Of Starhub’s ENORMOUS debt explained

Note: All data mentioned in this article can be found in this spreadsheet over here. I get this alot and to tell you the truth, I did ignore Starhub in the past because of this. The debt is enormous! 2009 Long Term Debt = 605 mil 2009 Assets = 1732 mil 2009 Equity = 125 mil Debt to Equity Ratio = 605/125 = 4.85 times !!!!! This is enough to put off investors since a high debt … [Read more...]

How to get exposure to top 100 dividend companies in the world

I got news from Martin over at Den of the Lion Investor that Deutsche DB-X will be making the STOXX® GLOBAL SELECT DIVIDEND 100 ETF available to SGX investors. The DJ STOXX® Global Select Dividend 100 Index consists of 100 stocks covering the highest-yielding stocks in the Dow Jones STOXX® Global 1800 Index. The Index universe is defined as all dividend-paying companies in the Dow Jones … [Read more...]

Do Dividend Plays Pay:Of Course they do [ETIKA][AZTECH][Thai Bev]

Came across this article on ShareInvestor site titled Do Dividend Plays Pay [link here >>]. I was initially surprised as i never thought that this book that we typically buy for SGD6.00 would have a website. The article talks about how a big portion of the returns of equities in our region is actually from dividends: a recent Citi Investment Research report noted that in the past 10 … [Read more...]

Yield Watch: Telechoice revisited. Dividend Payout Sustainable?

Telechoice is a yield stock that i notice quite long ago. I recall blogging about its full year performance in 2007. Since then i have invested and divested with it. A note to all: All figures used in this analysis can be found in this spreadsheet here [spreadsheet here >>] What does it do? Its a stock that ties up with its parent ST Telemedia to offer Personal Communication Services … [Read more...]

A closer look at Starhub

I posted this over at Sharejunction and Channelnewsasia forum to address comments that starhub have too much debt that it is unsustainable. Take the latest figures on starhub. you can reference them on my google spreadsheet. Enterprise value and operating cashflow The current share price = $2.28 The enterprise value, which is (Market Cap + Long Term Debt-Cash) = $2.32. That’s close to … [Read more...]

Ajisen Ramen is into property! Si Mi Sai!

When you get Ajisen Ramen going into property as well as textile company and semi conductor company, you should be very very wary. It is always when every one throws away any thought of risk management and go with the flow thats when you know you are near overbought levels. One is a Chinese state tobacco company. Another, a Japanese ramen chain. And finally, an obscure Hong Kong semiconductor … [Read more...]

New PayTV rules:My opinion of how it benefits Singtel,Starhub and M1

Seems like the government is really trying to promote competition by the telcos by making sure telcos can cross carry Pay TV content. What does this mean to each telco? How it works out for Singtel Many felt that Singtel is the biggest loser here. Offer Starhub’s content and create a more comprehensive bundle to compete in an area they were weaker than starhub. They could potentially … [Read more...]

Dividend Investing:It matters when you buy the stock

A question alot of folks ask about dividend stock is that they aren’t realy defensive when a bear market comes along as the share price will still go down. It would be more worth while to sell then buy back at cheaper price. What do i think of this kind of move? I am all supportive of it, IF you can foretell future events and price movements well. Lets say you trust your skill in analysis … [Read more...]

Singapore Post:Falling Mail Profits may worry

One of the favorite grandfather stock that gives good dividends on a business that is predictable and survives well in recession. I won’t be doing a full review on this stock but would rather take a look at its nine month operating performance and give an opinion about it. The key thing for investors looking to invest in it is: Replacement of Mail Equipment in 2013-2014 Singapore Post … [Read more...]

Net Profit, EBITDA, Operating Cashflow and Free Cashflow in Dividend Investing

On my Dividend Stock Tracker, I favored the ratios with operating cashflow more than using net profit. View the full tracker free By that, I am refering to operating cashflow yield vs earnings yield and dividend yield. Dividend – the most straight forward. This is what the declared cash payout to the shareholders. Dividend Yield = Dividend per share for the year/Latest Share Price of … [Read more...]

Marc Faber:China bust unlikely in near future

Is the Chinese economy is on a bubble? The China bubble is a subject passionately under discussion among business leaders, economic experts, commodity analysts and investors. Leading investment pundits have been coming out with their predictions on whether China is sitting in a bubble economy or not. Short-sell veteran Jim Chanos recently said that China is another Dubai, sitting in a … [Read more...]

Trading Log: Yanlord Review

Another new year, another trading mistake. In a bid to get in on a hot property sector rotation, i got in at Yanlord at $2.18. Yanlord have been in  a trading range for a while and the risk is that it will still be in the range for a while. What is working in its favor are earnings releases due soon. Read more... … [Read more...]

The 3 telcos dividend yield may not look too bright

Had a nice chat with Suan Wei today regarding telcos in Singapore and did some reading up on Verizon, At&T, China Mobile, Vodafone and NTT Docomo’s annual report. I would like to have this article as  a point of reference for my current view of the future of the 3 telcos. This is a build on to my Guide on Dividend Investing in Singapore telcos. i would really like to say that telecom stocks … [Read more...]

A Guide to Dividend Investing in Singapore Telecom Stocks

The thing about dividend investing is that there is no fix rule used to evaluate all dividend stocks. At the end of the day, dividend stocks are still stocks and they are affected by the same rules as all other stocks. Having more time during this year end break, i thought of checking out some stocks that enables me to hold 30-40% of my portfolio for longer term (compare to my trading … [Read more...]

Trend Watch:Could this be the consolidation? $SPY $EWS

We been talking about a change in long term trend or probably a long overdue correction but  i wonder if the recent non direction will actually be the short term correction that worked off the overbought levels. SPY Weekly MACD looks to be going negative soon. But it is highly possible that will resume its MACD uptrend to show positive trend movements. That 200 EMA seems awfully difficult to … [Read more...]

Yield Watch:A Substantial fall in SPH. Worth the pick up?

Nothing of note for a day where market continues to be directionless. However, some of you might want to see if you wanna pick up SPH after its 5.7% fall. SPH Its a drastic gap down on the charts, so much so that it burst the bottom of the price channels. I still don’t get why people buy SPH for yield.The most plausible reason is that pensioners taught this is a garment stocks that will never … [Read more...]

Yield Watch:SPH breaks trend. Opportunity?

There are many folks that view SPH as one of those blue chips that never goes out of fashion and its a must have dividend stock. These 3 days the stock have taken a beating and presents some opportunities for folks that want to average out the price to load up. My view is that the fall should still continue and if you want to be vested in this do your due diligence as to why the price came down … [Read more...]

Trading Log:Ascendas REIT Review

Another week another miser trade. Based on probability of risk vs return this turn out to be a good trade. I have got nothing bad about the identification of the buy signal or the exit. It met my target. Its a low return and i should be working on a fatter channel. REITs nowadays don’t move as much as the bull market hey days but they do provide some rather predictable returns. Read more... … [Read more...]

Trading Log:Straits Asia Trade Review

Sometimes you can rant about why there aren’t systematic trading stops on the SGX. These nifty perks enables u to get out with how much you want to lose. but in the case of my straits asia trade, you really hate it when u violated your stop loss. its a good lesson to me that trading against the trend can be dangerous. I did not notice that the trend for straits asia have changed. although … [Read more...]