Investments for Dec 2016


I originally had this post titled "Purchases for Dec 2016". But it sounded like the post is about consumer items that I purchased for the month of Dec 2016. Of which there were many considering the Christmas celebrations, dinners and gift exchanges. Happy times! Anyway, I changed the title to "Investments for Dec 2016", just to make it sound more official and related to the financial assets … [Read more...]

Dividend income for Dec 2016

It's the Christmas weekend and I'm about to get off work soon. Thought I will squeeze in a blog post before the long weekend!   We have been doing our Christmas shopping for the past 2 weeks to prepare gifts for our families and friends. Will be having Christmas dinners over the weekend with good food and wine. Looking forward to that after such a busy and tough few weeks at work! I was … [Read more...]

Why I read

The US Federal Reserve has raised interest rates for the first time this year and there's talk of 3 more increases to come next year. Stock markets and oil prices reacted. TPG Telecom wins right to be Singapore's next telco in an already saturated market to compete against Singtel, Starhub and M1 and their stock prices tanked. This is right after a number of days of bullish run for global stock … [Read more...]

Why I left my previous job

I don't think I have ever wrote about why I left my previous job. I mean, I had a post about changing jobs and why I was moving to a job in a bank. But I never went into the triggers at my previous workplace (an accounting firm) that made me decide to search for a new role in the first place. There were personal as well as professional reasons but they interacted with each other to ultimately … [Read more...]

Moving past our mistakes

I must admit that I felt a pang of regret/fear when I read Kyith's (Investment Moats) post - Negative Cash on Cash Return Bites Single 45 Year Old with 6 Investment Properties. Although I am not in the same situation as the lady mentioned in The New Paper, Kyith's analysis could just have easily been applied to my wife and I. It's a great read and important reminder for people not to get … [Read more...]

Changes to UOB One credit card in 2017


It's the weekend and I'm currently waiting for the Christmas tree that my wife ordered to arrive. Should be decorating it this weekend as well. Just something nice for us to get into the Christmas spirit! This is going to be a short update on a SMS I received from UOB Cards notifying me of the below in relation to my UOB One credit card: With effect from 1 Feb 2017, 1) Monthly … [Read more...]

Meeting portfolio targets for the year

In Jul 2016, I did a End of Jun 2016 Financial Update post and set out goals for our net worth and asset portfolio. I'm happy to say that they have all been met at this time before 31 Dec 2016! The monthly tracking of the figures on the relevant pages of the blog charts the progress well. I know it's showing a lot of positive figures and percentages but that's what happens when you have dual … [Read more...]

Getting ready for year end

If it's not obvious by now, the number of posts each month is dropping significantly. This is due to the workload at my job getting heavier as I start to integrate into the team. I have much less time and energy to devote to the pursuits of my non-core personal interests such as blogging. As for core personal interests such as spending time with my wife, family & friends and exercising, I … [Read more...]

1% commission charges and updates

Biggest news of this week is that Trump will be the next president of US. I didn't take any positions before or after the polling day. The markets are especially volatile and my portfolio & investing strategy are designed to try and navigate times like these more calmly. Sometimes by staying out and doing nothing. I have just been fine-tuning the auto-purchases of the ETFs in the Monthly … [Read more...]

The Tracking Effect


Another week of work has gone by! I have to say the new job environment is tougher than my previous one. It might have to do with the fact that I'm not settled in yet. But I can feel the higher stress levels, more intense workpace and increased number of things to follow up on. Benefit - Day/week passes faster. Con - More exhausted at the end of each day/week. Still not sure whether the benefit … [Read more...]

Oct 2016 Net Worth Update

I have started work at my new job and it's been keeping me busy. Won't be writing long posts anytime soon but will try to provide financial/portfolio updates when I can. Net Worth - $163,846 (+ $18,038 and + 12.37%) Made ETF and Share investments Standard monthly cash savings Monthly reduction in housing loan principal Normal CPF contributions ETF Portfolio - $51,126 … [Read more...]

ETF Updates


I'm back from my 2 week holiday to Italy in Europe! My wife and I have been there before during the second year winter break of our undergraduate study. Even with a limited budget as students, we had a great time in Italy then and figured we would enjoy it even more now with our increased budget as working adults. We were right! Nicer accommodation, food and travel options do make a difference. … [Read more...]

Sep 2016 Net Worth Update

I didn't post an Aug 2016 Financial Update last month. Besides, you can refer to the figures that I update regularly on the Net Worth, Asset Portfolio, Passive Income and Spending Multiple & Savings Rate blog pages as a reference. I have also included the numerical and percentage changes from month to month for easier tracking of our progress. Nevertheless, I have decided to do a Sep 2016 … [Read more...]

What we learned from my unemployment

I have to say that the previous post on our annual spending multiples has really put things into perspective. By the way, it also represents roughly the number of years we can last on the capital amounts of our savings and investments if both of us have to stop work involuntarily or by choice. The current rate of increase suggests our annual spending multiple should rise by 1x every year … [Read more...]

Our annual spending multiples

I will be going on a 2 week holiday to Europe with my wife before starting my new job later this year. It's always good to have a break in between jobs just to relax and refresh myself. After my probation ends mid next year, we will probably head to the West Coast USA for another 2 week holiday to reward myself if I clear it or to console myself if I fail it. I have mentioned before on my blog … [Read more...]

Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan of S$500

It's mid week and I can feel my working pace slow down. The handover process has already begun and my workload should wind down even more as I transition out of the firm. The bad thing is that time passes slower and it feels longer to get to the end of each day. The good thing is I have more time to review our investments before I hit the ground running in my next role. After increasing my POSB … [Read more...]

Increase POSB Invest-Saver to S$400

The weekend is over. It was a great one but I now have to go through another week of work to get to the next weekend. Fascinating how time seems to slow to a crawl when you are sitting at your desk in the office on Mon morning looking at your laptop screen. Anyway, I have been thinking about my previous posts on how we index invest every month and relevant FinTech startups for us. As much as I … [Read more...]

Changing jobs

I have held back from writing about this recent development in my professional life because it's quite personal and I wasn't sure how useful it would be on this blog. But I figured a change in jobs is a significant event because it can have an immediate and long-term impact on your salary income. Which makes this a personal finance topic. Newsflash: I will be resigning from my current position … [Read more...]

Relevant FinTech startups for us

I'm a fan of the FinTech Revolution and I believe that FinTech startups will improve the quality of financial services provided to consumers. Before I go into any detail on specific ones that I find interesting and relevant, I should highlight that this is not a sponsored post. In fact, none of my posts so far are sponsored. I have mentioned before that there are no plans thus far to monetise … [Read more...]

Increasing our net worth by S$10,000

On 15 Sep 2016, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) released the quarterly Labour Market report. I'm not going to reiterate the statistics but will highlight these important points: Unemployment rose further among residents aged 30 and above For those aged 50 and above, unemployment rose for the fifth consecutive quarter Unemployment rates among degree holders rose to their highest level since … [Read more...]