Index ETF Allocation


Although my recent posts have been focused on our asset allocation, I should be discussing our liabilities, income and expenses in later posts. Typical accountant approach – construct our personal finance BS and PL. This makes us accountable to our goal of achieving Financial Independence and hopefully tracking our progress will motivate us to stay on the path! This time round, the reveal would … [Read more...]

Our Asset Allocation – Feb 2016


It’s been a good CNY 2016 and we enjoyed the long weekend. Thought it might be a good time to reveal our current asset allocation and start tracking it from here. For illustration purposes, we have combined our assets to be shown as The Finance Smith Asset Allocation. The figures have been rounded to the nearest S$5,000 for now but should get more accurate as I update our asset allocation … [Read more...]

Asset Allocation – Total Approach

I realised I have been writing quite a bit about index ETFs and it’s probably time to write about something else. Just to keep things interesting! Asset Allocation – Total Approach We have a Google Spreadsheet that tracks our entire net wealth. It contains information about our assets, liabilities, income and expenses – essentially our Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statements. We never … [Read more...]

Index ETFs Portfolio Diversification

Holdings of Index ETFs My previous post on Choice of Index ETFs had links to relevant websites that allow you to view the top holdings in each index ETF. Always take the time to understand what the holdings are in each index ETF! For us to achieve global diversification, we wanted to make sure that there is minimal overlap of the holdings in each index ETF. This can be an important point to … [Read more...]

Choice of Index ETFs

As I always say – Credit should be given when credit is due. These two posts by Kevin at The Turtle Investor – “Start Index Investing with Standard Chartered – No Minimum Commission” and “Establishing Bogleheads 3-Fund Portfolio in Singapore” formed the foundation of my wife’s index ETF portfolio. If you have no idea where to start, please read those two posts first before mine!:) Singapore … [Read more...]

Index ETF Portfolio

Investment Strategy I have been writing quite a bit on our story and it’s probably time to have a post about our investment strategy. In Australia, even though we had savings from our budgeting approach, it was difficult to implement a long-term investment strategy as our time horizon was uncertain. We did give it a shot but I will cover how we messed things up in another post. It was after all … [Read more...]

Graduation and Work – Flashback Post 1


My wife started reading my blog and asked me about what I would write about in my Flashback Posts. I reckon this is just as good a time as any to write my first Flashback Post! As a personal finance blog, it’s important for me to highlight that the decisions you make at each crucial point in your life will have financial repercussions down the line. The impact of those decisions will also shape … [Read more...]

UOB One Account

Research & Analysis The first time I did anything with a focus on Research & Analysis was probably during the Project Work module in Junior College (not sure whether this module even exists anymore). Subsequently, I got better at this with completing assignments during university and exposure to tax law and tax cases during work (you guessed it, I’m a tax accountant!). I never realised … [Read more...]