Building Sustainable Dividend Machines: Key to Sustainable Dividends is Knowledge and Action Plan

Late last year, I met up with a new co-worker of mine. He recognized me back in office, when he remembered seeing me at a recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a company that I invested in. So we had a lunch date. When I met him for lunch, I noticed he drives a big car, a vehicle that is more fitting for a director than your typical engineer. That puts a question in my head, whether an … [Read more...]

Why do some graduates better adjust to work place and perform better?

How many of you were given a user manual how to be successful at work? What are the things that you should do and things you should not do at work? This is something that was on my mind some time ago. This is especially so for the graduates fresh out of university and going into the working world. The transition from being a full time student to a full time employee can be quite a … [Read more...]

FSMOne – One Platform that allows you to Manage Stocks, Bonds, Unit Trust, Exchange Traded Funds

When I started learning about investing, I started from learning about funds. Not from banks  but from online shops such as Fundsupermart and Dollardex. When you spend most of your time online, your retailing habits are different from other people. I learn about how much more expensive banks charge us for selling units trust‘s. I learn about different asset classes, portfolio … [Read more...]

Australian Tax Office comes down hard on Taxes paid by Trusts – how this affects the Non-Resident Singapore Investor

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) are cracking down on trust structure, and may result in these trusts paying double the tax they are paying now. What they are targeting are the stapled securities, used for a long time for commercial property deals. This has allowed the foreign investors to pay a discounted tax rate of 15% rather than the full tax rate of 30%. The ones that they are zooming in … [Read more...]

REITs: Turns out Portfolio Rent Reversion Definition Varies from REIT to REIT

Inconsistencies in rental revision computation may give investor an over-optimistic or pessimistic impression of the property situation as well as manager’s ability. Recently, Prime Grade A focused commercial REIT Keppel REIT (dividend yield 6.3%) made an annoucement regarding the way they compute their rent reversion. Rent Reversion Underlying REITs are different properties that the REIT … [Read more...]

March 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds SSB gives you 2.38% interest per year over 10 years period

Here is a higher yielding, safe way to save your money that you have no idea when you will need to use it, or your emergency fund. The Mar 2017’s SSB bonds yield an interest rate of 2.38%/yr for the next 10 years. You can apply through ATM or Internet Banking via the three banks (UOB,OCBC, DBS) $10,000 will grow to $12,495 in 10 years. This bond is backed by the Singapore Government and … [Read more...]

You could do Everything Right in Managing your Wealth yet still end up Declaring Bankruptcy


Right, this couldn’t have happen. Yet it did. Over the weekend, I listened to a very good interview by Joshua Sheats over at Radical Personal Finance. He was at Camp Mustache, which is a gathering of folks who aspired to reach financial independence earlier than most. He chanced upon an interesting conversation of a lady striving towards financial independence but with an unique … [Read more...]

Selling your REIT – A Framework to Guide you in Coming up with a Decision

When we invest, we want to maximize the total returns we get. Ideally, this means that we get some decent dividend cash flow yearly and the stock also provides capital appreciation. Not all of your stocks end up like that. A lot of the time, you end up holding a REIT for years, hoping and hoping that one day it will fulfill its promise and turn from a losing position to break … [Read more...]

Frasers Commercial REIT (FCOT): Notes from AGM, Initiate Enhancement to Alexandra Technopark


Frasers Commercial Trust (Fcot) maintains dividend in their first quarter result, announces asset enhancement on Alexandria Technopark and some interesting findings from the AGM. FCOT (dividend yield 7.6%) is one of the smallest commercial office REIT in Singapore and I attended the annual general meeting yesterday. At night they released their first quarter 2017 result. I will highlight … [Read more...]

Should an 80 year old be in 100% stocks?


The most common advise may not be the right action that you should take. In everything we do, we always want to do the right thing. And often, we feel that the right thing is to do what the general crowd is doing. This is to be safer in numbers. Charley Ellis is 79 years old. He is a well respected in the money management world. He takes the indexing approaching to investing. For an older … [Read more...]

