of investment vehicles, though not an easy road to tread, one will be able to do so with commitment, dedication and passion. However, I will be … [Read more...]

Build Your Passive Cash Flow Before Time Runs Out

People cross roads almost everyday in their lives. At the junction, people will wait for the “Green Man” to show up before crossing the road. When the “Green Man” finally shows up, people will start crossing the road. There is a time indicator to display the amount of time remaining for the pedestrians to finish crossing the road. Just like in life, we started our lives when we are born. We move … [Read more...]

My Passive Cash Flow Portfolio

Today is the last day of February 2012. How time flies. I have done a quick analysis of my current passive cash flow portfolio and also placed down my progress for my goals. This will assist me to be on track of what I wanted to achieve. In a nutshell, I have created the simplified Cash Flow Portfolio. I will continue to add more details in the diagram as I move along in my passive cash flow … [Read more...]

Purchase of Property For Passive Cash Flow

Recently, I have decided to place some savings into a cash flow machine, a Property. This investment is a hotel suite situated in Malaysia. It is located in Kuala Lumpur, between KLCC and Bukit Bintang. I have gone into this investment based on a list of reasons that I have stated below. Why I Buy This Property 1) Location – At the Heart of the City It is in the heart of Kuala … [Read more...]