Trading Log:Ascendas REIT Review

Another week another miser trade. Based on probability of risk vs return this turn out to be a good trade. I have got nothing bad about the identification of the buy signal or the exit. It met my target. Its a low return and i should be working on a fatter channel. REITs nowadays don’t move as much as the bull market hey days but they do provide some rather predictable returns. Read more... … [Read more...]

Trading Log:Straits Asia Trade Review

Sometimes you can rant about why there aren’t systematic trading stops on the SGX. These nifty perks enables u to get out with how much you want to lose. but in the case of my straits asia trade, you really hate it when u violated your stop loss. its a good lesson to me that trading against the trend can be dangerous. I did not notice that the trend for straits asia have changed. although … [Read more...]

Yield Watch:Big Down day for Mobile One

The highlight for the day is M1’s 5% fall. can’t remember the last time it fell so much in a bull market.With this fall it seem to have broken off the trend line.More downside to go. Probably a chance to pick up this great yield stock at a good price. a href="" target="_blank">Read more... … [Read more...]

Ezra – Full Divestment, Rationale and Lessons Learnt

This was not supposed to be such a quick follow-up post to my just concluded Analysis of Ezra’s FY 2009 financials, but certain corporate actions made by the company necessitated my immediate action and attention and which compelled me to act. Securing of US$1 Billion Chim Sao FPSO Project by EOC Immediately after my posting on Wednesday morning October 21, 2009 of Part 2 of my analysis and … [Read more...]

Trading Log: Review Of CapitalMall Trade

Another day Another Trade, this time round its CapitalMall Trust. I like this stock alot last time and together with Ascendas REIT have been my induction to stock investing since i notice them as the first stocks that i wanna purchase in 2003. Sadly i only manage to buy AREIT then but like the trade here for AREIT not long ago, it turn out to be okay. Read more... … [Read more...]

Trading Log: Review of Ascendas REIT

Granted that i would have made more if i had held on till a few days later compared to the 1.76 that i got out at, it is a right thing to do for an amateur still learning the ropes. the key here is to be discipline rather than give in to the temptation of dream profits. I saw a nice channel trade in the making and i took the plunge at 1.65. This would only consider as a C trade as i only milked … [Read more...]

Trading Log: Weekly Strategy

Long Term Weekly Trend: USD From the weekly charts it seems that stochastic is oversold. any move above this region and we might have a revival in USD trends. SPY The recent down trend have mad investors cautious, but stochastic is still at overbought region. it could remain overbought for some time, but at this juncture we could be in for a correction that would take us to the … [Read more...]

Trend Watch: A different kind of Head and Shoulders forming on $SPY?

Good weekend to all. This week was a diffcult trading week where a probable down signal went awfully wrong. I would expect many shortist got hammered pretty badly for this. A head and shoulders top looks to be observed on the SPY and EEM charts however, end of the week surge seem to destroy that pattern all together, thus providing that it is a pattern only if it is completed, otherwise it do … [Read more...]

Still in a bear:Dow Jones Index to Gold Ratio Historical Chart

In the early 1980’s, just before the mega-bull market was about to awaken, you only needed 1.5 ounces of gold. But at the top, in 1999, you needed almost 49 ounces of gold to afford the Dow. Over time, the two don’t always move opposite each other but during the past few years, not only has the stock market fallen, but gold has gone up. That has resulted in an unwinding of the ratio. While … [Read more...]

Annual Report: IFS Capital FY 08

A pretty decent set of results i would say, for a predominately small medium enterprise finance company.Below are the data computed by my Dividend Stock Tracker: Debt actually went down, due to repayment of finance (264mil to 200mil). Both operating cashflow and investing cashflow seems to be better. Operating cashflow benefited from more repayments of  factoring receivables. Still yet … [Read more...]

Annual Report: Macquarie Infrastructure FY 08

Macquarie Released their results and as expected it is a bad year for MIIF. Here is what i inputed and gotten from my Dividend Stock Tracker: Earnings and Revenue have taken a hit. Their earnings, which is highly based on the valuation of their underlying assets were down 196 mil compare to positive 118 mil a year ago. We should be expecting more downside in the current deflationary … [Read more...]

Dividend Aristocrats: There are still good dividend plays out there

One of the differences between my dividend screens and others is perhaps looking at yield at the end of everything. This economic downturn have hit home the point that investing in dividend companies are not that safe and out-performing as I imagine. The Dividend Aristocrats is abit different. They are the stocks that managed to raised their dividends for 20 years or more. Expanding dividend … [Read more...]

Living on less for next year [Personal Finance]

It is coming to the end of another eventful year and i hope every one had enjoyed their 2008 and looking forward to 2009. I certainly have. Work wise i manage to engage in a completely different scope compared to a year ago. Been to South Africa and Taiwan this year. Taiwan was tiring, i think my trip to South Africa looks better managed then the Taiwan trip. The Financial crisis was … [Read more...]

Adam Hamilton: Cyclical Bear Market Rally Ahead

I tune in to Adam Hamilton once in a while just because his analysis is in-depth and provides the form of data modeling that i can never do. This week he analyzes the stock market volatility that we have been experiencing for 4 months and how it measures up. This picture gives you a good idea just in case you were too busy during this 4 months to realise the carnage that has swept the … [Read more...]

Courage Marine 3rd Quarter Announcement

By: Drizzt As expected the result was abit chui. The subsequent quarters will really reveal the mantle of this management. Unpredictable rates will definately create big challenges for the management. However, on the positive note, it also presents a good opportunity for the management to replenish its aging fleet. Revenue fell 25% while expense stayed relatively the same.(Freight rates … [Read more...]

Realization and Lesson Learnt

By: Drizzt Never will i realize that i will learn in 2 months what i expect that i will learn in my 4 years in the market. In 2 months, the S&P500 fell 32%. Truth to be told, that is a very respectable figure, compare to what emerging market countries’ indices are facing. Numerous emerging market indices are down 60-70% from their peak last year, and a whole chunk of it happen to be in … [Read more...]

Weekly Roundup and possible next shoe to drop

By: Drizzt Another difficult working week, another difficult stock market to navigate. My portfolio have been taking a fair bit of the blunt lately and so far it has bled 15% in all. Quite a small figure compare to the broad market carnage but its understandable consider i am 50% vested right now. The bailout package have been passed and numerous economist have commented that its bad. But … [Read more...]