The Aviva MINDEF & MHA Group Insurance is Useful in Your Comprehensive Insurance Protection Strategy

If you are a male Singaporean growing up in Singapore, your first encounter with insurance would be the SAF Group Insurance. It is our primer to the world of insurance, before BMTC brings in some insurance agent to tout their products. Over the years, the SAF Group insurance have undergone much changes. Many of which I felt is for the better. Recently, I receive new mailer from Aviva, the company … [Read more...]

Cambridge Industrial Trust’s Manager Sold to e-Shang Redwood Limited – What could be the background?


SGX listed Cambridge Industrial Trust (dividend yield 7.1%) shareholders do take note. The majority shareholders of the manager, managing Cambridge Industrial Trust was finally able to sell their manager to e-Shang Redwood Limited (ESR). nabInvest Capital Partners and CREIM Limited have agreed to sell 80% of their stake in the manager to ESR. Who is ESR? A look up on the internet shows … [Read more...]

The Long Sunset for Oil Rig Demand?


Different industry have different length of business cycle. I can still remember one acquaintance of mine observe closely that the shipping up cycle usually takes place 4 years and down cycle 2 years. He may not be wrong, but in recent times, the shipping supply was so out of wack that the downturn lasted longer than normal. The global slowdown and  challenging economic situation does not … [Read more...]

The Best Singapore Short Term Savings for 2017

I disappoint as a financial blogger sometimes. Managing savings in detail is something I was not very good at. I think its because I always held the idea that it is better for me to focus more on having cash when required versus the return that I get on my cash. Due to that, I didn’t optimize my short term liquid cash well. I think its time to do it a little better. I decide to take a … [Read more...]

Why I think reducing the Starting Land Lease of HDB flats from 99 to 60 years won’t help much


I bumped into a good friend not too long ago while I was on my way to a seminar. The conversation shifted again to one of the topics that we like to complain incessantly about, which is housing in Singapore is expensive. I made a resolution this year not to get into too many debates that lead nowhere but I do have a takeaway that some frightful things such as the fear of not being able to … [Read more...]

50 Year old Lady’s Vagabond Life Living in Changi Airport for 8 Years – What I Learned


We depend a lot on our take home pay to fund our lifestyle. When you have a problem with your cash flow from your take home pay, what would you do? Many would: Try to borrow from friends and relatives. This is difficult because its not often that people are in a better financial situation then yourself and are likely unable to lend you the money Find a job that pays better, or pay at … [Read more...]

Revisiting the Noble Group Case Study on Total Returns

I did some time today to revisit one of the articles I written in the past. It is about Noble Group, a commodities trading / supply chain company that went on a price riot in the past. What needs to be put into perspective was the role of bonus share issues in the past and dividend returns. If we look at Noble Group from a total return perspective, the returns were very good. Noble Group … [Read more...]

My Annual Expense Report – $26,238/yr and its link to Financial Security and Independence

I opine in the past that, you do not need to track your expense or you do not need to budget if you have a good handle of your money. However, not knowing how you spend your money, likely make you unaware of a key data that will make you realize you are closer to being financially secure or independent. I been doing this budgeting and tracking for the past 12 years, so this is a glimpse of … [Read more...]

A Conversation about Wealth and Relationships


There are uber benefits when you build wealth in Singlehood. i am quite confident to say that because I am a living testament of this. Not just myself but there are many folks that I met in my short journey that have shown me that knowledge, plus good motivation can push us easily to create a simple conservative plan to wealth. It is easier because you are the only pilot and the … [Read more...]

February 2017 Singapore Savings Bonds SSB gives you 2.44% interest per year over 10 years period

The Feb 2017’s SSB bonds yield an interest rate of 2.44%/yr for the next 10 years. You can apply through ATM or Internet Banking via the three banks (UOB,OCBC, DBS) $10,000 will grow to $12,495 in 10 years. This bond is backed by the Singapore Government and its available to Singaporeans. You can find out more information about the SSB here. Last month’s bond yields 2.18%/yr for 10 … [Read more...]