Buy transactions for May 2017


Good to know we were still able to make investment purchases for May 2017 despite being away from Singapore half of the month. Automated Investing Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan (Maybank KE MIP) Buy 29 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.28 per unit on 8 May 2017 Buy 92 units of Nikko AM REIT ETF (CFA on SGX) at S$1.04 per unit on 8 May 2017 Transaction cost of S$2 POSB … [Read more...]

Back in Singapore after US holiday


We are back in Singapore after a 2 week trip to West Coast US. The holiday was a lot better than I expected given it was our first time there. We have been to different parts of Europe a few times and never really considered US as a travel destination until recently. Didn’t think US would be as interesting and I was pleasantly surprised to find out there’s so many fun things to do there. We would … [Read more...]

Dividend income for Apr 2017


Another long weekend to enjoy and we are busy going for our various personal care appointments & shopping for stuff that we need for the upcoming 2 week trip to West Coast USA. It’s going to be a short week for us since Mon is a public holiday and we will be flying off to San Francisco on Fri morning. Just a 3 day work week for us to get through before we can get away! Anyway, we are catching … [Read more...]

Buy transactions for Apr 2017


It’s time for the monthly post on our investment purchases for the month of Apr 2017. Automated Investing Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan (Maybank KE MIP) Buy 30 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.19 per unit on 10 Apr 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 30 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B on SGX) at S$3.24 per unit on 13 Apr 2017 Transaction cost of … [Read more...]

Add Nikko AM REIT ETF to Maybank KE MIP

It’s the end of the work week and the weekend is here! Going to be a busy one as we will be catching up with some ex-colleagues and friends over lunches and dinners. We are thinking of watching The Fate of the Furious, which if you are not familiar with, is the 8th instalment of The Fast and the Furious franchise. My wife still reckons it’s crazy that I have watched all of the first 7 instalments … [Read more...]

Total Asset Growth Chart


Remember I mentioned in one of my blog posts recently that I cleaned up the tabs and spreadsheets of our Google Sheet assets, liabilities, income and expenses tracker? Yup, we now only have 1 graph that charts the growth of our total assets and net worth. We used to have a number of graphs tracking the components separately but decided to combine them into one for easier reference. Look at how … [Read more...]

Dabbling in Carousell over the long weekend

It’s been a busy long weekend. We went for a church service on Good Friday morning, went for lunch and dinner celebrations with our families later that day and on Sat as well. Not to mention the whole lot of shopping my wife did with her mum in between the lunches and dinners. We finally have a day off to ourselves today and will probably just relax and do nothing. There was something I did … [Read more...]

Sell Foreign ETF transactions for Apr 2017

Significant sale event happened today due to our ongoing efforts to restructure and simplify our portfolios. This time round, we are selling most of the overlapping Foreign Equity and Bond ETFs and getting rid of our exposure to GBP and EUR. Which means that going forward, we will only be purchasing 2 Foreign Equity ETFs – Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS ETF (VWRD on LSE) and Vanguard FTSE All-World … [Read more...]

Passive income for Mar 2017


After selling a portion of our portfolio to crystallise some of the unrealised gains, it also occurred to me that the upcoming/expected dividends will go down. It’s disappointing that I seem to be taking several steps forward with the progress of our passive income by investing more cash but taking a few steps backward too with the restructuring of our portfolio. Just a quick look at the dividends … [Read more...]

Stop and celebrate our achievements

We celebrated my wife’s 29th birthday this weekend with a dinner at Waku Ghin. Fine dining has always been one of our favourite shared interests & activities and that’s how we celebrate our special occasions. We have been wanting to try the dining experience at Waku Ghin for a long time since we enjoyed our past visits to Tetsuya’s restaurant in Sydney. However, the price of the degustation … [Read more...]

Mar 2017 Net Worth Update

We just filed our Year of Assessment (YA) 2017 income tax returns for the year 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016. Total tax payable for the both of us came up to about S$11,000. Again, we have chosen to pay our income taxes over the next year by 12 interest-free monthly instalments. We prefer not to have a big cashflow drain of a one-time deduction and prefer the more manageable and smaller monthly … [Read more...]

Going against the narrative

My wife and I went for the Coldplay concert last night at the National Stadium Singapore with a bunch of good friends. We couldn’t get tickets closer to the stage because of the large group and ended up with tickets all the way at the back. Both of us watched Coldplay perform before at a concert in Sydney a few years ago. The seats were closer to the middle and the stage then. The show was amazing … [Read more...]

Other Sell transactions for Mar 2017


Another sale event following up from the big one last week. The proceeds are not as high but what is significant about this one is that we are selling some of our ETFs. I have mentioned before that our portfolios structures are messy and uncoordinated because of inexperience and lack of clarity in our strategy. Our investment approach developed over time and although our buy transactions are more … [Read more...]

Buy transactions for Mar 2017

Let’s get the part about our Buy transactions for Mar 2017 out of the way first. Automated Investing Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan Buy 30 units of SPDR STI ETF (ES3 on SGX) at S$3.15 per unit on 8 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 POSB Invest-Saver Buy 30 units of Nikko AM STI ETF (G3B on SGX) at S$3.22 per unit on 14 Mar 2017 Transaction cost of S$1 OCBC Blue Chip … [Read more...]

How to survive the corporate grind?

I went for a career development course sponsored by my bank today morning. I had previously gone for the induction training session a few months ago, which turned out to be really fun and interactive. Whilst providing me with a good overview of the corporate values, culture, leadership and structure of the bank. Similar sessions that I have attended at my previous firms have always turned out to … [Read more...]

What are your numbers?

Having just posted about our Sell transactions for Mar 2017, I just realised it’s about time to write about our Buy transactions for Mar 2017 as well. Just need to wait for our last automated POSB Invest-Saver investment into the ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund (A35 on SGX) to go through early next week before I do so. In the meantime, I’m free to write about anything that comes to my mind. I know … [Read more...]

Sell transactions for Mar 2017


This investment event was big enough for me to write a short post about it. Given the recent run-up in equity markets, we have decided to sell some of our stock holdings and take some profits. The last time we sold any shares was 1.5 years ago in Aug/Sep 2015. This is part of our overall strategy to focus on building up our ETF portfolio and simplifying our share portfolio. Over time, we should … [Read more...]

Knowing when to take a break

There has been no new post on this blog for the past week. Reason being my wife and I went for a trip to Seminyak (Bali) for a few days with our good friends and their almost 2 year old daughter. We stayed in a 2 bedroom villa and had a great time brunching, wining & dining at different cafes & restaurants every day. The local food scene in Seminyak never ceases to amaze me and it is … [Read more...]

OCBC Bank pilot robo-advisory service

Have you read this article yet on about OCBC Bank’s pilot robo-advisory service? I’m a big supporter of robo-advisors and this piece of news caught my eye. After all, I have been waiting for Smartly to launch since last year and was starting to wonder why it’s taking so long for competitors to show up. Especially when there should be demand for robo-advisory services from millennials … [Read more...]

Tax relief case for working mothers

It’s Tax Season 2017! Got a reminder message from Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) to file my Year of Assessment (YA) 2017 income tax return for the year 1 Jan 2016 to 31 Dec 2016 by mid April 2017. How nice of them to let me know it’s time to pay my dues to the Singapore Government. Oh well, at least the personal tax rates are low here, could have been worse like when we were back in … [Read more...]